Chiptune adventure EP 'D's Quest' by MicroD

Story based chiptunes are my jam, and MicroD's latest, D's Quest is exactly that. A short, adventurous burst of stellar chiptune music.

Despite his best repair efforts amidst the injurious fanfare of cabin-mounted trumpets and oboes, the coupling had failed. His hideous invention yet hurtled forward, but for how long? Radical D peered out past the sweat and swelter to discover the square had been emptied. The many metal legs could no longer conceal their battle scars and the machine began to creak to a halt, leaving only the persistent ticking of a worn-out wristwatch. D’s Quest would be cast aside, fragmented.


D’s Quest contains all-new tracks created for the Roland MT-32 Multi-Timbre Sound Module. The Roland MT-32 was the standard platform for computer music and PC games in the late 80s/early 90s (notably those made by Sierra) prior to the adoption of General MIDI.
— MicroD

Listen to SUBCON 37: Metroid Prime Federation Force preview

The only podcast dedicated to video games & hip hop. 

On this week's SUBCON I get hyped about the soon to release new Metroid *COUGH COUGH* game, Metroid Prime: Federation Force! I also bump all new music from Duane & BrandO, Jahn Rome, and Shadowrunners, and I can't help but play some unreleased (until recently) J Arthur Keenes Band. 

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Listen to Voodoo Lion's haunting hip hop remix of Pokemon's Lavender Town theme

Short but haunting hip hop remix of the melancholy music of Lavender Town from the original Pokemon games for the Nintendo Game Boy. Voodoo Lion lays it down ice cold in the most disturbing way possible. 

Aviscerall & Knwlan Ryn collaborate on The Noviscerall Ryan EP

Got to keep track of anyone who releases an Earthbound mashup mixtape. Dope beats as expected from Aviscerall, but the name Knwlan Ryn is new to me. The collab only lasts a few short tracks, but sounds fresh and chill. Great summer jams. -

A collaborative album between Nolan Ryan (A.K.A Knwlan Ryn) and myself. I hope you enjoy this project. Nolan and I been making beats together for a while now, and we don’t release a lot of them, cause they are stuck on his MPC. But these are the ones we created in FL that we could release to you today. Also, shout out to Nolan for being such a rad dude, one of the most down to earth dudes I met! And he kills it musically as well! I hope you guys enjoy it!

Special Thanks To:
Nick, Nick, Elvin, Carlos, And Everyone At Open Mic - For being a great buddies, and helping me develop as an artist
Ben - For being the homie to both of us, and being rad hip hop head!
Nostalgia Infinite Records -For releasing this EP!
Ntwrk - ???

The album art was taken on Cherry and Broadway in Long Beach, California. Unfortunately, I did not get the artist name as he made the amazing piece. But we appreciate his work, and contribution to the art in Long Beach. If you happen to be listening, get in touch, as I would love to work together sometime, and add your credits to the album art!
— Aviscerall

2d6 drops eclectic nerdcore hip hop album Goatse For My Dad

Been a while since I wrote 'nerdcore' but this is a great album to dust the old moniker off for. This album runs the gamut of nerdy pop culture. I featured two of my favoite tracks from the album on SUBCON 33, so you can hear my thoughts, and their awesome catchy rhymes there!

Tons of tracks with several great guest appearances.

What a joy to have a fifth album. I’ve never been more joyful.
— 2d6