Chopped up, hip hop tribute to games, anime, and more by Chief Takinawa in Hannya The 2nd: Blossoms

Chopped up, hip hop tribute to games, anime, and more by Chief Takinawa in Hannya The 2nd: Blossoms

Another wonderful album of chopped, flipped, and remixed beats via DJ Chief Takinawa. I've been following this guy for a few years now and have found constant enjoyment with his tunes. These tracks would feel right at home in a cel shaded bullet hell game. Really digging this album. I would have included the dope Gorillaz remix REPAIRS on the SUBCON podcast, but don't want to get hit with another blocked video on YouTube. You better give it a listen right now though. Track 5 yo.

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Capcom chiptune rock megamix '6-5-16 pt2' by c&sstockreports

This year, I have decided that the final Tuesday of the month on here will now be known as "Temp Sound Solutions Tuesday!"

This means I'll be talking about at least one temp sound solutions article every month. Near the end of every month I will highlight a classic tss album from his extensive back catalogue, or discuss the sure to be incredible new tunes shawn phase unleashes in 2017. 

This month we are playing catch up by talking about a 2016 release from c&sstockreports. Each c&sstockreports album features about twenty solid minutes of hard hitting drum work and incredible renditions of just some of whatever ridiculous amount of tracks Shawn Phase has nailed since the last album. 

6-5B features tons of Capcom classics, all getting the shawn phase treatment with over 20 minutes of intense drum work that will power you through even the toughest trials and most trying moments. Make sure you grab the high quality version from the c&sstockreports Bandcamp page for only $4!

Capcom cluster—-k. Gonna be a lot of Capcom songs in here dig what I’m sayin’? All that stuff from your youth.
— Shawn Phase

Inafune week begins with a soulful remix of music from Mega Man Legends

This week GM4A pays tribute to Keiji Inafune by playing some of our favorite remixes based on his extensive list of games

This track is a heartfelt remix of Mega Man Legends by Shiyru, a VGM remixer who dropped off the internet about two years ago. Is he still making music? Does he still love Mega Man Legends? Only Shiyru knows.

I am a diehard Mega Man Legends fan. I played the original to completion and was in awe that Mega Man was lovingly brought into the 3D world with as much care as Super Mario or Legend of Zelda, and continue to firmly hold Mega Man on that triumvirate of classic 2D games that made the leap to 3D in near perfect fashion.

As a very broke man, I did not donate money to Inafune and Comcept's Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter campaign, BUT, if Inafune feels the need to fund raise for a 'Mighty No. 9 Legends' I will spend far more money than a fiscally responsible person should to help that happen.

Are you still hoping for a Mega Man Legends 3? or perhaps a Mighty No. 9 Legends???

Check out the Street Fighter inspired art Chun Li. by Endling

Chun Li.   by    Endling  

This artwork was popular enough on Seven Out of Ten a few months ago to end up featured in a Weekly Recap, but Endling's art is definitely worth it's own individual post.

Take a look at this beautiful drawing of the strongest woman in the world, Chun Li from Street Fighter II and 3, and IV.

LSDJ remix by Or4 of classic Ducktales theme The Moon

Retro dance party...on the moon!

Hey there! This time is about Ducktales and about the level with the best soundtrack.

I like this tune, it’s simple and catchy, I simply love it.

I made it with LSDJ on a Prosound modded DMG-01 Gameboy.
I recorded it with Audacity on a 2009 Macbook Pro.

No compression, no effects, no equalization, just a -1db normalization.

Dance it. Now.

Listen to Game Boy Color inspired remix 'Monster Hunter Awakening DX' by Mega Flare

Alternate video game history: Monster Hunter launches five years early.

This is the latest track by Mega Flare, in which we get a colorful re-imagining of Monster Hunter on the Game Boy Color. Considering Capcom was a prolific pn the GBC, even developing the Game Boy Color versions of The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening and the Legend of Zelda: Oracle games. Capcom even got an impressive looking if unplayable version of Resident Evil running on the GBC.

With all that in mind, I think the possibility of 'Monster Hunter DX' at the hieght of the Game Boy Color's popularity isn't too farfetched.

Watch Levar Allen's music video for his rearrangement of the title theme of Mega Man 3


Classy rock remix of the classic opening music to Mega Man III. Along with the video, the track has a very spacious, arena rock style to it.

Youtube is a place I've sorely neglected over my years of VGM searching, mostly due to a sitewide focus on albums rather than singles. I'm glad the site redesign has made it possible to share more amazing videos from great talent like Levar Allen on this site.

Listen to Spark Mandrill Stage from Mega Man X by Ultimate D-pad

Out of this world metal cover of the Spark Mandrill stage from Mega Man X. This was one of my favorite games back in the SNES days and the music pumps through my veins to this day! 

Get pumped and bang your head to this monstrous metal track.

Street Fighter II Tournament and Retro Gaming Meet Up 8/10 in Los Angeles

It's time for another Retrobits LA tournament! Are you ready to pit your skills in one on one fist fights?

Visit Rose City Pizza in Rosemead, California on Sunday, August 10th to play and compete in

the original fighting game, Street Fighter II by Capcom.

Street Fighter II Tournament info available on our event page or the facebook event page.

Not trying to become the world's strongest warrior? Join us anyway to...

  • Buy/Sell/Trade video games
  • Play vintage video games on freeplay TVs
  • Play 3DS multiplayer & collect StreetPass tags
  • Eat fantastic pizza and drink delicious craft beers from Rose City Pizza

See you at Rose City Pizza Sunday, August 10th, from 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM!

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Spread the word! Use hashtag: #retrobitsLA

Weezer + Mega Man = The Teal Album by Ramyn King

Front artwork

Pterodactyl Squad continue a summer of awesome released with Ramyn King's The Teal Album.

It's been five summers since Pterodactyl Squad released Weezer - The 8-bit Album, a landmark chiptune tribute. Now it's time for the Squad to pay tribute to the same band once again, this time with an outstanding seven-track EP from Ramyn King. Fusing the musical and lyrical stylings of old-school Weezer with melodies from the Mega Man series, The Teal Album is truly something special - 50% Weezer, 50% Mega Man, 100% rad.

Support: Kickstarter fundraiser for Shinshu In Bloom: An Okami Remix Album

On the official Kickstarter page, Citron says, "It's awe-inspiring how well done and immersive [the Okami soundtrack] is. I want to, potentially, bring this amazing soundtrack to someone who wouldn't have heard it otherwise."San Francisco based musician Zachary Citron, AKA Zencha, is looking for supporters to help fund production of a fan made, jazz-hop remix album of music from the game Okami. Shinshu In Bloom, Zencha says, will be 14 tracks from the Capcom game Okami, rearranged in the style of "underground/Jazzy hip-hop."


Perks for donating to the project include pressed copies of the album, and higher donor tiers can look forward to limited edition artwork and posters.

As a fan of a variety of beautiful but incredibly niche games such as Okami, I have felt first hand the fervor and passion with which fans cling to such once in a lifetime experiences. Perhaps this is why less popular titles always seem to be a haven for the more experimental musicians out there. This fusion of jazz music and hip hop beats all in tribute to Okami may be a perfect complement to a game with a small but diverse crowd of fans.

The Shinshu In Bloom: An Okami Remix Album project will be funded if at least $1,500 is pledged by Sep 5. Enjoy two preview tracks from Shinshu In Bloom below.

Monster Hunter 3 Tri Original Soundtrack giveaway

For those of you who missed it, we recently reviewed the Monster Hunters 3(Tri) Original Soundtrack from Capcom and Sumthing Else Music Works. Well we are now giving away the copy of MH3(Tri) I received for review. This two disc album has over two hours of orchestrated sounds from the world of Monster Hunter 3, composed by Yuko Komiyama, Tadayoshi Makino, Masahiro Aoki, and Akiyuki Morimoto. Be sure to read our review for a more in depth look at the album, or check out the album yourself over at The official page at Sumthing Else Music Works.

There are three ways to enter this giveaway.

  1. Leave a comment on this post letting us know what your favorite Capcom video game soundtrack is.
  2. Follow GM4A on twitter at @genoboost and tweet at me, telling me about your favorite game soundtrack by Capcom. You MUST be following us on twitter as well to be eligible this way.
  3. Finally, you can like us over at and leave a comment on our facebook wall telling us all about your favorite Capcom soundtrack. You MUST like us on facebook to be eligible this way.

From all these entries, we will select one person to receive the prize of a copy of the Monster Hunters 3(Tri) Original Soundtrack. You can enter all three methods once per day. The contest will conclude on Saturday, October 9th, 2010. Winners will be contacted via Twitter, Email, or Facebook after the contest ends. Winners must respond by one week after being contacted or the prize will be forfeited and a new winner chosen.

Also note, if you leave a comment here, please be sure to enter an email address which you check regularly!

Now good luck and get commenting!

Project Dolphin - Silvergun EP release

Project Dolphin - Silvergun EP
Project Dolphin - Silvergun EP

I recently ran across an impressive UK based band by the name of Project Dolphin. They have recently released an album of original, but clearly VG influenced jazz rock. Their debut EP, Silvergun, is four tracks of spacey jazz fusion that brings back memories of classic music from Konami and Capcom, but with some impressive live instruments and skill.

The album is available on their bandcamp as both streaming, or to download for the small price of ₤3. This band was definitely a surprise to run across, and I am glad I did, since they are making some catchy tunes!

Monster Hunter 3 Tri Original Soundtrack review

The sun shines overhead, you take a deep breath and prepare yourself for another peaceful day of farming, sheep herding, and various other simple daily tasks. Suddenly, the sun turns to shade, and overhead you see the endless trail of wings darkening the sky as a monstrous scaled beast soars effortlessly across the sky. This is the world of Monster Hunter. Then there is the music that echoes behind you as these monsters streak across the sky, stalk the land, and periodically lurch out from the ocean's depths.

More specifically, we are listening to the recently released soundtrack of Monster Hunter 3 Tri. I assume many are familiar with the beast fighting, resource gathering world of Monster Hunter, and this newest iteration, which was released on the Wii earlier this year. The album, obviously enough called Monster Hunter 3 Tri Original Soundtrack was recently released in the US from Capcom and Sumthing Else Music Works. The music itself is best described as a worldly orchestral style symphony. Composed by Yukko Miyama and Tadayo Shimakin, with a handful of additional arrangements by Akiyuki Morimoto, and Masahiro Aoki. It has all the normal trappings of symphonic albums, alongside intriguing rural instrumentation. In many songs you will hear from simple flutes and heavy percussion, as well as acoustic guitars, xylophones, and more. The album certainly sets itself apart from many western soundtracks with it's leanings towards more playful moods, as well as the clear influences from the music of several cultures.

The album kicks off with the over the top opening theme. Monster Hunter 3(Tri) softly begins, swelling into an adventurous fanfare surrounded by heavy percussion and snappy horns. The production value and adventurous nature set up the rest of the album well, as we travel through the fields, oceans, and mountains of the game. Each track evokes the moods and themes very well. Songs like Village to the Sea, Moga, bring a serene, small ocean town feel to them with the soft strums and sweeps of the instruments. We also hear the tense movements of monster hunting in Usurper of the Deserted Island / GreatJaggi with it's rushed violins and suffocatingly quick notes which can easily get your heart rate going with a short listen. I like to point out this track as well, because I am quite a fan of the way the strings swirl around each other in this piece.

There are also more playful and upbeat arrangements, such as The Sprouting Farm, that creates a carefree festival mood in it's bouncing wind instruments and gentle rhythms. Some tracks, such as the short jingle, Well Cooked~3(Tri)Version, are so playful as to be a bit absurd, as is the case with several of the short jingles that are spaced through out the album. For a soundtrack with 52 songs to it's name, it was surprising to see the amazing length to many of the tracks. As mentioned before the album is two discs. It spans a little north of two hours worth of music as well.

The first disc comes to a close with the eclectic sounds of Everlasting Words, the only track with singing on this collection. From there we move into the rousing track To One With Life, an upswell of music creates an enlivening song that really drives home the idea outlined in the notes. The ecosystem, and the interconnectedness of life. The themes and music of this soundtrack revolve around that idea, and it is certainly something to keep in mind as you listen through the main pieces of the album.

Disc two starts out in a far more subdued manner with the rhythmic but simple pulse of The Great Desert Post, Loc Lac. We hear more soothing town like themes across the beginning of the second disc in this manner. It really sets a great variety between the discs, as if one was for monster hunting, and this second disc is for the relaxing nights safely walking about town. Disc two really stands out when it reaches the samba flair of Cazador Del Monstruo, a catchy track filled with a very distinct style on the album, and a pleasant surprise to hear.

On the whole the second disc has a lot more fun, laid back themes, with titles like Even Hunters Want to Dance, and A Moment of Rest, you can imagine the soothing melodies you'll hear. Although this disc is the calmer of the two, it still ends with two raucous ending tracks. Triumphant Song is a flowing parade of music, gently weaving and ducking along. Testamanet of a Hero/3(Tri)Version brings the soundtrack to it's grand finale, and does it with all the pomp it ought to finish it with. The piece thunderously builds and soars, offering a reprise to the game, and album's opening theme. The song builds to an abrupt but satisfying end. We are at a close.

Monster Hunters 3(Tri) hosts a ton of music, well orchestrated and easy to listen to. The album is quite diverse in influences which is a breath of fresh air compared to games who tend to focus on one style throughout an entire soundtrack. The two discs are also arranged in an interesting way, so that they each have their own musical vibe to them, with the first disc having more of the triumphant main themes, while the second disc, as mentioned, lies back with more eclectic and relaxed orchestrations. I think the album is well worth a listen for fans of orchestral music, and the Monster Hunters series. I, being the former, and not the latter, enjoyed the album quite a bit myself from that perspective.

If you order a physical copy of the album, you'll be presented with some nice casing. The back and inserts are worn brown, like an ancient artifact, and helps evoke the mood of ancient monster hunting. Unfortunately the cover doesn't follow the same aesthetic, and has an okay, but clashing blue cover which I would have enjoyed in more of the faded cave painting style of the rest of the art. The CD also comes with a short piece of liner notes from the composers and creators of the game, which is a very nice addition. I also want to add that the bright pink CD art stands out nicely against the neutral browns of the inlay as well, and would definitely make an awesome Monster Hunters shirt if Capcom is listening.

The album is available to purchase as both a physical CD as well as a digital download over at the Monster Hunter 3 Tri Original Soundtrack page at Sumthing Distribution.

Note: This album was sent to GM4A from Sumthing Digital as a free review copy.

Marvel VS Capcom 2 Mix Tape release

After a lengthy wait since the first leak of the album, we are finally graced with the highly anticipated release of Marvel VS Capcom 2 Mix Tape. Free to download online and via PSN, the album includes ten all new tracks from some of underground hip hop's finest. A particularly amazing track is from nerdcore hip hop star Random AKA Mega Ran. The Remainder is One is that track and features Blaze Rock and Storyville. The song is laid over a catchy jazz beat and is the perfect song to get pumped up for some epic clashes in MVC2. The rest of the songs are no slouches either, and a full listen through of the albums is definitely recommended, and needless to say these tracks make some great music to enjoy during your own fighting game tournaments.

Check out the tracklisting below.
1. "Super Heroes" by Planet Asia and DJ Toure
2. "Number One" by Havoc and Nyce
3. "Terrorize" by Raekwon and Oh No
4. "The Remainder is One" by Random, Blaze Rock and Storyville
5. "Reinforcements" by DJ Qbert
6. "Take U 4 A Ryde" by Talib Kweli and Oh No
7. "Battle Drum" by Hieroglyphics
8. "Fight the Good Fight" by The Grouch and Eligh
9. "They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To" by E40 and Droopy
10. "Power Up" by MC Supernatural

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Mix Tape upcoming release and music video

The ever fan loving company, Capcom, announced work on a Marvel VS Capcom 2 hip hop mixtape to be included with the games release on Xbox Live and PSN later this year. They have recently released the first track as a music video to promote the mixtape. The music video is Fight the Good Fight by The Grouch and Eligh. Along with this amazing underground duo, other bands on the mixtape will include Talib Kweli, Raekwon, Hieroglyphics, E40, DJ Qbert, Planet Asia, MC Supernatural, Havoc from Mobb Deep, Oh No, DJ Toure and last but not least, our good pal Random AKA Mega Ran. Word has it that there will also be some giveaways of a fancy limited edition vinyl copy of the mixtape being given away at Capcom's Comic-Con booth this weekend. Anyway this definitely looks like it should be one impressive collection of music. Now watch below for the new music video and enjoy!