Celebrate another year of the Game Boy with Shiryu's Game Boy Memoria XXV

Saying the Game Boy had a huge influence in my upbringing is an understatement. Beside the old Donkey Kong Game &Watch, the Game Boy was my very first Nintendo console and introduced me to such classic Nintendo franchises as the Mario series. It was for the first time in gaming history a portable video game system with an impressive library of both first and third party titles. As usual it took a bit longer for the Game Boy to be release in Europe and even more so in my home country, but better late than never. Even folks that got the colour SEGA Game Gear instead of Nintendo’s four shades of grey brick eventually could not deny the facts: the Game Boy was and is a stunning piece of hardware. What took me by surprise was the quality of the music of it’s games, often rivalling the music I was used to from the mighty Commodore Amiga. This album is a celebration of the console’s 25th anniversary. 1989 looks so far away now, but I still hold fond memories of reading about the Game Boy and wanting one. And when the day came I was not disappointed: Tetris, Solar Striker and Super Mario Land. My very first three games that made all the difference when I had to travel by bus or wait in the doctor’s office. It’s not something easy to comprehend nowadays because almost all of us carry with us powerful personal computers disguised as cellphones everywhere, and video games are now easily accessible a bit everywhere, but the Game Boy is where all of that began and this is my due tribute. Hope these twenty electronic covers of twenty of my personal favourite games bring you back wonderful memories. Thank you for existing, Nintendo! You always made my life much more tolerable. Enjoy the album! In memory of Gunpei Yokoi. Janitor, Handyman, Genius Designer.

released 12 September 2014
— Shiryu