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This week we got amazing artwork by lerms, music by ThePlasmas, The Flight Away, and Yasunori Mitsuda. We also have quips from Illgill in our tweet of the week. Remember to participate and follow us on your choice of social media. In a few weeks, we also hope to start doing community contests and giveaways for some small but not insignificant video game and music prizes. Now on to the tops of everything over the past week!

Art of the week (via Tumblr)

It never ends by ~lerms

VGM response of the week (via Twitter)

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VGM Album of the week

The Flight Away uses Sega Genesis to create vibrant pop melodies in Sega Swing

Song of the week (via Tumblr)

Articles for the week

Composer of the week

Yasunori Mitsuda - VGMdb page (Listen to Time's Scar from Chrono Cross)

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Game Music 4 All Christmas Concert this Friday in Alhambra, CA 12/17/10

Just posting up a reminder that we are having our final concert of the year this Friday! Check out the full information through this link.

You can also purchase tickets at for $10. Tickets will be $15 at the door, so be sure to preorder!

Also tell us you are attending on facebook: facebook event page

Details: Friday, December 17th Doors Open 7PM $10 Presale Tickets $15 At the door

Gallery Nucleus 210 East Main St Alhambra CA 91801

GM4A Records presents - Beats of Rage debut self titled album

Comptroller - Challenge! Beats of Rage has seen the future, and robbed the past. All in an effort to destroy the present. As the head of their label I have received several transmissions from them along with their new album available to download here.

The official Beats of Rage release page

The first message contained the following,

"Beats of Rage have spent the last few months compiling and arranging noises spanning three decades of aggressive performance terror.

The work was not easy but the results are satisfying. Finally, a digital work has been produced that adequately summarises our activities and threats, and can be enjoyed on most circa-2010 audio devices. Please note, Quanta-3 content will not be accessable to the average listener until the proliferation of appropriate hardware in 2014."

This was followed by a subsequent missive, to tell the people of our time.

"This is it. The album is here and it is for you. Listen. You must do your best. Beats of Rage have done their work, and now it is up to you."

Pizza and Chips 4 chiptunes and nerdcore concert - Tomorrow 10/08 in Rosemead,CA

Just a reminder, Pizza and Chips 4, a free concert in the Los Angeles area, is happening tomorrow night! It is a free show of chiptunes and nerdcore, with tons of great performances! Full info on the flyer above, or through the event page.

A bit of bad news though, unfortunately Mr. Spastic has had to cancel his performance due to unforeseen circumstances, but taking his place is the amazing Jake 'virt' Kaufman! He has composed the music to Contra IV for DS, as well as the new game Shantae: Risky's Revenge (soundtrack available free) and tons more! Not to mention his brilliant chiptune music on his website Big Lion Music and his VG cover band The Smash Brothers. So be sure to check out his tunes before you see him rock the stage tomorrow night!

Also, many artists will have merch and we will be taking donations to help organize more chiptune events in the future, so be sure to bring a few bucks for some great merch and delicious hand tossed pizza!

Once again, full concert info can be found at the official event page or the Facebook event page. Concert begins at 5PM but feel free to come on in early to chat with artists or grab some pizza!

Now check out some footage below of Wizwars performing at Pizza and Chips 2 to get yourself in the mood for tomorrow!

Pizza and Chips 4: Chiptune and Nerdcore concert in Los Angeles 10/08/10

Come on out for an awesome free chiptune show in dedication of Rose City Pizza's one year anniversary in business! Not to mention a years worth of shows at this great venue! We will be having a fantastic Friday nights worth of nerdcore and chiptune music. Rose City will also be having some amazing pizza deals all day (which you can see below)!

Artists will include some amazing return performances by Wizwars, EvilWezil and more. We will also have some amazing new talent with WMX and the funky chiptune stylings of Mr. Spastic. With all these amazing acts it will definitely not be a night to miss. Be sure to get there soon as well, as space is limited.

And finally, GM4A will be taking donations at this event to organize even bigger and better shows, so bring some spare change to help these chiptune shows going in Los Angeles!

Help spread the word. Event page on Facebook Retweet event on Twitter

Friday, October 8 · 5:00pm - 9:00pm

Rose City Pizza 3588 Rosemead Blvd Rosemead CA. 91770 (In Rosemead Square Plaza)

Performances by awesome chiptune and nerdcore musicians:

Rose City Pizza will also be having some delicious deals as well!

  • 2 for $5 slices all day.
  • 14" specialty pizzas are $10

So come on out to this event on Friday, October 8th at Rose City Pizza in the Rosemead Square Plaza!

GM4A Records presents Vernian Process - The Cries of the Planet: An Orchestral Tribute to the music of Final Fantasy VII

Hot on the heels of the very well received release of Sonic Symphony (which you can download free over at the link on the right side) comes Vernian Process and his second release in the Retro Gaming Retrospective series. This time we move things up to the 32 Bit era with a tribute to the RPG defining epic Final Fantasy VII. This album is over 20 tracks of amazing Final Fantasy orchestrations, including several bonus tracks from other classic Final Fantasies. The album is available to downlod for free right now through...

The official The Cries of the Planet: An Orchestral Tribute to the music of Final Fantasy VII release page

From the soft melodies of Prelude, to the windswept Valley of the Fallen Star, and the intensity of J-E-N-O-V-A, the album boasts plenty of amazing arrangements. Even including a personal favorite in Terra's theme from Final Fantasy 6!

IWADON: Hiroyuki Iwatsuki Tribute compilation available for free download

After several months and a ton of plays, GM4A is proud to present the highly anticipated release of IWADON: Hiroyuki Iwatsuki Tribute via Bandcamp. Every note of this amazing compilation is available completely free, and in a variety of different formats for the audiophiles out there. This not only includes the 35 tracks included over at the official album site, but also several BRAND NEW songs exclusively for the album release by musicians such as Stephen Malcolm-Howell, Nate Trier, ilp0, and one of my personal favorite artists Temp Sound Solutions. So if you think you have heard it all, you are sorely mistaken.

So head on through to the IWADON bandcamp page and download the entire album right now! Also please spread the word about this amazing compilation, and remember to check out the amazing website with tons of liner notes and more at I also want to extend an incredible thanks to the dozens of artists, musicians, fans, and friends who have made this album possible.

4 Years of GM4A With Moldilox of Beep City

I am glad to present our final guest post commemorating 4 years of GM4A related nonsense. This time I would like to introduce Joseph Luster, better known as Moldilox, Mayor of Beep City and chiptune extraordinaire.

Like all good loaves of bread, I lazily missed the period you humans call "June," during which Geno and the other fine folks of Game Music 4 All (heretofore referred to as GM4A for the sake of brevity and awesome acronyms) were celebrating their fabulous anniversary. Oddly enough, I find my tardiness appropriate, and not just because it's convenient and unapologetic for me to say so. GM4A should be celebrating its anniversary every month of every year as far as I'm concerned, because you won't find a more friendly and open example of a community that, for the most part, is known for being friendly and open.

GM4A has not only been instrumental in exposing me to artists and releases I may have otherwise missed out on, but the lengths to which Geno goes to help promote artists—myself and everyone else associated with Beep City included—are consistently above and beyond the call of duty.

In the duration I've spent following the site, I've seen it grow from news and reviews with the occasional release to a full-blown label, almost slyly. I say that because there's no supposition on GM4A's behalf that one is above the other, or that they've risen beyond being a cool blog posting about cool music. In reality, they have, but they've done so in a way that marries the acts of reporter, label, and even live show promoter.

Beyond the many facets of GM4A, what strikes me most about this site is the contagious enthusiasm. Read one of Geno's reviews, for instance; seriously, just pick one at random and give it a gander. That's real love for the subject matter. I remember when Djinnocide and I first kicked off Beep City with the idea of posting music through a portal of fabricated game concepts, and Geno totally got it right off the bat. Better yet, he played along with the idea, running with his own imaginative tangents that made his write-ups a joy to read.

So yes, there is actual writing here, not just links and pasted press releases. On the flipside of the site's reporting, you have projects like Iwadon, the Hiroyuki Iwatsuki tribute. Talk about a beast of work, and yet it was a heavy workload GM4A followed through with thanks to mad community cooperativeness and, of course, lots of passion.

That's what GM4A is about to me. Sweaty, flesh-slapping Cinemax passion for music.

So here's to my brother from another mother, Genoboost. If you're just now exposing yourself to the ever-exciting world of chip music and other game-related audio treats, you've got your peepers pointed at the right website.

Thanks again to Moldilox, and Beep City, and all the awesome folks that reside there for the constant support and this fantastic write up. Be sure to keep up with them for tons of chiptune albums and singles!

4 Years of GM4A With Marcos G of Rhythmroo

Just like the recent post from Z., we once again have an amazing guest writer from this world of internet nerdery. I present The great Marcos G from rhythmroo. A fellow writer in arms against the oppressive forces of awful noise against good music. Anyway, before I start writing rhythmroo fanfiction, here is his guest article! Four years of Game Music 4 All! Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

Hi, I’m Marcos G. You may remember me from such Blogs as Blog Blogity Bloooog and Blog Blogity Bloooog 2: Return of The Blog Blogity Blogger. I’ve been following Mr. Genoboost now for around 2 years on Game Music 4 All. It was all thanks to my persistent video game music band searching on myspace that lead me to the eventual discovery of the Mr. Mosquito Green-Colored Blog. I thought nothing of it at the time; It was simply a video game music Blog. But I was greatly mistaken… for I soon realized something grand was afoot. A Super Mario RPG Compilation was in the works!

After the release of the album, I made sure to keep tabs on the man in case he released anything else I may greatly enjoy. The very thing did happen with the release of “Welcome to World 2” that summer of ‘08. “WTW2” is by far one of my most cherished Doujin album ever. Something stirred in me, something that caused a ruckus and refused to calm down until it’s hunger was satisfied. It was strong desire to write about game music.

I started a blog, this one is real though guys (haha), called VGTO! Reviews a month before the “SMRPG compilation album released. The point of the Blog was to talk about game music and for reviewing albums that were game music related. I ended up reviewing some of GM4A’s releases in result, as well as other game music bands/solo projects/game soundtracks. Though my first couple of reviews were not GM4A releases, Chrono series reviews actually, I eventually had the pleasure of sharing my thoughts and kind words of the “Welcome to World 2”compilation. It was only until after the release of the SMRPG album and “WTW2” review that I would find myself coming back to GM4A anticipating new blog posts. Fortunately, the Iwadon album is coming out soon in regards to compilations!

Today I run many smaller blogs around the internet under different aliases dealing with video game music posts and such. My major blog though is, where I speak about video game music, my thoughts, and linking off to free game music albums I pass by. Much hasn’t really changed for me, just the name of things and blog appearances, but theme will always remain: Video Game Music.

Final words: My many thanks goes out to Anthony of GM4A for creating such a wonderful blog in regards to game music. The posts, the compilations, the conversations, GM4A Records; Everything. A great and valuable asset to the Video Game Music culture you are. I hope that GM4A receives the big break it deserves.

Marcos G

Thanks to Marcos for writing something up, and for letting me yell at him on AIM every time I hear bad music on the radio or TV!

4 Years of GM4A With Z. of Hipster, Please!

As stated last week, this here site has turned four years old, and with that we are having a bit of a blogger party this month to celebrate. Kicking off the festivities is a fellow I have looked up to for some time, fellow blogger, and the wise sage of nerd culture, Z. of Hipster, Please!. His writing and work ethic, not to mention his love of everything nerdy has been a huge inspiration to me over the years and I am happy to have him doing this short guest article for GM4A. So enough of my rambling, here's Z!

Long ago I made peace with the fact that, as a self-appointed apostle of the nerdy gospel, I am forever doomed to repeat my own philosophical thesis. My own social mission statement. My own nerd culture catch phrase. For those of you keeping score at home, it goes something like this:

We are freaks and geeks and gamers and misfits. We are different, but that doesn't mean we're flawed. We are individuals, but that doesn't mean we have to be alone.

In April of 2006, I made the conscious effort to reinvent Hipster, please!, a blog that I'd used to collect nothing more than various unrelated personal musings up to that point, into a cohesive project focusing on nerd music and its related culture. My core concept was to paint disparate elements like nerdcore and chiptunes and tabletop RPGs and sci-fi/fantasy lit and, yes, even videogames as part of a larger schema in the hopes that it might help those interested in one aspect easily explore the others, and, along the way, promote proper geek unity. Interestingly enough, even as I sermonized on the preternatural strength of solidarity, it often felt in those early days that I myself was completely alone, particularly with regard to this endeavor itself.

The internet is a nerd-powered machine, so there have always been concentrated pockets of social geekery, even with regard to more niche topics like our music. But whereas projects like OverClocked ReMix and Rhyme Torrents were fan communities where artists shared work with other artists, I was merely an outsider. I was an external observer. And I was lonely.

Thankfully, on the other side of the country a young man was simultaneously launching a similar venture, a site with a heavy focus on not just the importance of videogame music to our culture but a veritable celebration of the undeniably inspirational force that is gamer history.

You could say that my own Hipster, please! and Game Music 4 All grew up together as sister sites, as siblings. It then serves to reason that there would be a certain amount of rivalry between the two, but that's never been the case. From time to time we do touch on the same subjects at the same time, but we always seem to come at things from our own unique angles. And more often than not, Anthony (AKA: Genoboost) and the GM4A crew turn me on to acts and events that I may have otherwise missed. I can only hope I do the same for them.

Our mission is the same and our methods are uncannily similar, but it never feels like competition. It feels like fraternity. It feels like family.

From the early days of simple reviews and interview posts, throughout the release of some undeniable classics in the realm of online music compilations and even into this brave new world of GM4A Records, this site has made its own indelible mark on nerd music and culture. Likewise, for four solid years Game Music 4 All has remained one of those blogs I read not simply because it helps me stay on top of the goings-on the realms of VGM and chiptunes, but because I genuinely enjoy the unpretentious tone and unbridled creativity of its writing staff.

It's with this in mind that I say Happy Blogiversary to my extended family: Geno, Jephso, Chibi Ma and all the rest at GM4A. Thanks for keeping me on my toes, in the loop and, most importantly, for sharing with me this wondrous journey.

I love you guys! - Z.

Thanks again to Z. for being completely awesome, and stay tuned for the rest of the month, as we have more awesome bloggers celebrating as well!

West Coast Wigout 2 only 1 week away!


Yup, one week away from a huge all star night of video game inspired music. So for those who are not up to speed or need some more info, or persuading to come on out, here is the rundown. June 15th at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, CA there is going to be an epic night of video game rock, jazz, hip hop, and chiptunes! We call it West Coast Wigout 2!

It's a full night dedicated to some of the best in video game inspired music!

Full info about the concert through here.

Who's playing? Check out this list!

A_Rival (San Francisco, CA) –

The Megas (Los Angeles, CA) –

Random AKA Mega Ran W/ K-Murdock (Phoenix, AZ) –

WizWars (Los Angeles, CA) –

EvilWezil (Los Angeles, CA) –

Tanuki Suit Riot (Los Angeles, CA) –

Quarter Circle Jab (Fresno, CA) -

You might recognize A_Rival better as OCReMix artist AE who remixed the classic SF2 title music as Clamato Fever in SF2THDR. Well guess what, he raps about video games too, and you better believe his raps are as epic as his remixes!

If you read GM4A then you already know who The Megas and Random AKA Mega Ran are. If you don't know though, I think their names give enough of a hint at what they are all about. The Megas tell a tale of a man, a mega man, in rock n roll fashion. While Mega Ran on the other hand raps from multiple perspectives and about every gaming topic under the sun and then some!

EvilWezil and Wizwars are two amazing chiptune artists who perform not with a guitar, or vocals, but armed only with their respective Gameboys to rock things chiptune style.

Finally the last block of awesomeness is the amazing VG jazz group Tanuki Suit Riot who jams out to everything from Zelda, to Mega Man X, to F-Zero. Last but not least is Quarter Circle Jab, who have been around for years but are gaining much more notoriety thanks to their debut release kickbutt.exe (free download). Yup, that album includes some more great SF2 music, as well as other great games like Final Fantasy and Earthbound.

So this will definitely be some night to remember!

Once again more info through this link.

GM4A turns Four!

What with all the hustle (and/or bustle) going on in the last month I completely forgot that today is the 4th anniversary of this here site. I think that just about makes us officially internet old! I could list a ton of things the site has been able to accomplish over the years, but that's pretty bland, and to me isn't the main reason I work on this site.

The thing that keeps me working on this site, what keeps me interested in logging onto my computer every day and looking for new albums and news, is simply the amazing attitude and comradery of the video game inspired music community. From the most acclaimed musicians down to the fledgling nobodies, this community contains a passion and kindness that I can't believe can ever be surpassed. I've made lifetime friends that I have now known for years, and continue to meet new amazing and excited people all the time. It's just hard to believe it's been four years since I met some of you as a fan, and now as a writer.

Even that much, after four years of writing at least one post every week (sometimes less, but usually far more) I finally almost feel comfortable with calling myself a 'writer'. I feel like I have grown a lot along with this site in many ways, don't worry I won't get all sappy about that though.

Basically I'll keep this one brief. I would like to thank everyone who has continued to support this site since it's inception in such a myriad of ways. From merely chatting with me in message boards to actively redesigning this site into the awesomeness it is today. Thank you all very much. Your passion is highly contagious and helps me gladly write something new every day for this site, and without that support this website would have faded away long ago.

With that said, I would like to announce that this party will be going all month. We'll be having several guest bloggers posting this month with their memories of VGM as well as GM4A and I for one am definitely looking forward to it, and I hope you folks are too!

Feel free to wish the site and I a happy birthday this weekend at VGS or Nullsleep's LA show, or June 15th at West Coast Wigout 2! Also feel free to toss a few donations for server and travel fees over there on the right side bar if you are feeling especially generous.

Game Music 4 All presents WEST COAST WIGOUT 2. Nerdcore, Chiptune, VG Rock E3 concert June 15 in Los Angeles

Game Music 4 All and Broken Tape Decks, with support from Nerdapalooza, Nerdy Show and Capcom are proud to present WEST COAST WIGOUT 2! Video game inspired music concert.

Full details and ticket info through the main WCWO page here.

The event will take place at Gallery Nucleus. Doors open at 6PM, and show goes until midnight! We will have everything for video game fans and music lovers alike. Nerdcore, Chiptunes, VG Cover bands, and then some! Come on out after E3 to see how video games have influenced art and music over the last twenty five years.

We will be hearing from amazing acts such as the one and only mega man rock band The Megas, chip hop extraordinaire A_Rival, amazing underground rapper and nerdcore champion Random AKA Mega Ran. We can't forget the amazing chiptune stylings of Los Angeles artists Wizwars and EvilWezil. Also for the classier folks in attendance we have the incredible video game jazz of Tanuki Suit Riot.

All this great music in one night, not to mention free giveaways courtesy of the great folks over at Capcom!

You can order tickets for the awesome price of $10 right now via this gallery nucleus page, and hurry up because tickets are limited and the day of the show tickets go up to $15!

IWADON: An Unsung Hero of Game Music panel at PAX East

If you are in boston for PAX East right now, be sure to check out our panel coming up at 4:30pm in the jamspace room! I'll be updating this post once the thread is through with some pictures and maybe even audio from our panel as soon as I can! Until then see if you can catch me wandering around pax and if you are a vg inspired musician we can do an interview!

See you all at PAX!

Currently in Boston for PAX East

I am typing this while onboard a flight to Boston, MA for the first Penny Arcade Expo East convention. So by the time I have a chance to post this I should have touched down and started preperations for the festival. I hope to be bringing folks plenty of news, interviews, and more from the vg inspired music world all weekend. Also I'll be giving my own informative panel alongside Jeriaska of about the recently unveiled album IWADON. Speaking of which I hope you have headed over to the compilation's main site and given the album a good listen, along with helping spread the word via facebook and twitter. The panel itself will focus on the amazing artists who helped contribute to the collection of music, as well as the person we pay tribute to as well, Hiroyuki Iwatsuki. The panel will take place at 4:30pm in the jamspace area on Friday (tomorrow).

Well that is all I have to report for now, but as I said, be on the lookout for more random posts by me this weekend!

IWADON Hiroyuki Iwatsuki Tribute Album website launched. Streaming music, liner notes, and more.

After countless months (well about 12, if you have been counting) GM4A alongside Jeriaska of Nobuooo have just about finished toiling away. We are now very excited to announce the newest compilation from Game Music 4 All.

IWADON Hiroyuki Iwatsuki Tribute Album

You can click the title above, or head over to to listen to a full 34 streaming tracks of music inspired by Hiroyuki Iwatsuki, an often overlooked but much respected composer of video game music from the 8 bit NES days to present. We are very proud to release an album of talented artists and musicians paying their respects to the influential "Iwadon" in this way.

Full liner notes, streaming music, photos, and more are all available at the main website for the album. Also check out those buttons following you about on the right side of the screen. You can help us spread the word by using those links to spread the word on facebook and twitter about the album's release!

Finally, I want to personally thank everyone who has contributed all of their time, effort, and hard work to create a brilliant album, an epic looking website, incredible artwork and especially Jeriaska who put in his effort full force to make this happen, and worked on securing all the japanese artists as well as writing out extensive liner notes for the website. We hope that you get as much enjoyment out of the album as we did putting it all together. And for those of you who are hankering to put these tunes on your iPod and listen to them on the go, we will be updating soon with the free download for all the tracks. Keep your eyes open for that and please keep spreading the word on this album.

Game Music 4 All announces IWADON Hiroyuki Iwatsuki Tribute Album

After nearly a year of radio silence in relation to our compilations here at Game Music 4 All, I am very proud to announce the next in our series of eclectic albums. IWADON Hiroyuki Iwatsuki Tribute Album.

Alongside the hard work of Jeriaska of, an incredibly diverse and amazingly talented collection of musicians has been gathered to pay tribute to a composer who has been creating amazing game soundtracks for 20 years, but has been largely overlooked by many. That composer is Hiroyuki Iwatsuki. Iwatsuki, or IWADON as he was credited on his early game soundtracks (and still uses on social network sites like twitter and composed music to many cult classic games such as Wild Guns, Ninja Warriors, and Pocky & Rocky, as well as newer titles like the amazing XBLA shoot-em-up Omega Five.

IWADON will be comprised of over 100 minutes of music, and will be available to stream for free starting March 24th, as well as a free download of the album through bandcamp at a date soon after. Musicians both large and small, and from genres as varied as orchestral to hip hop, from trance to jazz, and a wide variety more. The album will also include extensive liner notes on each track as well as links to the original tracks via youtube via the album's web page. We might even be having multimedia apps for the album for mobile platforms on a future date.

This album has been under wraps for close to a year and we are glad to finally unveil it at the end of this month with a panel at PAX East taking place on Friday, March 26th at 4:30PM in the JamSpace room. If you are attending PAX East please come out and sit in on our panel to learn more about this compilation as well as Horiyuki Iwatsuki himself and all the artists involved in this tribute.

Finally, to help satiate your thirst for some music from this album, as well as to help spread the word, Jeriaska has put together the first of several videos showcasing some of the amazing music from this compilation. The first is below, and features Kento Watanabe and his arrangement of IWADON's Omega Five track Stage Clear: Report from Destroyer. Watanabe's rearrangement is titled Report From the 1920s.

IWADON: Report from the 1920s from Jeriaska on Vimeo.

Letters VS Numbers episode 023: "I Hope You Like Bodily Functions (and pokemon)"

Welcome to the possibly best episode ever! Sound wise at least! This is Letters VS Numbers episode 023: "I Hope You Like Bodily Functions (and pokemon)". We discuss such heady topics as zombie hordes, PAX East, and how often the average person needs to make use of "the facilities." We also have lots of brand new songs from the likes of Action Adventure World vs ThePlasmas, The Megas, not to mention an exclusive track from Shael Riley and The Double Ice Backfire! Remember that you can follow us and keep up to date on our blog and podcast at! Also remember to check us out on youtube at and facebook at Finally, to discuss the show with other fans, join the new LvN forums at

Send questions, praise, feedback, suggestions, etc to lettersvsnumberspodcast AT gmail DOT com

To listen in (and for full track listings and info) be sure to head over to Or subscribe to our RSS feed, or subscribe through iTunes.

Letters VS Numbers 022: Trivium vs Quadrivium vs Harmonicas

In record time we now present to you our latest episode, and first episode of the new decade Letters VS Numbers episode 022: "Trivium vs Quadrivium vs Harmonicas" which was recorded on February fifth, 2010 and released February sixth. This episode we talk about the Sonic the hedgehog 4 and Vanquished announcements, discuss I Fight Dragons and their being signed to Atlantic Records. We also talk about the upcoming nerdcore iPhone game B-Boy Beats. As well as play some bluesy riffs on the Harmonica and more! We also have new music from ThePlasmas, Elfonso, Team Teamwork, and then some. Enjoy the episode!

Remember that you can follow us and keep up to date on our blog and podcast at! Also remember to check us out on youtube at and facebook at Finally, to discuss the show with other fans, join the new LvN forums at

Send questions, praise, feedback, suggestions, etc to lettersvsnumberspodcast AT gmail DOT com

To listen in (and for full track listings and info) be sure to head over to Or subscribe to our RSS feed, or subscribe through iTunes.