Listen to the Black Shy Guy Summer 2017 Mixtape

Listen to the Black Shy Guy Summer 2017 Mixtape

Listen to a new summer mixtape of my favorite VGM of the last few months. All of this music has been featured on this website and the SUBCON podcast! Listen to a half hour of game music and hip hop on my YouTube, or SoundCloud, or right here if it ends up getting flagged and muted every where else.

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Chiptune & Drum megamix, '3-9B' by c&sstockreports

Chiptune & Drum megamix, '3-9B' by c&sstockreports

These c&s stock reports are my favorite thing these days.

As if Shawn Phase himself were to say, 'Hey geno, want to hear half an hour of classic game soundtracks along with some murderous drumwork and esoteric intro's that sometimes sound more like an in ring promo than an album opening.'

That is a world we live in, right now thanks to shawn phase and his long running series of c&s stock reports. 

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New PSX inspired beat collection 'Press PLAYstation Instrumentals Mixtape' by DoughboyTheProducer

New PSX inspired beat collection 'Press PLAYstation Instrumentals Mixtape' by DoughboyTheProducer

Doughboy puts it down again in a new beat tape completely dedicated to the 32 bit processing power of the Sony Playstation 1-4. We've got beats from Parappa, Spyro, Uncharted, Final Fantasy VII, a few Metal Gear Solid games, and so much more. Bob your head to this dope mix of new and classic game beats!

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Retrogaming inspired beat and bars in B L A C K M A G E by GF Retro

Missed this when it came out, but never too late for ultra chill vibes and dank hip hop rhymes. Check out the 2014 album from GF Retro, BLACKMAGE.

RetroSamuraiEmpire and AnimeTaskForce presents:

Black Mage
Special shoutout to Manga US for supporting me
Enjoy it
— GF Retro

Listen to the latest hip hop album 'Paradise' by the Earthbound Rejects

I ran across Earthbound Rejects a few months ago while digging through random albums over on datpiff.At the time I couldn't find more about the group. After posting aout their album Phone Call to Dad, the group reached out to me, and I'm glad to be presenting their latest album of dope underground hip hop (with plenty of the video game influences still intact). The tracks that have stuck out to me so far are Reason and Alive. Expect to hear some verses from this album on a future SUBCON podcast. 

Head over to the EBR bandcamp page and grab the full album for any price you prefer. 

Glad to say this project has touched alot of peoples hearts. Glad to say we’ve gotten honest feedback from people and it’s been very well received. Glad to know people out there support us and follow our movement. We love you all.
— Earthbound Rejects

Game Music 4 All + SUBCON present the PokeMixTape

All new mixtape for all those folks still hustling at Pokemon Go. Hit the gyms in style with this collection of bumping Pokemon based beats. Get in full Pokemon trainer mode with these remixes of classic Pokemon tracks! Download the .mp3 over on the SUBCON page.

Check out the SUBCON podcast at for the latest episodes and links to all artists featured on the episode

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Listen to new Duosis Mixtape - Amazing Feats by JH Sounds

JH Sounds drops a mixtape of chill game inspired jams for the incoming heat of Summer.  Vibe on this fusion of famous hits and game audio beats. Amazing Feats for amazing heat. Sounds like the soundtrack to a 16-bit bootleg version of Lollipop Chainsaw and it's awesome.

The Duosis Mixtapes is a podcast dedicated to gathering the various audio clips of the world and re-contextualizing them. Sounds are mixed, mashed and juxtaposed based on a theme that changes per episode.
— JH Sounds

Listen to Geeky Gals OST Mixtape 'RETRO IS COOL!'

If it features music not just from Castlevania, but also from Puyo and Gunstar Heroes, then I feel pretty compelled to share. Check out the album compiled by Heidi of the Geeky Gals website and fall back in love with some lesser known original game themes on this 10 track mixtape

Here’s our third mixtape! This time I’ve put together some songs I think are really cool! And retro game music sure can sound really cool!😀 Some songs just make you feel like a total badass when you’re playing with those pixels on your TV ^_^ Below you’ll find a list of the songs in the playlist where you find information about the tunes, games and artists. Beneath that is the playlist with some real classics from old Nintendo and Sega games that you’ll be sure to recognize, and other songs that you might not know as well😉 I hope you’ll enjoy the tunes we’ve picked!
— Geeky Gals

Asis Galvin - Okami Mini-Mixtape

I have to admit that I have never played Okami, despite having the opportunity to do so over several consoles I've owned. I do regret it (along with Godhand) for missing some games from the short-lived Clover after enjoying Viewtiful Joe so much on the Gamecube. This isn't about me and my secret shames though, it's about you, the real Okami fans.

Asis Galvin drops an ambient instrumental mixtape featuring music from Okami. Return to the world of Okami again, at least until they make another remake of it.

Chief Takinawa drops VG & anime inspired hip hop mixtape, Hannya

You're having hip hop beats for breakfast, that's what!

This is some hot new jams from an up and coming favorite of mine, DJ Chief Takinawa. I've been repping this guys jams since I ran across a hot MvC2 beat on his instragram page a few years back. 

Hannya tears things up quick and dirty with some eclectic hip hop beats that stretches from industrial to smooth jazz, and all with a clear influence from video games and Japanese culture. That would include remixes from Tekken and the Mega Man Zero series.

The 20 minute EP is getting repeated listens on my end. And for those with very little time on their hands, the album also includes a ten minute mini mix of the album tracks. I believe this is the first full, cohesive project I have heard from Takinawa, and it definitely gets me hyped with some great drum fills and driving beats. Expect me to be bumping this on future SUBCON podcast episodes.

Hannya EP is the amalgamation and embodiment of Takinawa Productions as a whole,while also being a tribute to the many different forms of media that it was inspired by including video games, anime, and more. Having a slightly darker undertone than usual, this EP is sure to display Chief Takinawa’s best work to date.
— Chief Takinawa

Team Future & DJ DAX drop Final Fantasy inspired 'Future Fantasy Mixtape'


DJ Dax and Team Future combine to drop a hip hop future mixtape inspired by the Final Fantasy series. DAX even added the lyrics to Genius. Now that's dedication. Grab the album over on SoundCloud for free download, then read along with eleven tracks of JRPG based hip hop.

This is a surprise awesome album I wasn't expecting to run across, which is the best kind of album by the way. I still wonder why I got to hunt you folks down to write about your albums though. 

LYRICS IN DESCRIPTIONS & ON GENIUS // Hope we need. Hope we see. Hope we’ll be. Some need to see to believe, but what if what you wanted to see would happen if you believed it would?

Gunstar inspired hip hop 'Adventures On Gunstar9 mixtape'

Witness the sonic recording of the first gathering of the Shindiggaz. Get down to the Gunstar Hero inspired beats as the Shindiggaz drop flows in full force. Shindiggaz legendary meeting is remembered in Adventures on Gunstar9.

his is a mixtape of all original material from Therm&Soul and Co. DJ Thermos did all the beats – all the MCs wrote their own rhymes. We recorded this here craziness during early Fall 2009. What you’re hearing is the genesis of the Shindiggaz. This was the project that brought the crew together – and Gunstar#6 was the first time the words Shindigg were uttered on a Thermstrumental.

What you’re also hearing are all beats inspired by the soundtrack of Soul’s favorite video game ever: Gunstar Heros. He started talking about this game back when we were working on Homebrew, and we finally got around to attacking it a year later.

If you like this joint, be on the lookout for Saturday Morning Special (cartoon themes), Contraband (contra video game), and Prime Time (TV themes.) We plan to drop one a month till March.

And even more important: if you like this joint burn a copy for your people. Bang it out your car. Blast it at your next Shindigg. Throw a track on your mixtape. Put it in your top 10 list. Send a link to your friend. Post this on your blog. Chat about it in your forum. We’re making these tapes to reach yall. Help us get the message out.
— Shindiggaz

End Summer with the GM4A + SUBCON Summer 2015 Mixtape

Summer Games. 

The Equinox is almost upon us, despite what the temperatures where I live may claim. For those who are truly witnessing the end of Summer in your home town, ride out the ever shortening days with the Black Shy Guy Summer 2015 Mixtape. This collection of rap, hip hop beats, original sound versions and more features all the music from Season 1 of the SUBCON podcast. 

You can also stream the album now via the mixtape song page on the Game Music 4 All SoundCloud page.

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Castlevania based club music mixtape 'CASTLETWERKYA' by DJ SUPER SONIC

Drop it like it's holy water. 

This epic pair of mini mixtapes from DJ SUPER SONIC (all caps, naturally) gets whips cracking and asses dropping. I imagine that once the Belmonts dispose of old Drac, they throw some epic house parties throughout the mansion. Disco balls attached to Medusa heads, twerking in the gear room, and you know the party don't stop 'til sunrise.

Both albums are a mix of club ready beats, which meld perfectly with the ever malleable tunes of the original Castlevania, composed by Kinuyo Yamashita AKA James Banana. I'm seriously in love with each and every track on the original CV OST, and hearing them get some amazing dance club remixes just helps me appreciate them more. Whether they are hardcore spped metal covers, or booty shaking dance music, the original CV should be everyone's choice for most coverable / remixable / mashupable all time OST. 

The calories keep adding up with JUNK FOOD's Gourmet Deluxe Vol. 2 mixtape

Another helping won't hurt

I was a fan of the original Gourmet Deluxe, so I have to bump this super sized sequel.

Junk Food delivers a sweet mix for us as the second installment of his GOURMET DELUXE series. Enjoy and keep up with everything Junk Food does