'Path of the Devil Gene' a hip hop Tribute to Tekken 3 by SteamBoi & DJ Abomination

I'm a big fan of the underrated and severely underserved Tekken soundtracks. That is why I was elated to learn about this album of Tekken 3 remixes from SteamBoi and DJ Abomination. Sixteen tracks made by SteamBoi, or DJ Abomination or SteamBoi AND DJ Abomination. 

I am a HUGE, HUGE fan of Tekken 3. It is one of my ALL TIME favorite fighting games. I’ve always enjoyed the music for the game as well. So one day I thought about making a beat tape sampling this AWESOME game. Then I met with another producer, DJ Abomination, whose beats are actually better than mine. Found out we both love sampling video games. Told him about this Tekken 3 project, he wanted in, and here we are. This is our first collaboration album, and I really hope you all enjoy it, as we both had fun making it.

The title “Path of the Devil Gene” refers to the main character, Jin Kazama, entering the Tekken tournament, searching for his mother’s killer. All while trying to keep his dangerous power, the Devil Gene, under control. He goes through many opponents, even his grandfather, to find the person who killed his mother.
— SteamBoi