Lame Genie goes boss rush mode in VG metal album, 'Who's the Boss (Battlles)'

One more battle. 

Man I am dying to have that video game metal podcast. SOMEDAY! Until then, I just have to be content about merely writing articles about incredible VG metal like the latest jams from Lame Genie. Nothing but boss battles from the most intense bosses from the most classic games. FFVI, Super Mario RPG, TMNT, a personal all time favorite Kirby Super Star theme, and more are featured in this 6 track EP all for free download!

Ladies and gentlemen,
We proudly present to you our new EP Who’s the Boss? (Battles). Free for streaming and name your price for download!
Enjoy! (And please share!!)
— Lame Genie

Listen to SUBCON 21: Discussing 'official video game rap'

The only podcast dedicated to video games & hip hop. 

On this week's episode I tackle the touchy topic of officially licensed video game rap. The kind of rap that gets the okay from multiple corporate heads as well as several composers and sound designers. I also bump the latest mashups from Nintendo inspired artists Toon Link and Lemmy Koopa, including the Parappa X Wale mashup pictured with this episode.

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genoboost plays Super Mario Maker

Now that I've got an awesome capture card, as evidenced by a previous video, I decide to give the newly released Super Mario Maker the 'Let's Play' treatment. Join me as I show off the first couple levels I've stitched together, as well as a random assortment of levels and obstacles.

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Mega Ran lays down 'the album of his life' with self titled album 'RNDM'

"An E-tank's worth of hip hop" 

It's been a while since I tackled music by Random, but the man throws down rhymes at such a prolific rate that my reviews wouldn't even be over be edited before another album drops. No excuses though, Random is definitely at the top of the VG rap hill. Think of him as the Super Mario in that heroes screen from DKC2.

Random's rise to indie rap stardom (that has to be an oxymoron) has been prolific, which is why I felt safe in covering lesser known artists during Random's epic run and endless tours. With the semi-self titled latest though, I had to come back and talk about an artist I've been covering since 2007. 

They say you can’t go forward without going back. So to move to the future, Mega Ran had to go back to the beginning to say thank you, then to say goodbye. Ran’s 2015 full length album channels the soul of “The Call,” the nostalgia of “Forever Famicom” and blasts into the future with new age production and concepts, while exploring the concept of finding one’s true self through deep soul searching and experimentation.

Mega Ran calls this “the album of my life.” Hip Hop, pop, electronica and funk/soul meet at the crossroads of introspective, hilarious and heartwarming songs featuring outstanding artists such as Kool Keith, Open Mike Eagle, MURS, Joell Ortiz and more.

Also featured on the album is “Mighty,” an empowering track that serves as the ending credits theme on the highly anticipated game “Mighty No. 9.”
— Mega Ran

Watch The Bystanders Podcast 23: Vixen animated series review

Frank and Anthony discuss the new animated web series Vixen from DC and Warner Bros Animation. We also go off on super tangents as we discuss super hero naming rules, the limits of animal based superpowers and more. 

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Watch genoboost unbox the USB 3.0 capture card

Another unboxing video for all you doubters who think this unboxing thing is just a phase. I'm going to unbox every box I receive and there isn't any stopping me. Well, unless I stop receiving packages...

Also, more dope tunes frrom Urban Flow, who is fast becoming the soundtracl to my YouTube page.

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SquareLove EP - a taste of the future of The World is Square

Be square my heart. 

Tracks both new and old in the Square-Enix pantheon are featured in SquareLove, an EP that is essentially a preview of the fantastic compositions to come when The World Is Square's next full length album drops next year. Until that time, jam to some funky acoustic rearrangements of music from Bravely Default, FFIX, Breath of Fire, and Super Mario RPG.

“SquareLove” is an EP by The World is Square.
A full length featuring these songs and more will be available 2016.
— The World is Square

Listen to SUBCON podcast 20: Talking Mega Ran, Zelda Triforce Heroes, & Star Fox Zero delay

Chart topping and Wily stopping

First, be sure to vote for the SUBCON season finale! Voting ends October 14!

Mega Ran has gone critical to bring us his latest, so i decide to discuss my own random fandom ever since I found out about Ran back in '07.

We've got the latest Mega Ran, Grimecraft discuss the latest Nintendo news, the upcoming Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes, and the saddening delay of Star Fox Zero.

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Watch The Kirby's Avalanche Challenge ep 01: featuring music by Urban Flow

I begin the long journey towards becoming a puyo master while jamming to Urban Flow's latest album, Melodic Bumps 4. The album gets cut a bit short due to some technical difficulties, but I plan for this series to continue so long as there is new music to bump! So be prepared for the bass, and the puyo blobs to drop.