Cooshinator drops 45 minutes of intense Game Boy based chiptune with 'Your Eyes That Once Were Never Weary Of Mine'


The latest out of Pteradactyl Squad is a full length single track mix by Cooshinator. As far as I know, it's the first album of it's kind on Pte Squad, but it fits right in. As I began listening to the album I wanted to label this a chiptune rave dance mix, but as the album moves forward, it becomes increasingly more difficult to label this track as anything other than the 'LSDj trip" Pte Squad describes it as. 

If you enjoy intense, bass rattling soundscapes and instrumental adventures, and I know I do, then check out this album.

Your Eyes That Once Were Never Weary Of Mine is a 47-minute LSDj trip, an expansive, experimental journey through the flashing, pulsing circuits of two Game Boys. It’s a power struggle between harder/dance-able sections that convey some sort of urgency and frustration, and calmer sections that transmit a sense of melancholy and desire for transcendence. Are you ready? Then let’s begin.
— Pteradactyl Squad