K-Murdock returns with Hero Muzik Vol. II, an album of video game hip hop

The Hero returns! K-Murdock is back with a crew of the best emcees in nerdcore and underground hip hop. Readers of this blog will be familiar with names like Sammus, Mega Ran, and SkyBlew, and should come to know names like EyeQ, Kadesh Flow, and the rest of the artists on Hero Muzik Vol II.

I hit play and Murdock is already killing it with those stereo CT sounds, changed up just enough to get your head nodding. That beat flows through the entire album. Layered underneath some great verses from incredible emcees like Sammus, Mega Ran, Doug Funnie, and so many more. This is not an album to be slept on. Don't shut down like robo and let hundreds of years pass before you get down to this album.

Hero Muzik 2 is the second installment of K-Murdock’s “Hero Muzik” series which features K remixing music from his favorite role-playing games growing up; Volume 2 focuses on the ever-present SNES classic RPG Chrono Trigger. This album was a labor of love that took K over 2 years to complete and it was initially intended, like its predecessor, to be an instrumental album, BUT at the advice of his business partner/frequent collaborator Mega Ran, Hero Muzik 2 turned into a full-scale production project that prominently features various artists from the Nerdy People Of Color Collective (NPCC), which Ran & K are members of as well. Though this album boasts an assortment of features, much like the diverse cast of characters in the actual game, the underlying goal in Hero Muzik 2 is showcasing the breadth of amazing music from Chrono Trigger, which composers Yasunori Mitsuda & Nobuo Uematsu originally created, via K putting his signature “neo-sonic” touch on!

Feel free to check out/revisit Hero Muzik Vol. 1 at: neosonix.bandcamp.com/album/hero-muzik-vol-1
— K-Murdock

Debut album 'The Robots Will Kill Us All' by Boy Meets Robot

Check out the debut album of Boy Meets Robot. Seven tracks paying tribute to video games, social justice, and invisible pink unicorns. You know, the real topics other artists are afraid to touch.

The Robots Will Kill Us All is the debut album of Chicago-based chiptune rocker, Boy Meets Robot. Created with just a guitar and a Nintendo Game Boy, it offers seven geeky tracks, ranging from ska to funk, hip-hop, and country. The album was recorded and mixed by Noam Wallenberg (co-producer, I Fight Dragons) and features guest appearances by nerdcore rapper Mega Ran and science fiction podcaster Serah Eley.
— Boy Meets Robot

Surprise chip hop EP 'TO JAPAN WITH LOVE' by Mega Ran, Doug Funnie, & Mr. Miranda

Dope little mixtape from Mega Ran and co, living the gamer dream by visiting Japan. Along with Doug Funnie and Mr Miranda, they drop a four track hip hop tribute to Japan. 

A surprise lo-fi chip-hop album to commemorate the crew’s 2016 Japan tour. ALL PROCEEDS go to assisting with travel costs. Domo Arigatou!

Download includes NSF files of tracks, plus bonus beats.
— Mega Ran Music

2d6 drops eclectic nerdcore hip hop album Goatse For My Dad

Been a while since I wrote 'nerdcore' but this is a great album to dust the old moniker off for. This album runs the gamut of nerdy pop culture. I featured two of my favoite tracks from the album on SUBCON 33, so you can hear my thoughts, and their awesome catchy rhymes there!

Tons of tracks with several great guest appearances.

What a joy to have a fifth album. I’ve never been more joyful.
— 2d6

Listen to SUBCON 33: Pokemon Sun/Moon starters

The only podcast dedicated to video games & hip hop. 

Talking Pokemon Sun/Moon starters. Tons of new names and new music from Broken Pixels, 2D6, Marquice Turner, (T-T)b, Mega Ran, Tribe One, and 2 Mello!

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Get help with that VG hip hop in 'Tek Support,' the new album by TekForce

Do you see the 'play' button? 

Tekforce hit me up to review his latest album, so here I am. It's that easy people! I'm a starving writer.

Tekforce can't even wait to start his album, as he starts dropping rhymes about 20 seconds into the intro. No slow build in this one, Tek gives a public service announcement to get you gamers and hip hop heads prepped for the next 15-17 tracks (depending on whether you grabbed them bonus rhymes).

The album kicks off for real with TekForce's gaming autobiography, which drops a few def references to the Sega Saturn and even the MTV Music Generator, which I spent way too much time with in my youth. I was sucked into the album thanks to the hard hitting Furnace. A foreboding beat mixed with Tek's pressuring vocals. Like being thrown through a warp tunnel. Listen to the track yourself on the latest SUBCON by the way!

Things slow down and real up with Pleasure & Pain. The track kicks off with a repetitive refrain when Tek jumps on the track, rapping through his personal ups and downs and it ain't hard to relate. Banger alert! Ode to the Retro gots that head bobbing intensity on the beat, and TekForce goes to town with that club rocking hook and too many dope lines for me to keep up with on these initial listens. Of course, the Metroid drop in the hook seriously biases me towards this epic track. If this album has a single, this is it.

If TekForce wants to step things up from there, looks like he's got to call in some reinforcements. Vincent Rockafella, and the damn near everywhere SkyBlew join the party in Put Your Hands Up. Some catchy Sephiroth theme style violins driving the beat. If the previous track is the single, this is definitely the follow up.

Got to mention the Gundam inspired SDF-1. I'm not the most knowledgeable Gundam fan (more of a Robotech guy myself) but the shmup fan in me can never say no to ship flying space rap.

I'm not 100% (or even 10%) sure about what exactly Heaven's Lost Property is about (an anime maybe? or an Xbox game?). No matter, since TekForce, along with Mic Most, Shubzilla, and a catchy chorus courtesy of NuyoRiquena, turn this into one of my favorite tracks on the album. I need a drink after listening to this song too, but in the good way.

As I have slowly become consumed with pushing myself across social media (COUGH COUGH) I have also found myself not interacting as often with the fine folks I once loved heckling in my younger days. With that in mind, Digital Help is a stand out track, taking a look at the shift in humanity as social media has 'helped' us interact with more people than ever. Although I don't think I come down on selfies and Twitter as Tek does on this track, but I definitely feel like the flows in this track are things that need to be considered. 

Speaking of tracks that I can relate to, Workplace Woes drops some of the realest lines on the album. As anyone with ambition can attest, the workplace can be a soul killer, especially for the artistic types struggling to monetize their 'true calling.' Tek and Aramis tag team the track with their woes, even dropping the difficulties of being a minority in the workforce on top of that. Alongside the sorrowful trumpet beat, it's a surprisingly dark track to end on, but maybe that's the purpose. Get Tek off the damn workforce and cop the album already, geez.

Luckily for those that heeded my advice, there are two more tracks included with a full album purchase, and they are as dope as anything I wrote above, unfortunately, I'm not going to review them, since they are bonus content. Pay to play. Deal with it. Man they are such good tracks though...

This is the Grid Edition version of Tek Support from my album: Tek Support! It includes all the same tracks from the album but you also get the EXCLUSIVE tracks: “Devastator”, and “Level Up -(2 Player Version) Ft Alcatraz Electro. In addition to the two new tracks you also get a the full color poster of the album cover! This album cover was conceived by Daniel Hill (of Danji’s Designs) and shows all the things that influenced TekForce growing up. Robotech, Transformers, Ghostbusters....there all there. As always I appreciate all the support as an artist striving for good music, and for only $10 you can receive a little extra “Tek
— TekForce

T.Y.T. drops new hip hop album 'The Napkin Gospel'

Nearly two dozen new tracks with tons of guests

When I imagine I am all through the latest nerd rap, TYT drops nearly two dozen new tracks in my lap. 

It started off as a simple donation to help Klopfenpop... I donated some money to his indigogo site, and he offered to mix ten tracks for me.

I had no plan on doing an album... But he brought it out of me... In the pursuit of finishing this cd... I have met some of the greatest people in the world... (Some assholes too) ...

This journey has led me through tests of skill, faith, addictions, hurt feelings and shit talking... But I bring it to you in the simplest way possible.... Behold, The Napkin Gospel.

Click each track, I have included the stories of EACH track’s creation... if you are into that sort of thing...
released 05 May 2015

Most mixes by Klop, other mixes by Roborob, Rukyss Duhki, and myself.

Production by Sean Divine, Roborob, konceptbeats, Jason Hansen, Rukyss Duhki, Sinima, j-rome, Antichrist Instrumentals, Anno Domini and Banditt.

Album art credit goes to Tiffiny Mahrer.

Nerdcore Emulation Station chapter 1 & chapter 2: Gamecube from 1-UP mini album review

Nerdcore Emulation Station is correct, featuring a who's who of nerdcore over two albums. A few name drops are the likes of Mega Ran, Ill Gill, Sammus, SkyBlew, and perhaps a dozen or more artists from every corner of the nerdcore kingdom. 

Te initial N.E.S. album drops beats from a variety of classic games throughout gaming history. Parappa the Rapper, Metal Gear Solid, Sonic, and Mario are all represented on the album. These are accompanied by flows from 1-UP and the aforementioned litany of amazing emcees.

One of the greatest things about this series, is the overarching storyline nature of the album layout. I think 1-UP explains it best, 

"In the distant future, Emcees live happily across different galaxies providing entertainment and joy through their story telling to their people. 

An evil force plans to put an end to all of that. The imagidrains and their evil leader devise a plan to feed on everyone's imaginations simultaneously through an all out assault on every galaxy at once with stolen abilities. 

The Emcees fight but cannot withstand this onslaught of newly found foes and their powers. A voice appears in their head and transports them all to a new world where they must venture through uncharted territories, learn new skills, and fight new enemies in order to level up. 

Follow 1-UP and many other Emcees as they fight through the worlds of Playstation, Sega Saturn and N64 defeating bosses and freeing them from the Imagidrains mind control, finding new items and leveling up so they can return to their worlds and defeat the imagidrains."

This album is a ridiculous 25 tracks in length, with two or more emcees on every track, you'd be hard pressed to find a bigger collection of new and old nerdcore and hip hop talent.

Despite the eclectic list of artists, the beats help hold the mixtape feel together over the immense amount of tracks. Remixes bring out the catchiest and most memorable parts of the video games they lift from, and keep the adventurous theme in mind as you hear the noble music of Zelda or the get moving beats from Super Mario.

Think that I post the album stream and we are over here? We got a whole second album to discuss.

A few months after the initial launch of the Nerdcore Emulation Station, 1-UP has gathered the emcees of nerdcore for another adventure. He even includes an update about where this adventure stands, 

"Join 1-UP In the second chapter of NES as he and his comrades venture to the Gamecube world in order to free the inhabitants from the Imagidrain army. 

They are currently pumping the planet's resources dry causing the planet to lose it's form and if nothing is done it will implode."

That's right, it looks like the N.E.S. is chilling on the GCN planet for a full album, with remixes of music from Smash Bros. Melee, Metroid Prime and Pikmin, among many others. Sammus even reprises her role alongside Shammers (another one of my personal nerdcore favorites) as her namesake Samus in "Metroid Prime - Stage 7 (Ft Sammus, Shammers and W!SE)." The fusion of styles definitely makes this the stand out track for me.

You can grab both albums for free via the N.E.S. and N.E.S. 2 bandcamp pages.

Mega Ran's Nerd Rap Documentary 'Mega Lo Mania' Gets New Trailer Ahead of Netflix Release

Nerdcore teacher/rapper/hero Mega Ran has released a new trailer for the Director's Cut version of his insightful nerd rap documentary, Mega-Lo-Mania. The feature-length film follows Mega Ran as he tells his amazing backstory, tours through three cities, and catalogs his PAX performance and time on the road with the soul/funk band, The Lo Classics.

The Mega-Lo-Mania Director's Cut was created thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign that will see the new extended version of the film released on Netflix, Redbox, Amazon, and iTunes in the coming months. The new version also features interviews with indie hip-hop legend MURS, nerdcore icon MC Frontalot, Grammy award-winning composer Christopher Tin, and chiptune/rock performer Danimal Cannon. The extended length of the Director's Cut also qualifies it for entry into various film festivals around the world, so expect to see more Mega Ran on the big screen in the near future.

Pre-order the MLM Director's Cut

Various VGM artists remix the music of Big Giant Circles in 'The Glory Days Remixed'


An array of video game musicians congregate over 11 remixed tracks from Big Giant Circles' original The Glory Days album. Nearly every name on the list of remixers has been a favorite musician of mine at some point through this blogs history. Even with compilations and collaborations happening easier than ever thanks to easy internet file sharing, it's still amazing to me to see a gathering of musicians of this caliber for one purpose. 

This album also scribbles all over the blurry line that now exists between video game music, and video game remixes.

The songs themselves are as vibrant and varied as the contributors themselves. Stemage and Zantzilla go on a chip rock rendezvous in their remix of Snowcones. Mega Ran, who is clearly in the running for hardest working man in nerdcore, appears with a gritty flow on the track Vindicate Me. One of the stand out track on early listens has been the aggressively funky electronic keyboards of C-Jeff's 'No Party like a Mojang Party remix. Nothing says Glory Days like this arcade rocking dance track.

With musicians like these, you can't go wrong, grab the album starting from $10 on the Big Giant Circles bandcamp page.

Watch Mega Ran & The Regiment drop the in-your-face new video 'Venting'

Mega Ran equips atomic fire for the single from A Gamer's Anthem EP

"Official Music Video for the track by Mega Ran & The Regiment - Venting. 

directed by Mike "Duncecap" Petrow
see more work at @_duncecap 

The former teacher turned rapper offers some unique commentary on both professions with the equal parts smart and scathing track “Venting.”

Over a chilling, trippy visual direction by Mike “Duncecap” Petrow, and the haunting track by El Huervo (best known for his contributions to the new classic game Hotline Miami), Ran goes to town, with fiery red eyes and a menacing delivery we have yet to see from the normally optimistic rapper. 

The song comes from the new EP “A Gamers Anthem” with Detroit group The Regiment, available now from HiPNOTT Records. 


- Mega Ran

Listen to all-star hip hop single 'River City Handsome' by Lazerbeak f. Mega Ran & more

Also featuring The MC Type, Phillip Morris & Toussaint Morrison.

Lazerbeak (of Doomtree) drops an intense chiptune beat based on the NES beat-em-up classic River City Ransom. If that wasn't enough, a full hip hop crew drops fresh flows up and down this epic track. New Mega Ran collabs always make my day.

I'm pretty much unstoppable right now in Mario Kart 8 with this track on loop. Got Link bobbing his head, jamming in his go kart.

You can grab both the track and the instrumental for $2 over on the Mega Ran Music Bandcamp page.

Watch T.U.R.T.L.E. Power music video by nerdcore rappers Mega Ran x Klopfenpop


Great video game based music video for the recent single T.U.R.T.L.E. Power, from nerdcore hip hop artists Mega Ran and Klopfenpop. The video even includes lyrics so you can rap along!

Appears as a bonus track on the album "The Call: 8 Bit Edition" 

Download the song here.

Purchase full album here.

Sprite Animation and edits by Tron Bonne Art

Footage is property of Konami, inc. 

Lyrics and Song are a remake of "T.U.R.T.L.E. Power" by Partners-N-Kryme. 

Beat by Klopfenpop

Mega Ran & Michael Cardoza release documentary MEGA-LO MANIA on DVD


Chip hop performer Random is certainly a common name around these parts, considering his almost unstoppable series of releases since taking on the moniker of Mega Ran, not to mention the constant touring and many guest tracks and mixtapes he takes part in (including a few for GM4A). 

Now Mega Ran can add both star and film maker to his list of achievements with the release of the documentary MEGA-LO MANIA. Alongside film maker Michael Cardoza, the movie captures a portion of the life of Random as he tours through the US. Like any great DVD, there are also ton of bonus features including interviews, music videos, live performances and more. Expect a review here in the next couple weeks once I find some time to really sit down and enjoy all the features of MEGA-LO MANIA

All these Mega Ran memories can be yours by ordering the album for $12.99 via Mega Ran's bandcamp merch page and check out the official trailer below.

Random aka Mega Ran - River City Random album release

Mega Ran is back, and he's gone from Robot City to River City in his latest adventure. Run with Random as he raps right through the  rough roads of River City Random. Random lays down some dope rhymes about living in the fight or be fought world of River City. Hear some heavy beats, some catchy tunes, and help stop some bullying by grabbing this album.

Shael Riley and the Double Ice Backfire release Ultimate Songs from the Pit

It feels like yesterday that I had the pleasure of meeting Shael Riley and Ty Guenley, the masterminds behind the 8-bit indie rock band Shael Riley and the Double Ice Backfire and their newly-released album Ultimate Songs from the Pit. They had been visiting NYC to get the album mastered a year ago, thus bringing Shael and Ty in proximity to me and each other. This came not long after the Backfire’s success in funding the mastering through a Kickstarter, which gained nearly twice as much monetary pledges as the initial goal. The cash certainly didn’t go to waste: even songs from the band’s previous EP Songs from the Pit feel refreshed and immediate due to Drew Lavyne’s mastering and Ty’s mixing.

Although the process of finalizing and mass-duplicating the CD was long, Shael and Ty were hardly at rest in their music making. As incentive for the Kickstarter, the band recorded cover versions of songs commissioned by those who made large pledges; one such cover, a remake of Shael’s Castlevania homage “Juese Belmont” was posted at OverClocked ReMix. The Double Ice Backfire also contributed to albums that covered “Weird Al” Yankovic and They Might Be Giants. My favorite song from Ultimate Songs from the Pit, “Hobby Model” almost seems like a cover itself, with its refrain resembling that of Roy Orbison’s “Oh, Pretty Woman”.

Genius loves company, and so the album has a fair number of guests. Fellow chip rocker Brian Mazzaferri of I Fight Dragons shares lead vocal duties on “Bootstraps” while Schaffer the Darklord drops lines into “Publishing Rights”. Additional rhyme-spitting comes courtesy of Mega Ran on “Area Dolls” and Billy the Fridge in “Rarest of Elements”. Ricky Henry, the ‘third-ice’ in the band’s live shows, was responsible for the album artwork. Ultimate Songs from the Pit is available now at Bandcamp for streaming and as a paid download, with the lead track “How to Fire a Gun” as a free single.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baChMg0Ceuw&version=3&hl=en_US&hd=1]