Game Music Monday for Feb 12, 2018 - 2 Mello, The Mimmos, Álex Garcigregor

Game Music Monday - 2.12.18

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2 Mello
Streets of Resistance
Dreamers Never Die (ft. Dead Prez)

2 Mello
after midnight: unaired broadcasts
grinning stranger

The Mimmos
The Mimmos

Álex Garcigregor
Disorderly Conduct

Álex Garcigregor
Pioneer's Expedition



Chopped up, hip hop tribute to games, anime, and more by Chief Takinawa in Hannya The 2nd: Blossoms

Chopped up, hip hop tribute to games, anime, and more by Chief Takinawa in Hannya The 2nd: Blossoms

Another wonderful album of chopped, flipped, and remixed beats via DJ Chief Takinawa. I've been following this guy for a few years now and have found constant enjoyment with his tunes. These tracks would feel right at home in a cel shaded bullet hell game. Really digging this album. I would have included the dope Gorillaz remix REPAIRS on the SUBCON podcast, but don't want to get hit with another blocked video on YouTube. You better give it a listen right now though. Track 5 yo.

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Easy on the Ears, a collection of chill mixes by BeatmakerKelz

Easy on the Ears, a collection of chill mixes by BeatmakerKelz

BeatmakerKelz does it again! Beats that is! This guy is always dropping exactly what I want to hear, whether it be game music remixes, original beats, or whatever next thing he decides to chop of flip this time. Groove on these chill beats, ESPECIALLY that wonderful I Love Lucy remix that gets me way too nostalgic for some quality classic comedy shows. 

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2 Mello's latest collection of laid back hip hop beats, midnight broadcasts vol. 2

2 Mello's latest collection of laid back hip hop beats, midnight broadcasts vol. 2

2 Mello is back with the follow up to his original follow up to an album of eclectic but laid back hip hop beats. For the late nighters among us, and those suffering from a long, hot day, midnight broadcasts is for you. Plus you can learn how to make some proper mixed drinks.

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'Path of the Devil Gene' a hip hop Tribute to Tekken 3 by SteamBoi & DJ Abomination

'Path of the Devil Gene' a hip hop Tribute to Tekken 3 by SteamBoi & DJ Abomination

I'm a big fan of the underrated and severely underserved Tekken soundtracks. That is why I was elated to learn about this album of Tekken 3 remixes from SteamBoi and DJ Abomination. Sixteen tracks made by SteamBoi, or DJ Abomination or SteamBoi AND DJ Abomination. 

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New PSX inspired beat collection 'Press PLAYstation Instrumentals Mixtape' by DoughboyTheProducer

New PSX inspired beat collection 'Press PLAYstation Instrumentals Mixtape' by DoughboyTheProducer

Doughboy puts it down again in a new beat tape completely dedicated to the 32 bit processing power of the Sony Playstation 1-4. We've got beats from Parappa, Spyro, Uncharted, Final Fantasy VII, a few Metal Gear Solid games, and so much more. Bob your head to this dope mix of new and classic game beats!

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SublimeCloud drops LEGENDARY an EP of Pokemon remixes

SublimeCloud drops LEGENDARY an EP of Pokemon remixes

If you need some chill beats, and you do, then settle in with the latest from SublimeCloud. I am in love with these beats, especially after spending a hundred hours or so in Pokemon Moon. I really want to go back to Pokemon Moon as well, but I also have to like, live my life. I can't do both unfortunately. 

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Retrogaming inspired beat and bars in B L A C K M A G E by GF Retro

Missed this when it came out, but never too late for ultra chill vibes and dank hip hop rhymes. Check out the 2014 album from GF Retro, BLACKMAGE.

RetroSamuraiEmpire and AnimeTaskForce presents:

Black Mage
Special shoutout to Manga US for supporting me
Enjoy it
— GF Retro

New album of electronic, game inspired rhythms by That Andy Guy - 'Oh No, Not That Andy Guy'

Whelp, looks like it's That Andy Guy, back with an album that was three years in the making. Listen to these vibrant, game inspired chiptune jams. TAG runs through quite a few electronic genres, all with an upbeat, often frenetic pace. Grab the album free on That Andy Guy's Bandcamp page, or the DESKPOP SoundCloud page.

An album that’s been on my backburner for almost 3 years. I’m excited to finally be able to share all of these tunes with you! Hope you all enjoy what you hear!
released September 27, 2016

Music: That Andy Guy, Material Defender (Track 6)

Artwork: Braz_OS, BoyGraphics, Laraye

— That Andy Guy

Collection of retrogaming hip hop beats in 'Nintend-oh Instrumentals' by doughboytheproducer

A dope collection of beats from DoughBoy The Producer. Classic NES and SNES beats to nod your head to. Smooth hip hop instrumentals from Donkey Kong Country, DuckTales, Castlevania, and plenty more!

Head over to the Nintendo-oh Instrumentals datpiff page to check out the album. Be sure to follow Doughboy on his SoundCloud page as well

I plan to bump quite a few of these tracks on the SUBCON podcast, so listen out for them on the show as well!

NEW Instrumentals Mixtape including HOT Beats made with CLASSIC Nintendo Video Games! DMV producer #doughboytheproducer presents the highly demanded “NINTEND-OH Instrumentals” Mixtape!...FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY
— Doughboytheproducer

K-Murdock returns with Hero Muzik Vol. II, an album of video game hip hop

The Hero returns! K-Murdock is back with a crew of the best emcees in nerdcore and underground hip hop. Readers of this blog will be familiar with names like Sammus, Mega Ran, and SkyBlew, and should come to know names like EyeQ, Kadesh Flow, and the rest of the artists on Hero Muzik Vol II.

I hit play and Murdock is already killing it with those stereo CT sounds, changed up just enough to get your head nodding. That beat flows through the entire album. Layered underneath some great verses from incredible emcees like Sammus, Mega Ran, Doug Funnie, and so many more. This is not an album to be slept on. Don't shut down like robo and let hundreds of years pass before you get down to this album.

Hero Muzik 2 is the second installment of K-Murdock’s “Hero Muzik” series which features K remixing music from his favorite role-playing games growing up; Volume 2 focuses on the ever-present SNES classic RPG Chrono Trigger. This album was a labor of love that took K over 2 years to complete and it was initially intended, like its predecessor, to be an instrumental album, BUT at the advice of his business partner/frequent collaborator Mega Ran, Hero Muzik 2 turned into a full-scale production project that prominently features various artists from the Nerdy People Of Color Collective (NPCC), which Ran & K are members of as well. Though this album boasts an assortment of features, much like the diverse cast of characters in the actual game, the underlying goal in Hero Muzik 2 is showcasing the breadth of amazing music from Chrono Trigger, which composers Yasunori Mitsuda & Nobuo Uematsu originally created, via K putting his signature “neo-sonic” touch on!

Feel free to check out/revisit Hero Muzik Vol. 1 at:
— K-Murdock

Celebrate 25 years of Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past with these epic remixes

It's been a quarter of a century since Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past was released in Japan on November 21st, 1991. To celebrate, I'll be sharing tons of content! Be sure to check out my album and remix reviews, articles (coming soon), and a very special SUBCON Podcast 45, all dedicated to the Super Nintendo classic, Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past.


Tomorrow I drop another SUBCON Podcast. It's a podcast dedicated to the best hip hop and rap inspired by video games. Unfortunately, time and format constraints led to a few great tracks getting left out.

Just like my SUBCON Link to the Past special, each song listed here is a rearrangement from the classic Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past soundtrack composed by Koji Kondo. We've got a few more hip hop vibes. Monstrously metal covers by ThePlasmas and Pokerus, and a clasy orchestral medley from Shiyru.

These tracks were shared by the amazing artists and musicians from the Game Music 4 All facebook group. Be sure to head over and join our discussions about music, gaming, and more! Check out these artists, and share some of your favorite Legend of Zelda Link to the Past memories with me on Twitter @genoboost!

#1 The Past from Hyrule Melodia Et Concordia by Shiryu

#3 Save The Princess ft Pierce Reed from GameDork: Eat Sleep Kill Robots by Nonsenze

#4 Dungeons to Explore from Infection #03 by Pokérus

Retrogaming inspired hip hop from GF Retro 'RTRO4EVR'

Retro's latest, collabing with Rapper's Braxton Knight and Knive$, along with a few other producers to bring some Japanese retro inspired rhymes and beats.

Mixing the old with the new, GF Retro comes out with another project “Forever Retro.”

Artwork by GF Retro & Knive$

Lone7even Shoujoboyz
— GF Retro

Check out 'Destined: The Rebirth' latest collab album from SkyBlew & SublimeCloud

The long awaited reunion of beat maker SublimeCloud and rapper SkyBlew is now out. Grand, colorful beats flow along with SkyBlew's trademakr, upbeat rhymes. You can grab the album for $5 over on the duo's bandcamp page. You can also hear one of my personal favorite tracks from Destined: The Rebirth on the latest episode, SUBCON podcast 40. Be sure to hear a few more of my thoughts on the album on there as well.

Lets Not Call It A Comeback....... More Like REBIRTH......

©2016 All Songs Written By: Mario Farrow (SkyBlew)
All Songs Produced By: Christian Whitson (SublimeCloud)

-Paint The Sky,Blew!!!
— SkyBlew x SublimeCloud

Beatnerd Hub releases Human Binary Project, album of hip hop and game inspired beats

An albums worth of dope beats and mixes from Beatnerd Hub

— Beatnerd Hub

Sound Vision, an album of videogame inspired hip hop beats by BeatmakerKelz

Another album's worth of BeatmakerKelz' experimental hip hop beats. From the glitched out opener 8-Bit Anthem to the relaxed sounds of Hidden and the wonderful closing track Cruisin'

In this album I’ve ventured into a variety of genres from Hip-Hop, Electronic and maybe an R&B / Ambient / Jazz fusion. ( I think I’m just making up genres now... ) Anyway, thanx for checkin’ out the music! Enjoy!
— BeatmakerKelz