Game Boy based, Earthbound inspired chiptune album, The Sky Runner EP, by Pulsing

Game Boy based, Earthbound inspired chiptune album, The Sky Runner EP, by Pulsing

All new chiptunes from Pulsing and via Pterodactyl Squad. We've got a seven track collection of Game Boy compositions, inspired by a variety of genres, along with memories of Earthbound. That is a whole bunch of things I enjoy, and I enjoy this album too!

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Comptroller & arcadecoma release chiptune split 'You Play A Good Game Boy'

This is like the peanut butter and jelly of chiptunes right here. That crunchy grind of Comptroller and the soothing Game Boy of arcadecoma play off one another in this amazing two track split single.

In celebration of the release of ‘Phantasm: Ravager’, longtime phans Comptroller & arcadecoma offer this chiptune tribute to the music of the film series. Both tracks were created with Nintendo Game Boys, for added dialogue reference fun.

Please note, this is a free release purely made as a fan tribute, and all compositions remain the property of the relevant parties. We have no desire to incur the wrath of The Tall Man.

Listen to Voodoo Lion's haunting hip hop remix of Pokemon's Lavender Town theme

Short but haunting hip hop remix of the melancholy music of Lavender Town from the original Pokemon games for the Nintendo Game Boy. Voodoo Lion lays it down ice cold in the most disturbing way possible. 

Cooshinator drops 45 minutes of intense Game Boy based chiptune with 'Your Eyes That Once Were Never Weary Of Mine'


The latest out of Pteradactyl Squad is a full length single track mix by Cooshinator. As far as I know, it's the first album of it's kind on Pte Squad, but it fits right in. As I began listening to the album I wanted to label this a chiptune rave dance mix, but as the album moves forward, it becomes increasingly more difficult to label this track as anything other than the 'LSDj trip" Pte Squad describes it as. 

If you enjoy intense, bass rattling soundscapes and instrumental adventures, and I know I do, then check out this album.

Your Eyes That Once Were Never Weary Of Mine is a 47-minute LSDj trip, an expansive, experimental journey through the flashing, pulsing circuits of two Game Boys. It’s a power struggle between harder/dance-able sections that convey some sort of urgency and frustration, and calmer sections that transmit a sense of melancholy and desire for transcendence. Are you ready? Then let’s begin.
— Pteradactyl Squad

Pokerus performs music from Pokémon Gold & Silver in dedication to Satoru Iwata

A mas o menos una semana de su partida, aún no asimilo bien el hecho de que Satoru Iwata ya no esté entre nosotros. Siempre recordaré con mucho cariño ese carisma con el que salía a relucir en cada Nintendo Direct, y por supuesto todo lo que hizo por clásicos de la compañía. Iwata fue un heroe anónimo del mundo de los videojuegos.

Muchos de nosotros sabemos varias de las proezas que realizó para juegos como Kirby, Earthbound, Super Smash Bros Melee y otros títulos en cuanto a sus habilidades de programación que eran fuera de serie. Pero si hay algo que le voy a agradecer toda la vida, es el esfuerzo que puso en Pokémon Gold & Silver. Siendo mis juegos favoritos de toda la vida por el hecho de recorrer tanto Johto como Kanto libremente, es todo gracias a que el pudo hacer calzar tanta data en un cartucho de Game Boy Color. Básicamente si no fuese por Satoru Iwata, Gold & Silver no hubiese sido un juego tan maravilloso y quizá la franquicia de mis amores no habría tenido el mismo impacto que tiene el día de hoy.

Por lo mismo, pienso que la mejor manera que tengo para honrar su memoria es tributandolo con este track, que marca el inicio de tu primer paso por la región de Kanto en los juegos. Apenas escuchas esta melodía, sabes inmediatamente que estás a punto de emprender un nuevo viaje, que vas a aventurarte a recorrer nuevos horizontes. Y me gusta la idea de recordar a Satoru Iwata partiendo a un nuevo viaje con esta canción de fondo.

Gracias por tanto, buen hombre!

El simpático arte de Iwata es de mi amiga Mikoto:
— Pokerus

Travis Morgan releases genre-bending metal tribute to Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge

The forgotten CVII

An hour long genre-bending aural journey covering the entire soundtrack to Castlevania: Belmont’s Revenge.
— Travis Morgan

Celebrate another year of the Game Boy with Shiryu's Game Boy Memoria XXV

Saying the Game Boy had a huge influence in my upbringing is an understatement. Beside the old Donkey Kong Game &Watch, the Game Boy was my very first Nintendo console and introduced me to such classic Nintendo franchises as the Mario series. It was for the first time in gaming history a portable video game system with an impressive library of both first and third party titles. As usual it took a bit longer for the Game Boy to be release in Europe and even more so in my home country, but better late than never. Even folks that got the colour SEGA Game Gear instead of Nintendo’s four shades of grey brick eventually could not deny the facts: the Game Boy was and is a stunning piece of hardware. What took me by surprise was the quality of the music of it’s games, often rivalling the music I was used to from the mighty Commodore Amiga. This album is a celebration of the console’s 25th anniversary. 1989 looks so far away now, but I still hold fond memories of reading about the Game Boy and wanting one. And when the day came I was not disappointed: Tetris, Solar Striker and Super Mario Land. My very first three games that made all the difference when I had to travel by bus or wait in the doctor’s office. It’s not something easy to comprehend nowadays because almost all of us carry with us powerful personal computers disguised as cellphones everywhere, and video games are now easily accessible a bit everywhere, but the Game Boy is where all of that began and this is my due tribute. Hope these twenty electronic covers of twenty of my personal favourite games bring you back wonderful memories. Thank you for existing, Nintendo! You always made my life much more tolerable. Enjoy the album! In memory of Gunpei Yokoi. Janitor, Handyman, Genius Designer.

released 12 September 2014
— Shiryu

Top 25 Greatest 8-bit Castlevania Songs of All Time, as judged by 'AccordingToSCIENCE'

Please note: This is a fan video only; we do not claim ownership of content, nor do we collect any ad revenue. This video is a product of love for Castlevania.

We're going back to our roots with the best 8-bit Castlevania songs - check it out!
Our same old rule applies: melodies can only be featured once.

Top 25: 1:03
Top 20: 8:39
Top 15: 17:18
Top 10: 24:12
Top 5: 33:12
Stats: 43:48

The Castlevania series has been heralded for its music since its first appearance on the NES. These games helped redefine what was possible for 8-bit music composition, giving players exquisite melodies which evoked feelings of adventure, mystery, and fear. Every Castlevania game since these beginnings has featured a incredible soundtrack, but while games like Symphony of the Night and Lords of Shadow are quite musically impressive, we here at According to Science wanted to give a special shoutout to the era that started it all. That's right - for this list we focused solely on Castlevania installments which appeared on the NES and Gameboy systems. This resulted in a smaller pool of songs than we're used to, but we're confident that longtime fans and newcomers alike will discover some new favorites.

Birabuto Kingdom (Super Mario Land) performance by Ace Waters


Lay your eyes on this fantastic remix of the most memorable music from Game Boy classic Super Mario Land. The Super Mario Land series was very strange compared to the console Super Mario platformers, and I wish they would bring that back in newer iterations for the 3DS.

At least let Mario continue to rescue Daisy in the handheld games. Daisy never gets kidnapped anymore, it can't be good for her self esteem.


This is my first official request song. Have a song you want me to cover? Let me know in the comments. I keep track of those things. Maybe I will do it in the future!

LSDJ remix by Or4 of classic Ducktales theme The Moon

Retro dance party...on the moon!

Hey there! This time is about Ducktales and about the level with the best soundtrack.

I like this tune, it’s simple and catchy, I simply love it.

I made it with LSDJ on a Prosound modded DMG-01 Gameboy.
I recorded it with Audacity on a 2009 Macbook Pro.

No compression, no effects, no equalization, just a -1db normalization.

Dance it. Now.

Legacy: Game Boy 25th Anniversary from OC ReMix available now for free download


The surprisingly unstreamable, but who cares because it is free anyways and assuredly awesome new album from OverClocked ReMix is available now. Legacy: Game Boy 25th Anniversary is an album length album of tributes to classic and niche tracks from the original DMG-001. 

It's a heartbreaker that Super Mario Land 2, arguably one of the best Super Mario platformers ever, was not in on the festivities. There are a ton of other classics though, such as the original Super Mario Land, Pokemon, and Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

Build your own DIY Game Boy!

Team Adafruit Raspberry Pi Gameboy

Team Adafruit Raspberry Pi Gameboy

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of that classic gaming device by building your own with 3D printing and DIY electronics from adafruit.

The 3D printed enclosure will house all the components and you can print it in your favorite color.

Find out how to assemble and program this project by checking out the guide on the adafruit learning system.

- via Adafruit Industries

MeowMeow & BowWow a Link's Awakening tribute


The immense musical might of Spamtron and Dj CUTMAN have recombined in their new album MeowMeow & BowWow. In their latest album, the duo pays tribute to the classic Game Boy title The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening. This classic handheld game is the fourth installment of the long running Nintendo series, and has recently celebrated it's 20th anniversary just this past month.

Dj CUTMAN and Spamtron drop some feverishly catchy remixes that will get your mind all set for adventure. Bump this in the club and people will start dropping rupees.

Introducing game music contributor paxl13

nametag My name is Xavier LaRue and I would like to introduce myself. I'm a 28-year-old male programmer that hopes to share with you guys my love for music. I'm going to help genoboost write articles about music I love as well as many other subjects.

When I was young, I used to play a lot of video games on multiple platforms. I had an NES, a Game Boy, and games such as Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Chrono Trigger. The music in those games left their mark on me.

When I got around to listening to the intro song from the album Roots by Danimal Cannon, I literally fell in love within seconds. That was my chiptunes awakening shall I say. I couldn't believe that this was done using a single Game Boy and was totally impressed.


Danimal's first album is absolutely phenomenal, but I'm digressing already. After this discovery, I started hunting the web for more of that chip goodness and found Joshua Morse's first Waveform album which has become one of my favorite albums of all time.


Later on, I bought the first Indie Game Music Bundle and that was my VGM re-awakening. Since then, I've been listening almost exclusively to VGM and VGM related music.

My interest in music is pretty diverse, I enjoy pretty much everything related to VGM. To name a couple of things I absolutely love:

In conclusion, I'll try, through my words, to make you guys feel the passion I have for game music and help you discover more VGM.

Cheers, Xavier "paxl13" LaRue