Chopped up, hip hop tribute to games, anime, and more by Chief Takinawa in Hannya The 2nd: Blossoms

Chopped up, hip hop tribute to games, anime, and more by Chief Takinawa in Hannya The 2nd: Blossoms

Another wonderful album of chopped, flipped, and remixed beats via DJ Chief Takinawa. I've been following this guy for a few years now and have found constant enjoyment with his tunes. These tracks would feel right at home in a cel shaded bullet hell game. Really digging this album. I would have included the dope Gorillaz remix REPAIRS on the SUBCON podcast, but don't want to get hit with another blocked video on YouTube. You better give it a listen right now though. Track 5 yo.

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Listen to DJ Chief Takinawa's laid back remix of Swamp Stage from Marvel Vs Capcom 2

What’s up everyone? With the announcement of the release date and story for Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite, I figured I’d release this concept I’ve been working on. That trailer got me real hyped up! There may be more MvC remixes on the horizon, who knows? Its got a real jazzy vibe to it, which is perfect for online lobby’s. Hope you enjoy!
— DJ Chief Takinawa

Chief Takinawa drops VG & anime inspired hip hop mixtape, Hannya

You're having hip hop beats for breakfast, that's what!

This is some hot new jams from an up and coming favorite of mine, DJ Chief Takinawa. I've been repping this guys jams since I ran across a hot MvC2 beat on his instragram page a few years back. 

Hannya tears things up quick and dirty with some eclectic hip hop beats that stretches from industrial to smooth jazz, and all with a clear influence from video games and Japanese culture. That would include remixes from Tekken and the Mega Man Zero series.

The 20 minute EP is getting repeated listens on my end. And for those with very little time on their hands, the album also includes a ten minute mini mix of the album tracks. I believe this is the first full, cohesive project I have heard from Takinawa, and it definitely gets me hyped with some great drum fills and driving beats. Expect me to be bumping this on future SUBCON podcast episodes.

Hannya EP is the amalgamation and embodiment of Takinawa Productions as a whole,while also being a tribute to the many different forms of media that it was inspired by including video games, anime, and more. Having a slightly darker undertone than usual, this EP is sure to display Chief Takinawa’s best work to date.
— Chief Takinawa

Listen to 'Break My Limits,' an FFVII Battle Theme remix by DJ Chief Takinawa

Get hyped for the Smash Bros Direct presentation later today with this extra hot drum n bass remix of the classic battle theme music from Final Fantasy VII. Takinawa laid this track down immediately after the Cloud in Smash reveal, and it drops just in time for the final info on Cloud Strife.