Tribute to the beaches of Brazil in 'Chiptune Verão' by Videogame Orchestra

Chiptune Verão artwork

From out of the blue comes Videogame Orchestra's latest project - an album of bossa nova chiptunes, each one dedicated to a beach in Brazil. The release is called Chiptune Verão and contains over an hour of chilled out summer-themed music.

In fact, the release is split into two discs; the first contains the original 8-bit renditions and the second has their 16-bit counterparts. I can't imagine anything better than lounging on the beach this summer with this playing in the background.

Check it out over at Pterodactyl Squad or through Bandcamp.

New covers album from Videogame Orchestra

Pterodactyl Squad have just release a brand new covers album from Greek 8-bit duo, Videogame Orchestra.

Last But Not Least front cover

Videogame Orchestra return with a tribute album to their favourite video game and TV show themes! Some of these titles are well known, while some are more obscure, but they've all received the lo-fi, high quality treatment, resulting in new versions of a bunch of old school anthems and cult classics.

  1. Lotus III: The Ultimate Challenge
  2. MacGyver
  3. The Last Ninja - The Wilderness
  4. Monkey Island - The International House of Mojo
  5. Battle Squadron - Intro
  6. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Medley
  7. Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä
  8. Axelay - Stage 1
  9. Mega Man X Medley
  10. Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance - Successor of Fate
  11. Turrican Medley
  12. Venus The Flytrap
  13. Bubba 'n' Stix - Stage 1
  14. Ulysses 31 (featuring GirlzMelon)

Download it for free at the release page!


It's All In The Reflexes - A John Carpenter Tribute

Pterodactyl Squad have just sprung back into life with an 8-bit tribute to John Carpenter. It features contributions from R-Sunset, Comptroller, seal of quality, Videogame Orchestra, EvilWezil, Videovalvontaa, Lorenzo Music, OxygenStar, SLAW, arcadecoma. and Shrimps and is, as usual, free to grab from It's All In The Reflexes - A John Carpenter Tribute cover

Budgetary limitations faced by John Carpenter at the dawn of his career forced him to take to his synthesizer collection and create his own visionary lo-fi scores for his movies. Pioneering video game music composers were similarly restricted by primitive sound chips and as a result, tiny magical sounds were forced into existence. How minimal can minimal get? At Pterodactyl Squad HQ we decided to find out by marrying the greatest hits of John Carpenter with the style and hardware of vintage video game systems. It's all about doing much with not much. It's all in the creativity. It's all in the imagination. It's all in the reflexes.

To download, head on over to the release page.

The Dark Side of the Moon - The 8-bit Album

Not content with the wild success of Weezer - The 8-bit Album, Pterodactyl Squad have released a similar tribute album, this time producing an 8-bit replica of Pink Floyd's 1973 album, The Dark Side of the Moon.

Although attempted numerous times before, Pterodactyl Squad have finally done the original album justice with the definitive 8-bit interpretation of Pink Floyd's progressive rock classic. Produced as an 8-bit mirror of the original, the music on this release was created using sounds from various old games consoles including the Sega Mega Drive and Nintendo Game Boy.

The release sees each track tackled by a different artist with contributions from Bit_Rat, EvilWezil, khades, Rabato, sergeeo, Videogame Orchestra, Jason Vincion, echosignal (C-jeff) and Temp Sound Solutions, and art by Steve Jenkins of Crystal Labs.

You can download the whole release for free over at

Two new releases from Pterodactyl Squad

Pterodactyl Squad recently made it's first releases of the year with Videogame Orchestra's BiTBOTiZED, followed soon after by Bit_Rat's Alberta EP. As usual, both are available for free - go check 'em out while they're fresh!

In BiTBOTiZED, Videogame Orchestra have taken some of their favourite tracks from the 20th century and re-imagined them as if played and sung by old games consoles and computers. Rather than simple, innocent themes of love, these tracks are now bursting with 8-bit sounds and technological innuendo!

Download BiTBOTiZED by Videogame Orchestra

Bit_Rat went on a cheese binge and threw up this rad pile of chiptunes! Coded in one 15 hour sitting, the Alberta EP is a manic splurge of old school sounds with phrases of dubstep, metal and generally frantic rhythms thrown in for good measure.

Download Alberta EP by Bit_Rat

Videogame Orchestra - WERK album release

Videogame Orchestra - WERKIf you like your music full of grit and glitch you are in for a treat with the TDS netlabel's release of GM4A favorites, Videogame Orchestra. The new release, WERK, is available at the official Bandcamp page for the album. The album is nine tracks of futuristic crunches, chirps and clanks. Things kick off with the robot fueled Enemy Approaching and the ominous corridors of Electro, Music, Transform.

Two stand out tracks are the ones with some guest appearances on them. This includes the track We Got The Energy (vs. Tonylight) which has some slow moving laser shots and vocoded vocals creating a catchy atmosphere out of seemingly dissonant sounds. The other track featuring a guest musician is Electric Hero (vs. Dual Core), a grittier remix of their track from Here Comes a New Challenger. The song is just as catchy as ever, and sees the track get a lengthy instrumental as well.

It should come as no shock that I myself am quite the fan of Videogame Orchestra, and that I highly recommend this release as much as all their past efforts. This albumtakes the glitched out experimentation that started off in their Pause release of the RIOT EP last year, and takes it in a futuristic setting akin to films like Blade Runner and Terminator. Videogame Orchestra continues to push their music in different and wild directions and I certainly can't wait to see where they go next.

The Nerdy Show podcast counts down their top 20 nerdy things of 2009

Including many of the artists which we feature here, on this very site regularly, the Nerdy Show recently counted down their favorite nerdy things of 2009. "Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you the Final Boss of 2009! In this episode we unleash our list of the Top Twenty Nerdy THINGS of 2009, in a VERY specific order. Movies, video games, people, music, concepts - if it’s nerdy then we judged its worth."

The gang discuss their picks, in between playing music from the releases on the list, including tracks from videogame orchestra, I Fight Dragons, The Protomen and Pixelh8. Head on over to the Nerdy Show website, and download Episode 18 :: 2009 Final Boss now!

Weezer - The 8 bit Album compilation release

For most folks growing up with the NES, SNES, gameboy, and other classic consoles of the current chiptune era, another staple in our lives was good old 90's rock. One such band was the ever amazing and often nerdy Weezer. In this vein, Pterodactyl Squad has organized, and finally released Weezer - The 8 bit Album compilation which as the title states, is an album "created using original videogame hardware running home-brew software, and vary radically in style, from minimal 'one man and his Game Boy' compositions to 8-bit inspired full band performances.". The album is 14 covers by no less than the finest in chiptune music today. I along with many others have been really looking forward to this tribute album, and very excited to have it released. The album is great even if you aren't familiar with every Weezer song on the album, or if you don't recognize the chippy artists paying tribute to them! As with all Pterodactyl Squad releases the album is free to download, so head to right now and check it out!

Check out the full tracklist below!

1. Island In The Sun (Belmont's Revisal) - videogame orchestra
2. Holiday - Anamanaguchi
3. El Scorcho - Tugboat
4. The World Has Turned And Left Me Here - Bit Shifter
5. You Won't Get With Me Tonight - PDF Format
6. Hash Pipe - seal of quality
7. In The Garage - OxygenStar
8. You Gave Your Love To Me Softly - :(
9. We Are All On Drugs - Rabato
10. Jamie - Unicorn Dream Attack
11. Come To My Pod - Mahamajama
12. Why Bother? - I Fight Dragons
13. Buddy Holly - nordloef
14. I Do - arcadecoma.

Weezer - The 8-bit Album announced

For fans of the band, or 8-bit music, or both, a tribute album to Weezer has just been announced, featuring many of the leading musicians of the 8-bit scene.

The compilation is set to be released on Pterodactyl Squad, and will feature contributions from 14 different artists, including Bit Shifter, Anamanaguchi, arcadecoma., I Fight Dragons, PDF Format, seal of quality and Videogame Orchestra.

Head on over to the official blog to view the artwork for the compilation, drawn by David Mauro and modelled on Weezer's iconic 'Blue Album' cover. You can also preview PDF Format's cover of You Won't Get With Me Tonight, which will be featured on the compilation.

Stayed tuned to the official blog for more updates, and look out for the compilation to be released on Pterodactyl Squad during the coming weeks.

Videogame Orchestra - RIOT EP release from II

Brilliant chiptune artists and all around fantastic duo Videogame Orchestra have released their latest EP through the II (pause) netlabel. The new album RIOT is 8 tracks of glitched out lo fi tracks out of Greece. Videogame Orchestra's crazy glitches and breaks keep in line with their II debut from last year, and continue to show the groups skill at various genres within chiptunes. Armed with only a set of Gameboys and an Atari 2600 these guys bust out some crazy tunes that will get your heart racing. As I am a big fan of both II and Videogame Orchestra I am extremely happy when these two paths converge and such an alignment is sure to create something incredible! As such this album is nothing short of amazing for all the glitch fans out there. And for those of you who aren't down with that crazy glitch sub genre of chiptunes, this may just be the EP that wins you over. So head on over to the II release page and give this album a try!

Here Comes a New Challenger compilation announcement!

So you know about our Super Mario RPG compilation known as Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch! but DID YOU KNOW we are also coming out with another compilation very very soon!?

That's right, that compilation is titled Here Comes a New Challenger. First I'll hit you with some teaser art from the amazing Doctor Octoroc.

Now that the art has sufficiently blown your mind, let me explain further. This compilation was created to open up different sections of video game inspired music to more folks. We have musicians, producers, singers, rappers, DJ’s, and more all collaborating together for their love of video games and music! All the songs on here are collaborations between different musicians! This album has been a long time in the making, and all the bands are trying something new by working with these different individuals, so this should be a really amazing compilation to hear! We have some great and unheard of collaborations going down for this compilation! Groups like the above mentioned Dual Core VS Videogame Orchestra, Random VS Doctor Octoroc, Elfonso VS CasioKid and way way more!

If that's not enough, you can even listen to a preview teaser for the compilation!


Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch! teaser track

I am glad to announce that we have a sweet but short feast for everyone's eyes and ears in regards to our forthcoming Super Mario RPG compilation Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch! We have some preview art for the compilation, which you can see to the left! I also present you with our first teaser, which includes six songs from the compilation. Enjoy, and spread the word!

Download Link: Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch teaser

This preview includes clips from the following tracks, in order
CygnosiC - Barrel Volcano
Videogame Orchestra - Rose Town
Girlz Melon - Sad Song
The OneUps - Booster Tower
Matheus Manente - The Starlight's Flower
Dan Park - Bring the Hammer Down (I am the King)

Special thanks to Hex Warrior for helping me out with the teaser, Alex Atchley and for hosting, and Leo of Push Start for the epic art!
More Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch! related info through this link.

Videogame Orchestra - SLOT MACHINE release

This is one album that I have been waiting some time for! Great friends and amazing chiptunists Videogame Orchestra have released their latest EP on II (pronounced "Pause"). The album is titled SLOT MACHINE and is six tracks of chips, chirps, and sound manipulation. Here's what II has to say about the album.

"Inspired by crappy sci-fi movies and everything coin-op, Videogame Orchestra’s Slot Machine EP release is a collection of bleepy/chippy techno tracks, carefully crafted with the serious nerd in mind. Rhythmic electronics combine with arcade-like playfulness, incorporating dance elements wrapped in a digital environment filled with game samples."

In the wave of must get albums that have been coming out lately, this is chief among them! I haven't heard a glitchy release like this in a while, and I am glad Vgo released such an EP for the serious chiptune lover in mind. And if you can't get enough of Vgo, just hit their website for a ton of remixes and original tracks (I suggest the The Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy - Theme)!

Updated Band Listing 04/19/07

I updated the band list recently with a small amount of bands. You can check out the new entries below, which include our great pals from greece, the Videogame Orchestra, as well as two other amazing musicians.

8-Bit Metal - Power/Speed Metal - Montreal, QC, Canada
Radio Waves Goodbye - 8bit/electronica/trance - UK
Videogame Orchestra - VGM Cover Band - Greece

If you have a band you would like to submit, remember you can do so on our band submisssion page.

Music EXP Compilation Update 4

This update we have not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR new bands to announce for the compilation! First and foremost, is the amazing, brilliant, and endlessly inspiring band The OneUps. The OneUps are comprised of many individually incredible musicians, who have even been invited to rock PAX this August. Next up is the stellar artist Mustin, who makes amazing remixes for sites like OCRemix as well as being a musician for The OneUps and also being a huge influence on my own personal musical tastes. Next up are astounding Los Angeles based musicians The Megas, who are well known for their rockin' ballads of the Blue Bomber. Finally, hailing all the way from Greece, GM4A's great new pals, Videogame Orchestra, who gave us a very special song which we can not wait to debut. Are we excited yet? Yes, yes we are.

As always, now we consult THE LIST.

Band count so far:
8 Bit Bandit
Alex Mauer
The Game Genies
The Lost Levels
The Megas
The OneUps
Player Two
Select Start
Spheres of Chaos
Super Nintechno
Temp Sound Solutions
Videogame Orchestra
Year 200X

Stay tuned for more! We aren't done announcing new stuff just yet!
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