Here Comes a New Challenger compilation announcement!

So you know about our Super Mario RPG compilation known as Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch! but DID YOU KNOW we are also coming out with another compilation very very soon!?

That's right, that compilation is titled Here Comes a New Challenger. First I'll hit you with some teaser art from the amazing Doctor Octoroc.

Now that the art has sufficiently blown your mind, let me explain further. This compilation was created to open up different sections of video game inspired music to more folks. We have musicians, producers, singers, rappers, DJ’s, and more all collaborating together for their love of video games and music! All the songs on here are collaborations between different musicians! This album has been a long time in the making, and all the bands are trying something new by working with these different individuals, so this should be a really amazing compilation to hear! We have some great and unheard of collaborations going down for this compilation! Groups like the above mentioned Dual Core VS Videogame Orchestra, Random VS Doctor Octoroc, Elfonso VS CasioKid and way way more!

If that's not enough, you can even listen to a preview teaser for the compilation!