Game Boy based, Earthbound inspired chiptune album, The Sky Runner EP, by Pulsing


All new chiptunes from Pulsing and via Pterodactyl Squad. We've got a seven track collection of Game Boy compositions, inspired by a variety of genres, along with memories of Earthbound. That is a whole bunch of things I enjoy, and I enjoy this album too!

In 1991, at the age of 3, Alex received his first Game Boy as a gift to keep him busy on the plane ride to see his brother. Today, 26 years later, he uses that very same DMG and three others to create Pulsing.

From Cedar Falls, Iowa, Pulsing delivers energetic 8-bit chiptune, pulling influences from EDM and punk rock to craft tight melodies and heavy bass grooves. But in the end, Pulsing is about having fun and keeping that smile on your face.

Artwork by Stefanie Cook
— Pterodactyl Squad