Cooshinator drops 45 minutes of intense Game Boy based chiptune with 'Your Eyes That Once Were Never Weary Of Mine'


The latest out of Pteradactyl Squad is a full length single track mix by Cooshinator. As far as I know, it's the first album of it's kind on Pte Squad, but it fits right in. As I began listening to the album I wanted to label this a chiptune rave dance mix, but as the album moves forward, it becomes increasingly more difficult to label this track as anything other than the 'LSDj trip" Pte Squad describes it as. 

If you enjoy intense, bass rattling soundscapes and instrumental adventures, and I know I do, then check out this album.

Your Eyes That Once Were Never Weary Of Mine is a 47-minute LSDj trip, an expansive, experimental journey through the flashing, pulsing circuits of two Game Boys. It’s a power struggle between harder/dance-able sections that convey some sort of urgency and frustration, and calmer sections that transmit a sense of melancholy and desire for transcendence. Are you ready? Then let’s begin.
— Pteradactyl Squad

JANKENPOPP's new chiptune album Teh Art Of Party Trolling available now

Party glitch music

The album isn't available to stream in full apparently (wack) but the album is free to download (cool!) You can get acquainted with The Art of Party Trolling with the opening track, "Teh Lulz"

I started with Game Boy music around 2007, at this time there was no smartphones, tablets or whatever and Game Boy was (and I think still is) the ultimate pocket music tool for party trolling. Back in the days I was squatting around Easter Europe and parting mostly every night. My favourite game was to try to play at every party I would go, so I used to ask every Dj I met: “Hey bro can I play some super Mario music after your track? Pleeeeease!”
The nostalgic guy usually said yes before to realize I was actually trolling ultra-happy-rave-core-music into the speakers, driving people instantly nut and party rocking next level for 1 or 2 tracks before somebody kicked me out LOL. Long story short, this is my first Game Boy album, did it for Teh Lulz & hope you enjoy it!

Tracks composed by Jankenpopp on LSDJ between 2010 and 2015. Performed live through a Kaosspad and a midas vintage console on 12th February 2015.
— Lowtoy Netlabel

LSDJ remix by Or4 of classic Ducktales theme The Moon

Retro dance party...on the moon!

Hey there! This time is about Ducktales and about the level with the best soundtrack.

I like this tune, it’s simple and catchy, I simply love it.

I made it with LSDJ on a Prosound modded DMG-01 Gameboy.
I recorded it with Audacity on a 2009 Macbook Pro.

No compression, no effects, no equalization, just a -1db normalization.

Dance it. Now.

The Quest for a USB Programmable Cartridge!

That is precisely the quest Jose Torres, AKA BleepBloop, Creator and Administrator for 8bitcollective is on. BleepBloop quickly explains himself and his plans as follows.

"So I guess I should tell you guys a little about myself before we get started. I'm entering my third year this fall in the electrical engineering program at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. Ever since I learned about gameboy music, overpriced LSDJ cartridges, Nullsleep and reigner ziegler. I've been on a mission to build a cartridge that is affordable and easy to use."

He goes on to explain what he's been working on, some examples and pictures, and some more technical things. If you want to check out his ongoing work, head over to the thread at 8bc, and if you are a musician looking for an affordable LSDJ solution, consider sending a small donation his way as well.