Chopped up, hip hop tribute to games, anime, and more by Chief Takinawa in Hannya The 2nd: Blossoms

Chopped up, hip hop tribute to games, anime, and more by Chief Takinawa in Hannya The 2nd: Blossoms

Another wonderful album of chopped, flipped, and remixed beats via DJ Chief Takinawa. I've been following this guy for a few years now and have found constant enjoyment with his tunes. These tracks would feel right at home in a cel shaded bullet hell game. Really digging this album. I would have included the dope Gorillaz remix REPAIRS on the SUBCON podcast, but don't want to get hit with another blocked video on YouTube. You better give it a listen right now though. Track 5 yo.

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Death Note$, Anime inspired hip hop from Spiegz X Lyon

Death Note$, Anime inspired hip hop from Spiegz X Lyon

I bumped tracks from this album over on the SUBCON podcast a few times, but somehow I never featured the album itself. This album gots plenty of quality tracks. Particularly, I bumped Top Notch and Shinji over on the SUBCON show. Both got stuck in my head for a good while. Other current favorites are the early tracks El Niño and Snowblind. Hot stuff. Can't wait to hear what's next.

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A collection of animation inspired hip hop and more in Nerdcore Absolution Volume 3

Geek E. Inc brings us 10 tracks from a dozen hip hop artists, all in tribute to classic animated shows like Dragon Ball Z, Hey, Arnold, Reboot, and more. This compilation features some talented emcees such as Tekforce, Shubzilla, Ultraklystron and many more. Grab the full, ten track collection for $9, and grab the bonus deluxe songs while you are there too. 

Nerdcore Absolution Volume 3 is the 3rd album in a series of Nerdcore Hip Hop albums. First track debuts May 3rd. Get ready for the best songs you’ve heard. Artists on the album include TekForce, Ish1da, Kadesh Flow, SkyBlew, Shubzilla, Aramis, Wreck The System, Ultraklystron, and Eye Q. Get your copy today.
— Geek E. Inc Productions

Listen to Trigun inspired hip hop track Planet Gunsmoke ft. Toad the Newsense by An Hobbes

The anime inspired bonus cut from 2012 hip hop space opera Diaries of a Space Cadet by An Hobbes. I'm a big fan of Trigun, and this track inspired by it.

Listen to J. Cole X Frieza hip hop anime mashup by TKRMX

RIP TKRMX, Been a fan of his stuff since long after he quit, and all that is left is a trail of abandoned social media accounts like walking through some sort of mashup ghost town. This is a personal favorite, mashing up J. Cole with the music and sounds of anime classic Dragon Ball Z.

SublimeCloud drops futuristic hip hop beats in the new 'Delusions of Grandeur EP'

An engrossing collection of chill hip hop beats inspired by the sights and sounds of anime, video games, and various other things that one may describe as 'kawaii' 

I definitely have to keep this album in my pocket as part of my heatwave emergency kit. The nourishing chillwave beats from SublimeCloud are the perfect respite to the constant yet unusual heatwaves that infect my home city at any given moment. 

Despite the consistent soothing nature of the album, Delusions of Grandeur holds quite a bit of variety. Opening track, "Numinous Travels," sounds somewhere between a slow dance ballad and a race track. "Sunsets With You" veers more traditionally with winding vocal samples and a mix of traditional sounds and future beats.

The final track, "See You Tomorrow," Everyone, is as grandiose as the EPs title implies. Soaring vocals, a deep bassline, and the constant smattering of samples and riffs keep the four minute song interesting right on through to the end of the album. I'd be glad to hear this track at the conclusion of any harrowing journey.

Kirokito drops 'Vintage,' album of anime inspired hip hop

Anime rap. 

No, anime isn't video games, but if you are foolish or blind enough not to see the overlap, then you'll just have to deal with it as you get down to Kirokito's debut album Vintage.

This truly means a lot to me as I put so much effort into this EP so that everyone can vibe out and enjoy it.

And a big thank you to every producer who took part of this , it really means a lot to me !
— Kirokito

Anime club music from 2 Mello in new album Moe Money Moe Problems

Check Rap Genius for the subbed version

Don't front like you aren't watching anime when you roll that blunt.

I've been anticipating this one since Mello dropped that GGx50 mashup a few weeks back. 2 Mello has made it a career of hitting me right in that perfect musical sweet spot, especially after the most recent anime binge I went on. This concept could be it's own trilogy, though only Mello knows where he could take this idea from here. 

On the, what, third play through as I write this, the stand out tracks are Lil Jon vs Persona 3 and epic closing mashup of Ciara ft. Missy Elliott vs 2PM.

This whole album feels like the fifth flavor of pop music. 

This album is free, but please donate to my Paypal thru: to help the good times keep rolling.
Where all my moe-moe gangstaz and my anime forum moderators at, man? This is Moe Money Moe Problems, the hottest blend of Asian pop and hip-hop to ever stumble into creation. This ridiculous remix collection is meant for those times when you need a burst of energy. You know that moment when you’re about to leave but your song comes on and you KNOW you have to stay? Every one of these tracks wants to create that moment. So press play, and enjoy some honestly good music made under a VERY silly premise.
— 2 Mello

Debut of PEACHMIX 001: GRIMECRAFT video game and anime inspired beats and remixes


Check out the first of at least two Peachmix albums, and perhaps hundreds judging by the file name of PEACHMIX001: GRIMECRAFT. This one comes our way via one member of Peachboiz, Grimecraft. It's tough for me to explain this album, as I haven't written about something much like this before. One part chiptunes, another part anime, with an injection of pop and hip hop and we end up with a stellar tour of one man's love of art, media, and music.

It's clear Grimecraft should star in his very own harem anime. Although, this is merely the first of the series, and if the Peachboiz soundcloud is anything to go by, there will be quite a few challengers for the mighty Grimecraft to contend with.