Chiptune & Drum megamix, '3-9B' by c&sstockreports

These c&s stock reports are my favorite thing these days.

As if Shawn Phase himself were to say, 'Hey geno, want to hear half an hour of classic game soundtracks along with some murderous drumwork and esoteric intro's that sometimes sound more like an in ring promo than an album opening.'

That is a world we live in, right now thanks to shawn phase and his long running series of c&s stock reports. 

This one actually dropped on my birthday, which makes this album particularly special to me. Unfortunately, temp sound solutions Tuesday is both a gift and a curse. There are classic albums I want to share from tss, but also a steady stream of great new tracks. Now I have to sit on these TSS albums a little longer than need be. I could wait no longer to share this one though.