SNACK, the incredible chiptune rock debut by Linnani Vaanija

SNACK, the incredible chiptune rock debut by Linnani Vaanija

I heard of this album because I was tagged on Twitter. Not even @'ed. Just tagged. Don't matter though. Get me your album somehow. Doesn't have to be a classy PR letter. Just make sure I know about it. So without much more info than that though, this didn't exactly shoot to the top of my must listen list. During a shuffle through the latest albums I've got here, the Track “Abyss” popped up. It starts off slow, but then BAM, once it really kicked off,  I had to stop what I was doing, writing an earlier episode of this, and say, 'what the H is this?” The H it's Linanni Vaanija. Grab the album for ten euro, and you should. 

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Press Start with the 8-bit Jazz Heroes

Press Start with the 8-bit Jazz Heroes

I had the chance to catch these folks performing at MAGWest last year, and have been looking forward to this album for a minute. Glad to finally share this smooth collection of classic game sounds. Fans of Nintendo soundtracks better listen up. Super Mario and Legend of Zelda get some special attention, along with a tribute to Metroid along with the original Tetris.

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A loving tribute to Pokemon with 'PokéMemories Vol.02' by Pokérus

A loving tribute to Pokemon with 'PokéMemories Vol.02' by Pokérus

Another heartfelt tribute to the infectious and nostalgic themes of the Pokemon series. No one does tributes the best selling Nintendo RPG quite like Pokerus. Clearly, from the name, you can tell Pokerus' music is quite intertwined with Pokemon. As such the attention and style of this album is quite impressive, and a great listen for Pokemon fans of any generation.

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Glitched out hip hop remixes and more by temp sound solutions

Glitched out hip hop remixes and more by temp sound solutions

Where are the seven other remixes? I'm not sure. I'm going to have to look into it. This one is more than worth worrying about now though. Five intense remixes that could best be described as metal glitch chiptune hip hop beats? Something like that. It's temp sound solutions tuesday though! You know the drill by now. Prepare your brain for some quality sounds and hit play.

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A backwards trip into game music in RETROGRESSION: VOL.1 by Stemage

A backwards trip into game music in RETROGRESSION: VOL.1 by Stemage

If there is something I love, it;s gimmicks! I have had the chance to hear various reversed and inverted game sounds in my decade or so of listening to VGM. Stemage is the latest of these wayward composers to take some beloved themes and twist them into semi recognizable bursts of sound. Listen to these awesome tracks, forwards and backwards!

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Chiptune & Drum megamix, '3-9B' by c&sstockreports

Chiptune & Drum megamix, '3-9B' by c&sstockreports

These c&s stock reports are my favorite thing these days.

As if Shawn Phase himself were to say, 'Hey geno, want to hear half an hour of classic game soundtracks along with some murderous drumwork and esoteric intro's that sometimes sound more like an in ring promo than an album opening.'

That is a world we live in, right now thanks to shawn phase and his long running series of c&s stock reports. 

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Another report of video game rock based on the music of Alex Mauer in 11-6-16 pt2 from c&sstockreports

It's another Temp Sound Soutions Tuesday, and you know what that means! Temp Sound Solutions, Tuesday!

More incredible sounds from the mind of Shawn Phase of c&sstockreports with a new list of all the tracks he deems worthy of inclusion. For 11-6-16 it's a tribute to the endearing chiptune compositions of Alex Mauer. I love the music of Shawn Phase, clearly, but I am also a sucker for the incredible works of Alex Mauer. Combined though, they upgrade their forms like a musical Voltron. 

all songs written by alex mauer.
— c&sstockreports

Re-release of early temp sound solutions release 'the triforce ep'

It's Temp Sound Solutions Tuesday here and this month let's listen to one of the earliest AFX releases, the Triforce EP.

Collection of video game remixes and more in one of the earliest AFX releases from temp sound solutions. 

An early 6-track ep of tss’ escapades in vgm and chiptune. This is AFX 25.
— temp sound solutions

The original Now Youre Playing With Powar by temp sound solutions, available now

It's the one that started it all! Remastered and available on bandcamp! The track mappyland is just a wonderful assault of beautiful sound that feels good to my ears. 

released in december of 2002, this album laid the groundwork for the NYPWP series, with thousands of video game covers to come. 4 bonus tracks are included in download. this is AFX 63.
— temp sound solutions

The latest hard rock release from Yes, Mayhem, 'Molly'

No, this is not technically anywhere near video game music per se, but when your band has talent like members of Metroid Metal, Xoc, Viking Guitar and more on your project, it doesn't really matter what music results, It's going to be fantastic and I'm going to talk about it.

I don't go talking about every non VGM album I hear, but I damn well will with this one. The tracks are so infectious, and speak to me on a primal level. the 90's is strong here, and I can't escape it. It's like a black hole of the exact sounds, instruments, tones, you name it. I'm sold. 

Some of my favorite tracks aren't even on the album proper. You better download this album right now to hear some Dope-Ass Owls.

Answering the question, “can a band be a band when they’re not all in the same area code or even time zone?” for the third time.
— Yes, Mayhem

Debut album by ACMenes, 'Meet The Light' a Jazz rock tribute to Kid Icarus

It's been five years since the phenomenal and one of a kind game Kid Icarus Uprising came out on the Nintendo 3DS. That means in only fifteen years, another veteran developer will dust this IP off the shelf and give it another grandiose reboot.

That is a long way off, but fan and fighter of Pit, ACMenes keeps light alive in this hard rocking four track EP dedicated to the Kid Icarus games. Through four tracks, we hear a variety of styles from key themes in the series, starting off hard with a rearrangement of Dark Pit. This is one of my personal favorite themes from Kid Icarus Uprising since it was featured in the stage I played most repeatedly. A heavy attack of guitar, drums, and horns create the perfect background music for an intense battle with your greatest rival. Though Dark Pit is my favorite track in the game, I think my favorite track on this album has to go to Hades. This laid back jazz rendition of another favorite theme from KI:U has a smooth tone perfect for the king of the underworld to snap his fingers to. 

The intensity picks up again in the slow but aggressive Destroyed Skyworld, but descends into some somber tones before driving the song home. Like the best rock albums, the final track is a wistful ballad titled 'Home.' The album closes on a soft note, and left me with a lot of nostalgia for my favorite 3DS game, Kid Icarus Uprising. Maybe I'll even pick up my dusty old GCN controller and put in a few rounds of Smash as my personal main, Palutena.

“Meet The Light” is a 4-track EP of music from the Kid Icarus series, remixed in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the series.

For more information on the album and the guest artists, please download the album (it’s free!) and see the liner notes.
— ACMenes

The latest album of chiptune rock, 'Who Loves the Sun' by The J. Arthur Keenes Band

The one of a kind eclecticism of The J. Arthur Keenes Band is on full display again on the long awaited full length album  Who Loves the Sun. I can not get enough of this song filled, utterly catchy folk rock style. There are so many things going on in your average J. Arthur Keenes track that I can gladly dissect them. The music feels so natural that I can' help but feel like I've spent more time analyzing TJAKB music longer than it took the Band to write. 

I've been covering The J. Arthur Keenes Band since the debut EP Pamplemousse and have excitedly listened to any new tracks from TJAKB ever since. This is the groups first full album in a few years and I'm glad it is here and it exists. There is something very particular about The J. Arthur Keenes Band, and it makes me feel very good to listen to in some odd, old timey way.

All things and all stuff by Dan McLay. Except art by Magdalena Eustis and committee, I believe. Thanks everyone.
— The J. Arthur Keenes Band

The Mad Gear release debut album, 'The Mad Gear Must Pay'

I've been following the epic rock exploits of The Mad Gear for a minute, and I'm glad to finally be able to mention that they have an album out! The premiere album from this group features live band arrangements of classics like Chrono Trigger, Star Fox, Donkey Kong Country 2, Sonic, and about a dozen more.

I'm very partial to their rendition of Black omen from the aforementioned Chrono Trigger, originally composed by Yasunori Mitsuda.

The Mad Gear Must Pay! was recorded by the band themselves. With only a few exceptions, what you hear are real instruments. Editing and quantization were also kept to a minimum. This is what The Mad Gear sounds like, warts and all.
— The Mad Gear

Fight On! a heavy metal tribute to Killer Instinct from ThePlasmas


This game came with an arranged soundtrack album when it was released in the US. of course kids in the US had no idea what an 'arranged VGM album" was at the time. It was the games soundtrack, but not what you heard on the SNES, but highly produced and polished remakes.

ThePlasmas takes this well known soundtrack, and adds that signature layer of piledriving metal. The result is an intense battery of sounds that makes you want to punch, kick, laser eye, and turn into cheetah at anyone near you. I rocked out to most of the album before I even knew it. ThePlasmas has a great knack for keeping things moving, which is the perfect vibe for a night of epic fights to the death.


Recorded at Plasma’s Home (Mauricio Plasma)
Killer Instinct & Killer Instinct Gold Tribute Album (SNES / Arcade - KI2)
Music Originally by: Robin Beanland, Graeme Norgate.
— ThePlasmas

Celebrate 25 years of Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past with these epic remixes

It's been a quarter of a century since Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past was released in Japan on November 21st, 1991. To celebrate, I'll be sharing tons of content! Be sure to check out my album and remix reviews, articles (coming soon), and a very special SUBCON Podcast 45, all dedicated to the Super Nintendo classic, Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past.


Tomorrow I drop another SUBCON Podcast. It's a podcast dedicated to the best hip hop and rap inspired by video games. Unfortunately, time and format constraints led to a few great tracks getting left out.

Just like my SUBCON Link to the Past special, each song listed here is a rearrangement from the classic Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past soundtrack composed by Koji Kondo. We've got a few more hip hop vibes. Monstrously metal covers by ThePlasmas and Pokerus, and a clasy orchestral medley from Shiyru.

These tracks were shared by the amazing artists and musicians from the Game Music 4 All facebook group. Be sure to head over and join our discussions about music, gaming, and more! Check out these artists, and share some of your favorite Legend of Zelda Link to the Past memories with me on Twitter @genoboost!

#1 The Past from Hyrule Melodia Et Concordia by Shiryu

#3 Save The Princess ft Pierce Reed from GameDork: Eat Sleep Kill Robots by Nonsenze

#4 Dungeons to Explore from Infection #03 by Pokérus

c&sstockreports releases live chiptune rock mixtape 10-31-16

Halloween only lasts one day, but I'm pretty sure all the Halloween albums that drop can last the entire month, which is why I am still writing about Halloween albums in November.

Shawn Phase of C&S keeps dropping them and I'm going o keep funneling them to you. This is the latest c&s stock report is out now, and you need t get your affairs in order and grab the latest for only four dollars. This Halloween edition of these raw cuts is definitely the best way to kick off any haunting related activities.

released October 31, 2016
— c&s stock report