SNACK, the incredible chiptune rock debut by Linnani Vaanija

SNACK, the incredible chiptune rock debut by Linnani Vaanija

I heard of this album because I was tagged on Twitter. Not even @'ed. Just tagged. Don't matter though. Get me your album somehow. Doesn't have to be a classy PR letter. Just make sure I know about it. So without much more info than that though, this didn't exactly shoot to the top of my must listen list. During a shuffle through the latest albums I've got here, the Track “Abyss” popped up. It starts off slow, but then BAM, once it really kicked off,  I had to stop what I was doing, writing an earlier episode of this, and say, 'what the H is this?” The H it's Linanni Vaanija. Grab the album for ten euro, and you should. 

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Glitched out hip hop remixes and more by temp sound solutions

Glitched out hip hop remixes and more by temp sound solutions

Where are the seven other remixes? I'm not sure. I'm going to have to look into it. This one is more than worth worrying about now though. Five intense remixes that could best be described as metal glitch chiptune hip hop beats? Something like that. It's temp sound solutions tuesday though! You know the drill by now. Prepare your brain for some quality sounds and hit play.

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Welcome to FIGHT CITY, the Streets of Rage inspired Sega chiptune album by DJ SUPER SONIC

Welcome to FIGHT CITY, the Streets of Rage inspired Sega chiptune album by DJ SUPER SONIC

There is only one way out of FIght City, that's right! By fighting! That is also the only way into Fight City. It's also how you pay for a great deal of goods and services. The point is. DJ Super Sonic takes that wonderful FM chip and channels his inner Yuzo Koshiro to create the blood pumping sounds of Fight City. If you need some music that makes you want to start a fight, then move slightly to the right, just so you can start another fight, then this is your soundtrack!

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Chiptune & Drum megamix, '3-9B' by c&sstockreports

Chiptune & Drum megamix, '3-9B' by c&sstockreports

These c&s stock reports are my favorite thing these days.

As if Shawn Phase himself were to say, 'Hey geno, want to hear half an hour of classic game soundtracks along with some murderous drumwork and esoteric intro's that sometimes sound more like an in ring promo than an album opening.'

That is a world we live in, right now thanks to shawn phase and his long running series of c&s stock reports. 

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Game Boy based, Earthbound inspired chiptune album, The Sky Runner EP, by Pulsing

Game Boy based, Earthbound inspired chiptune album, The Sky Runner EP, by Pulsing

All new chiptunes from Pulsing and via Pterodactyl Squad. We've got a seven track collection of Game Boy compositions, inspired by a variety of genres, along with memories of Earthbound. That is a whole bunch of things I enjoy, and I enjoy this album too!

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Another report of video game rock based on the music of Alex Mauer in 11-6-16 pt2 from c&sstockreports

It's another Temp Sound Soutions Tuesday, and you know what that means! Temp Sound Solutions, Tuesday!

More incredible sounds from the mind of Shawn Phase of c&sstockreports with a new list of all the tracks he deems worthy of inclusion. For 11-6-16 it's a tribute to the endearing chiptune compositions of Alex Mauer. I love the music of Shawn Phase, clearly, but I am also a sucker for the incredible works of Alex Mauer. Combined though, they upgrade their forms like a musical Voltron. 

all songs written by alex mauer.
— c&sstockreports

Shmup chiptune album INSERT vol.2 - SOLAR SOLDIER by Prof. Sakamoto

After mentioning the latest in the Prof. Sakamoto Insert series of chiptune albums, I thought I'd go back and mention INSERT Vol.2 - SOLAR SOLDIER. This album is based exclusively on shmups and that is great.

his album is a concept album. Using sound chips of NES and Gameboy, Professor Sakamoto made a soundtrack of virtual retro shooting game “Solar Soldier”.
— Pro. Sakamoto

New album of electronic, game inspired rhythms by That Andy Guy - 'Oh No, Not That Andy Guy'

Whelp, looks like it's That Andy Guy, back with an album that was three years in the making. Listen to these vibrant, game inspired chiptune jams. TAG runs through quite a few electronic genres, all with an upbeat, often frenetic pace. Grab the album free on That Andy Guy's Bandcamp page, or the DESKPOP SoundCloud page.

An album that’s been on my backburner for almost 3 years. I’m excited to finally be able to share all of these tunes with you! Hope you all enjoy what you hear!
released September 27, 2016

Music: That Andy Guy, Material Defender (Track 6)

Artwork: Braz_OS, BoyGraphics, Laraye

— That Andy Guy

Incredible collection of chiptune jazz by Shnabubula 'Cybersoccer 4141 Perfect Best Selection'

Both Shnabubula and sci-fi sports game fiction both hold a special place in my heart. It's the best of both worlds with the latest spo-sci-fi music collection Cybersoccer 4141. 

Cybersoccer 4141 was the much anticipated follow up to the arcade smash Cybersoccer 2099 offering bigger better visuals and sound, the release scored major goals for its publisher.

In order to celebrate this hugest of successes, this 5 tack arrange/medley EP was made, Unfortunately it was a Jupiter exclusive, until now as it is FINALLY getting an earth-side release.

This EP is also a prequel, taking place 10 thousand years before the universe shattering events of the upcoming EPIC “Cosmic Diaspora” Stay Tuned and enjoy! LET US YEAH TO THE MOMENT!

Music: Shnabubula
Artwork: Francis Coulombe (
— Perelandra Records

Treasure Buster Original Soundtrack is a love letter to Sega Genesis by Norrin_Radd

Norrin Radd drops an infectious collection of Sega Genesis FM chip based arrangements, 

This is Norrin_Radd meets Sega Genesis!

It is my humble pleasure to be able to present this album to all of you. I have to thank Reggie Schreiber for putting this project together and for letting me get *plenty* weird with the music. The entire soundtrack is written using accurate Sega Genesis 4OP FM synthesis, and accurate percussion.

Follow my ongoing series “Treasure Buster Composition Methods” on YouTube for an inside look at how all this crazy stuff was created and what my influences were.

And don’t forget to play the game! Reggie has outdone himself in every possible way and is a fantastic collaborator! Without him I wouldn’t have had the ability to dedicate 4 months making and paying tribute to Sega Genesis FM music!

Wondering what the big deal is about FM? Check out the #SummerOfFM

Artwork by Reggie Schreiber
— Matt Creamer Audio

Debut album of chiptune pop punk 'Cool Weird Future' by Weird At Last

The four track debut of Weird At Last, a chiptune pop punk group out of Long Island, New York. 

Recorded at Jon’s Apartment in West Babylon, NY
And Garrett’s apartment in Brooklyn, NY
Engineered by Jon Greco, Garrett Weinholtz, and Mike Costa
Produced by Mike Costa
Mixed and Mastered by Nick Zinnanti
Album Artwork by Joe Hogan
Logo designed by Nick Palermo
— Weird At Last

Genesis inspired techno in Sega System by Potential differenSe

Fall into a world of FM chip based techno, IDM, and more with Sega system by Potential differenSe and DETROIT UNDERGROUND

The specificity of this Ep is that 90% of the samples are from Sega™ mega drive 16 bit console.

The man behind the music project is a musician / programmer from Saint Petersburg in Russia, active for many years already, releasing on several net labels like Nenormalizm, SKRM ,Phonocake and others as well as via self promotion on Bandcamp.Starting in 2008 was released official remix on Xestatic’s “tlc” as Ivan L. at Ninja tune.

Album design by eBoy™

Capcom chiptune rock megamix '6-5-16 pt2' by c&sstockreports

This year, I have decided that the final Tuesday of the month on here will now be known as "Temp Sound Solutions Tuesday!"

This means I'll be talking about at least one temp sound solutions article every month. Near the end of every month I will highlight a classic tss album from his extensive back catalogue, or discuss the sure to be incredible new tunes shawn phase unleashes in 2017. 

This month we are playing catch up by talking about a 2016 release from c&sstockreports. Each c&sstockreports album features about twenty solid minutes of hard hitting drum work and incredible renditions of just some of whatever ridiculous amount of tracks Shawn Phase has nailed since the last album. 

6-5B features tons of Capcom classics, all getting the shawn phase treatment with over 20 minutes of intense drum work that will power you through even the toughest trials and most trying moments. Make sure you grab the high quality version from the c&sstockreports Bandcamp page for only $4!

Capcom cluster—-k. Gonna be a lot of Capcom songs in here dig what I’m sayin’? All that stuff from your youth.
— Shawn Phase