Guitar based Mega Man 2 tribute by Krzysztof Słowikowski

Guitar based Mega Man 2 tribute by Krzysztof Słowikowski

Head bang to this fast paced heavy metal tribute to the Mega Man 2 soundtrack. Been quite a minute since the last time I got to write about an entire tribute to the Mega Man 2 soundtrack. There are many artists, bands, and remixers that have taken on the wall to wall classic that is the MM2 OST. There is plenty of room for more interpretations of this VGM standard though.

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Chiptune & Drum megamix, '3-9B' by c&sstockreports

Chiptune & Drum megamix, '3-9B' by c&sstockreports

These c&s stock reports are my favorite thing these days.

As if Shawn Phase himself were to say, 'Hey geno, want to hear half an hour of classic game soundtracks along with some murderous drumwork and esoteric intro's that sometimes sound more like an in ring promo than an album opening.'

That is a world we live in, right now thanks to shawn phase and his long running series of c&s stock reports. 

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Listen to Frog & Cid's Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time medley of Song of Healing & Lost Woods

A while back, the VGM duo Frog & Cid were kind enough to share this track from their debut album of VGM rearrangements, Boss Chamber Music. The Frog & Cid arrangement starts off appropriately slow, letting each note rise and fall up until the Skull Kid's sudden appearance. The mood shifts quickly into the upbeat sounds of Lost Woods, and seems to careen out of control up until the end. Be sure to grab this track an the full Boss Chamber Music album for approximately $10 from LoudriTunesSpotify, and/or Google Play.

Listen to Urban Flow's remix of Mystic Cave Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Mind melting mysticism

I have to spotlight this ridiculous Mystic Cave Zone remix by one of my new favorite beatmakers, Urban Flow. (Art is Mystic Cave Zone by AIBryce

Invalids & an0va combine in the chiptune/rock 'Permutation EP'

Chiptuned rock, rocked out chiptunes

This split album was born of the idea of chiptune/traditional-rock cross-over, whereupon each artist would write a new song for the album and subsequently cover the other’s.

Invalids creates music with both hands on multiple stringed instruments, which allows for lush arrays of notes at any given time. an0va creates music using a Nintendo Gameboy, which is limited to producing only four simultaneous sounds at any given time. Thus the covers of the other artist’s tracks must manipulate the original arrangements accordingly. The an0va cover of Invalids’ song must distill the most important four simultaneous notes throughout. The Invalids cover of an0va’s song must expand upon the original limited note set.

The “Permutation EP” is so-called in culmination of common themes of mathematics and statistics in each artist’s musical ethos, such that the album credits in the set of [composed by, performed by] form a permutation.
— eberic records

'The Rose General' by katethegreat19, a moving tribute to Final Fantasy IX

This wonderful OCReMix dropped right around the same time I took my first shot at Final Fantasy IX. Not just on of my favorite FF remixes (in a world inundated with them) but also one of my favorite OCR tracks. Damn fine work.

Unfortunately, this song ends the week on a Melencholy note. For many folks such as myself, I feel that the Final Fantasy series, as well as Square-Enix as a company have diverged largely from what made their classic games so memorable. You can decide for yourself whether that is a good, or necessary move for S-E. 

In more upbeat news, it appears that rumors are circulating already that the FFVII reboot for PS4 is only the beginning of a full PSX FF trilogy series of reboots. That would include Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX. 

Share your memories of Final Fantasy IX with us! Would you love to see FFIX get an HD reboot much like the upcoming remake of FFVII?

Super Mario 64 - Ending Theme Cover by Game & Sound - YouTube

I'm just an unbelievably huge fan of this theme, itdefinitely makes my top 3 staff rolls of all time. Kondo kills it on this ending, it's like he took his skills to a new dimenstion much like Mario himself.

G&S kicks some ass too, both musically as well as in the new additions he's been adding to his videos lately.

This is my arrangement for the Ending/Credits Theme from Super Mario 64.

Mario 64 has been the very first 3D game I’ve ever played. I still remember the novelty of the concept of being able to move in 3 dimensions, and all the fun I had with this game. This theme unironically makes me get emotional every time I listen to it, and I thought it was about time to make a cover of it.

Hope you’ll enjoy it.

The original composers of this track is Koji Kondo.
— Game & Sound

'Kuro Yuki' [Princess Amagi-ya] by DarkeSword from Persona 4 Arena

Who will eat, and who will be eaten?

I love P4A! Still need to buy the latest one though. If only I had friends to play against.

ReMixer: DarkeSword
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• Game: Persona 4 Arena (Atlus, 2012, XB360)
• ReMixer(s): DarkeSword
• Composer(s): Atsushi Kitajoh, Shoji Meguro
• Song(s): ‘Princess Amagi-ya’
• Posted: 2015-06-22, evaluated by djpretzel
• Album: Featured on “CEO 2015: Champion” (
— OverClocked ReMix

'Finding Somebody to Love in This Meager World' by Level 99 from Final Fantasy Tactics

Tactical remix action

ReMixer: Level 99
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• Game: Final Fantasy Tactics (Square, 1998, PS1)
• ReMixer(s): Level 99
• Composer(s): Hitoshi Sakimoto, Masaharu Iwata
• Song(s): ‘Delita’s Theme’, ‘Main Character’s Theme’, ‘World Map’
• Posted: 2015-06-24, evaluated by the judges
— OverClocked ReMix

Listen to Game & Sound's remix of Star Light Zone from Sonic The Hedgehog

One dreamy Sonic remix

Check out another music video of classic VGM by Game & Sound.

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This is my arrangement for the Star Light Zone theme, from Sonic the Hedgehog.

The composer of the original track is Masato Nakamura.

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— Game & Sound

Listen to piano and violin cover of 'Great Fairy Fountain' from Legend of Zelda by Kim Kev

You know you want to start a new save file after hearing this

We record covers of video game music arranged for violin and piano. Video game music is amazing, and our mission is to keep this music alive, and inspire people to play video games and appreciate it as an art form. Our arrangements are all done by us, and we strive to keep the nostalgia factor of the original tracks while showcasing the timbre and virtuosity of our instruments.
Enjoy and share our covers!
— Kim Kev

Yoshi's Island - Athletic Theme Cover by Game & Sound

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This is my arrangement for the Athletic Theme from a SNES classic, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. This track plays during the Hop! Hop! Donut Lifts level. 

The composer of the original track is Koji Kondo.

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Listen to 'Lifeliss,' a classic Chrono Cross hip hop remix by My Parents Favorite Music

It's truly hard to believe that MPFM has been at it for over ten years now. This track is one of my favorites from her debut album,©®@~ Mystery, though I didn't have the pleasure to hear it until the CD got a re-release sometime after the follow up album Wheelo Exgirlfriends was released.

One of the first times I heard someone rap over the nearly sacred track Time's Scar from Chrono Cross as well, and MPFM nailed it oh so long ago.