Experimental electronic sounds from temp sound solutions in the synflood EP


We have reached the eleventh temp sound solutions Tuesday since I began doing this monthly look at the ever growing catalogue of music by shawn phase and temp sound solutions. This time it's a short but sweet EP of experimental electric sounds. synflood doesn't come with much of a description. More like an excerpt from a Wikipedia page really. Well dig this crazy glitch by way of tss, and transport to the broken down cyber world for a couple intense minutes.

A SYN flood attack works by not responding to the server with the expected ACK code. The malicious client can either simply not send the expected ACK, or by spoofing the source IP address in the SYN, causing the server to send the SYN-ACK to a falsified IP address - which will not send an ACK because it “knows” that it never sent a SYN.

The server will wait for the acknowledgement for some time, as simple network congestion could also be the cause of the missing ACK. However, in an attack, the half-open connections created by the malicious client bind resources on the server and may eventually exceed the resources available on the server. At that point, the server cannot connect to any clients, whether legitimate or otherwise. This effectively denies service to legitimate clients. Some systems may also malfunction or crash when other operating system functions are starved of resources in this way.
— temp sound solutions