now youre playing with powar x: endgame by Temp Sound Solutions


This currently appears to be the final album currently available from temp sound solutions' Powar series. tss takes a handful of tracks from the soundtracks to some overlooked games, and tears them up in the way only this group can. From Ecco Jr to Garfield, expect the unexpected on this album, and expect to rock out to the unexpected as well.

Somehow I have covered most of temp sound solutions' Powar series. Yet, somehow, I missed out on the most recent one, now youre playing with powar x: endgame. I'm glad I scrolled on through the tss bandcamp page to rediscover this one. Much shorter track listing than some albums in the series, but the full live tss band is on display for the entire album as well. So if you multiply tracks by musicians, then it's even more incredible.

temp sound solutions’ 10th (technically 12th) video game tribute album is a full-band effort chronicling some of their favorite tunes from games remembered at the end of their respected systems cycles, lost or forgotten, or heavily revered songs that will always be remembered as being the top of the crop. while the future for these four souls may be unclear, one thing is certain: this is endgame.
— temp sound solutions

Glitched out hip hop remixes and more by temp sound solutions

Glitched out hip hop remixes and more by temp sound solutions

Where are the seven other remixes? I'm not sure. I'm going to have to look into it. This one is more than worth worrying about now though. Five intense remixes that could best be described as metal glitch chiptune hip hop beats? Something like that. It's temp sound solutions tuesday though! You know the drill by now. Prepare your brain for some quality sounds and hit play.

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Another c&s stock report from Shawn Phase - The River City Ransom Underground based 6-26-17 edition

Another c&s stock report from Shawn Phase - The River City Ransom Underground based 6-26-17 edition

We are well into the second half of the year, but there is no cause to stop or slow these temp sound solution Tuesdays though. Exactly the opposite. Hell, I could probably blog only about Shawn Phase and still have a pretty regular update schedule. Now Phase is dropping stock reports on both Bandcamp and SoundCloud. This one is a SoundCloud exclusive, which makes it a bit of a hidden stock report, for all of you completionists out there. 

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Chiptune & Drum megamix, '3-9B' by c&sstockreports

Chiptune & Drum megamix, '3-9B' by c&sstockreports

These c&s stock reports are my favorite thing these days.

As if Shawn Phase himself were to say, 'Hey geno, want to hear half an hour of classic game soundtracks along with some murderous drumwork and esoteric intro's that sometimes sound more like an in ring promo than an album opening.'

That is a world we live in, right now thanks to shawn phase and his long running series of c&s stock reports. 

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Another report of video game rock based on the music of Alex Mauer in 11-6-16 pt2 from c&sstockreports

It's another Temp Sound Soutions Tuesday, and you know what that means! Temp Sound Solutions, Tuesday!

More incredible sounds from the mind of Shawn Phase of c&sstockreports with a new list of all the tracks he deems worthy of inclusion. For 11-6-16 it's a tribute to the endearing chiptune compositions of Alex Mauer. I love the music of Shawn Phase, clearly, but I am also a sucker for the incredible works of Alex Mauer. Combined though, they upgrade their forms like a musical Voltron. 

all songs written by alex mauer.
— c&sstockreports

Re-release of early temp sound solutions release 'the triforce ep'

It's Temp Sound Solutions Tuesday here and this month let's listen to one of the earliest AFX releases, the Triforce EP.

Collection of video game remixes and more in one of the earliest AFX releases from temp sound solutions. 

An early 6-track ep of tss’ escapades in vgm and chiptune. This is AFX 25.
— temp sound solutions

The original Now Youre Playing With Powar by temp sound solutions, available now

It's the one that started it all! Remastered and available on bandcamp! The track mappyland is just a wonderful assault of beautiful sound that feels good to my ears. 

released in december of 2002, this album laid the groundwork for the NYPWP series, with thousands of video game covers to come. 4 bonus tracks are included in download. this is AFX 63.
— temp sound solutions

c&sstockreports lays down thirty minutes of NAMCO remixes in tribute to Masaya Nakamura

c&sstockreports lays down thirty minutes of NAMCO remixes in tribute to Masaya Nakamura

t's a good thing I post about New Temp Sound Solutions / Shawn Phase once a month now, because that almost (but not quite) matches his musical output. I began temp sound solution Tuesdays in the apparently futile attempt to dig into the very, very extensive backlog of TSS albums I have never written about, or in some cases, even heard yet.

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Capcom chiptune rock megamix '6-5-16 pt2' by c&sstockreports

This year, I have decided that the final Tuesday of the month on here will now be known as "Temp Sound Solutions Tuesday!"

This means I'll be talking about at least one temp sound solutions article every month. Near the end of every month I will highlight a classic tss album from his extensive back catalogue, or discuss the sure to be incredible new tunes shawn phase unleashes in 2017. 

This month we are playing catch up by talking about a 2016 release from c&sstockreports. Each c&sstockreports album features about twenty solid minutes of hard hitting drum work and incredible renditions of just some of whatever ridiculous amount of tracks Shawn Phase has nailed since the last album. 

6-5B features tons of Capcom classics, all getting the shawn phase treatment with over 20 minutes of intense drum work that will power you through even the toughest trials and most trying moments. Make sure you grab the high quality version from the c&sstockreports Bandcamp page for only $4!

Capcom cluster—-k. Gonna be a lot of Capcom songs in here dig what I’m sayin’? All that stuff from your youth.
— Shawn Phase

c&sstockreports releases live chiptune rock mixtape 10-31-16

Halloween only lasts one day, but I'm pretty sure all the Halloween albums that drop can last the entire month, which is why I am still writing about Halloween albums in November.

Shawn Phase of C&S keeps dropping them and I'm going o keep funneling them to you. This is the latest c&s stock report is out now, and you need t get your affairs in order and grab the latest for only four dollars. This Halloween edition of these raw cuts is definitely the best way to kick off any haunting related activities.

released October 31, 2016
— c&s stock report

Temp Sound Solutions releases 'live at magfest 8​.​5'

New video game arrangements performed live on September, 13, 2014.

Game Music 4 All just isn't the same when I'm not covering my personal favorite video game cover band/squad/entity, Temp Sound Solutions. Check out this classic live set from a few MAGFests ago.

Download the album for $6 on the Temp Sound Solutions Bandcamp page.

Listen to half hour drum & chiptune medley 10-2A by c&sstockreports

Shawn Phase lays it down with a half hour of intense drum work, remixing tracks from Coda, Blitz Lunar, and more! An epic, swirling soundscape of various original chiptune sounds. There is nothing like the pure sound of chiptunes with the irreplaceable sound of live drums.
all original tunes in this A side…
— Shawn Phase

Listen to fusion of chiptune rock 'tony danza' by temp sound solutions & alex mauer

This blog is incapable of existing without some Temp Sound Solutions as the fuel that gives me the energy to keep writing about VGM. Vibe on this classic track between Temp Sound Solution and chiptune maestro alex mauer on 'tony danza' from Blast Portable.

temp sound solutions & The Mountain Chiefs destructive new VG metal collaboration 'The Disadvantage Split'

True Co-op. 

This album takes us back to a more innocent time of VG Rock, before it was about the money (just kidding, there is no money here). The crunch is real, and grinds into your bones with every juicy, grimey riff.

The Mountain Chiefs crescendo with a pair of Mega Man 3 tracks early on, before a cleansing slow jam of Metroid clears the way for an album stealing descent into the depths of RC Pro Am

The Mountain Chiefs close up their end of the album with a wistful medley of music from Mother 1 and Earthbound. 

Temp Sound Solutions is on the receiving end of the baton pass, closing the album with the five final tracks. He uses his time wisely, getting down to business with what may be my favorite track on the album, the ominous 'moon party' The track feels as if someone were meandering around a black hole, playing chicken with the event horizon. Ultimately, TSS pulls away and the track ends on a rocket of drums and guitar.

Crazy Climber is the type of TSS track I could jam to all day just like the best VGM BGM back in them NES days. You can be sure that this track is worming it's way into a future episode of SUBCON. My appreciation for the sounds of TSS are clear when fulll on, no question about it rough riding rock tunes make it into my hip hop podcast. 

I wish i still had the time to drop one of my lengthy track by track reviews to really delve deep into the significance of this album. On a very related note, please check out the subscriber rewards available on my Patreon account. If I can get enough subscriber support, I'll have the ability to start a full time VGMetal podcast. How could you say no after headbanging to these heavy hitting arrangements? 

We’re bringing it back to the stone age of the VGM scene here. Gonna be a dirty one, so get ready to get Grimey.
— Lord Machino

Listen to Temp Sound Solutions' mega man 2 woodman (feat. mr. pacman)

This song by Temp Sound Solutions is several of my favorite things. My favorite woodman cover, my favorite TSS song from my favorite TSS album, and the most in your face hard rocking Mega Man anthem I've yet to hear.