WreckFest, a hip hop tribute to con culture by Wreck the System


Wreckfest, the latest from hip hop group Wreck the System, has quickly grown on me. Wreck the System have really brought it for this full album tribute to con culture. I've been to a con or two in my life. I've also got bad social anxiety so that's all the cons I've been to in my life. That's why I'm a fan of the track Culture Shock. Look for me to be bumping more of these tunes over on the SUBCON podcast as well.

Have the Ultimate Con Experience!

WreckFest is the first concept album of its kind. A track-by-track story of life at a convention, from the Arcade Room to the Hotel Parties and more. This music, inspired by geek culture, is more than just an album; it’s an experience!

Wreck The System is comprised of Osiris Green, Twill Distilled, LadyJ, and Cam3
— Wreck the System