Crime fighting chiptune soundtrack Hot Dog City 2: The Rise of Mustardo by NESMETAL

This time NESMETAL takes it to the streets. Mustardo threatens the city, and justice must be served! Sit back and imagine the many trials, bosses, and hidden paths that lie ahead of our protagonists while listening to an eclectic mix of upbeat, crime fighting chiptune sounds.


”I’ve always loved Yuzo Koshiro’s work on the Streets of Rage series (as well as the games themselves) and thought it would be fun to make my own soundtrack for a scrolling beat ‘em up.

So 10 years after Franklyn journeyed to Hot Dog City, I decided to throw him and his two friends, Reddy and Eggret into a city-wide brawl in an effort to stop Mayor Helmen (who is really the diabolical Mustardo) from destroying their beloved city.”

Disc 2 coming soon...
— PteSquad