Chopped up, hip hop tribute to games, anime, and more by Chief Takinawa in Hannya The 2nd: Blossoms


Another wonderful album of chopped, flipped, and remixed beats via DJ Chief Takinawa. I've been following this guy for a few years now and have found constant enjoyment with his tunes. These tracks would feel right at home in a cel shaded bullet hell game. Really digging this album. I would have included the dope Gorillaz remix REPAIRS on the SUBCON podcast, but don't want to get hit with another blocked video on YouTube. You better give it a listen right now though. Track 5 yo.

Hannya The 2nd: Blossoms EP is the sequel to Hannya EP released in March of 2016. Symbolizing growth and productivity through the trials and difficulties of life; Hannya The 2nd is sure to display Chief Takinawa’s best work to date! Influenced by many forms of media such as video games, anime, and more.

I hope you all enjoy this EP in its entirety. Stay strong and blossom until we meet again for Hannya the 3rd!
— Chief Takinawa