Castlevanious drum based mixtape by shawn phase, 'c&s stock report 9-18'


I don't think any time is a bad time for some Castlevanian type tunes to rock out to. Shawn Phase takes on another series of classic game music and more in his one of a kind drum based mixtapes, the c&s stock reports.

This report is from back in September, but like I have said many times. I just can't keep up with the man Shawn Phase. If I included his YouTube sets as well? Well I'd only listen to Shawn Phase for most of my time, which would actually be pretty rad now that I think about it.

Li’l baby Drac set. Songs that are Castlevanious in nature, so it should be an interesting time for everyone involved, if you like the Castlevania’s you’ll like this.
— shawn phase