Coming soon from Game Music 4 All: Groovy: 20th Anniversary Earthworm Jim Tribute


This post is to get folks hyped for the impending release of the now officially titled, Groovy: 20th Anniversary Tribute to Earthworm Jim. Super suit, cows, laser guns, probably a princess, EWJ has everything. Game Music 4 All is proud to pay tribute to the strange and unique series and it's infectious music.

Expect more info about the album soon, including contributors, songs, and a final release date! 

Share some of your own Earthworm Jim memories in the comments, and let us know what tracks you hope to hear on the album.

IWADON Hiroyuki Iwatsuki Tribute Album website launched. Streaming music, liner notes, and more.

After countless months (well about 12, if you have been counting) GM4A alongside Jeriaska of Nobuooo have just about finished toiling away. We are now very excited to announce the newest compilation from Game Music 4 All.

IWADON Hiroyuki Iwatsuki Tribute Album

You can click the title above, or head over to to listen to a full 34 streaming tracks of music inspired by Hiroyuki Iwatsuki, an often overlooked but much respected composer of video game music from the 8 bit NES days to present. We are very proud to release an album of talented artists and musicians paying their respects to the influential "Iwadon" in this way.

Full liner notes, streaming music, photos, and more are all available at the main website for the album. Also check out those buttons following you about on the right side of the screen. You can help us spread the word by using those links to spread the word on facebook and twitter about the album's release!

Finally, I want to personally thank everyone who has contributed all of their time, effort, and hard work to create a brilliant album, an epic looking website, incredible artwork and especially Jeriaska who put in his effort full force to make this happen, and worked on securing all the japanese artists as well as writing out extensive liner notes for the website. We hope that you get as much enjoyment out of the album as we did putting it all together. And for those of you who are hankering to put these tunes on your iPod and listen to them on the go, we will be updating soon with the free download for all the tracks. Keep your eyes open for that and please keep spreading the word on this album.

Announcing the Game Music 4 All 3rd Anniversary Compilation: Third Form

After a long delay I am happy to announce that the long awaited Game Music 4 All third anniversary album is currently wrapping up! The album is a collection of brand new and exclusive tracks from some of the finest in video game inspired music. From VG Rock to remixes, from nerdcore hip hop to chiptunes and more, we cover all the bases of video game inspired music.

Third Form will feature over an hour of music from the many talented musicians who have supported GM4A over the past three years. Just a small sample of those are Player Two, Super Barrio Bros, Temp Sound Solutions, I Fight Dragons, 8 Bit Weapon and Elfonso! That is simply a handful of tons of talented musicians. More will be revealed soon, but for now, get ready for the upcoming launch, and enjoy some of that preliminary teaser art above from the great Doctor Octoroc. We hope to reveal more soon as the album gets closer to release!

Here Comes a New Challenger II Turbo - Pressed copies now for sale!

The Here Comes a New Challenger II Turbo album is now complete and available to purchase! That's right, for those of you who really enjoyed the album we released a few months ago, we now have official pressed copies for the collectors among you!

For $10 plus S&H you get a professionally pressed 2 disc copy of the album, which includes one bonus track by Two Playa Game and Super Barrio Bros only available on the pressed album. You will also get 2 GM4A buttons, 2 Letters VS Numbers buttons, and 2 GM4A stickers! What a deal!

For a little bit more info about the album, Jeriaska of staged a short interview with artist Nameless and I. Check that out below.

Here Comes a New Challenger II Turbo Promo Video from Jeriaska on Vimeo.

Here Comes a New Challenger II Turbo available now for free download and pre-order

Game Music 4 All and Scrub Club Records are excited to announce that the highly anticipated Here Comes a New Challenger II Turbo is now available for free download and also taking pre-orders for pressed copies!


1. Dial-Up Town - Jay Tholen VS Shael Riley
2. Oh Yeaah - D-Form VS MC Chesire Grin
3. Battletoads and Double Dragon Medley - Nanaki's View VS Girlz Melon
4. Puppeteers - Superpowerless VS Conyeezy and Hairetsu
5. Secrets Don't Make Girlfriends - Nerd Army VS My Parent's Favorite Music
6. Rockin' The Rhymes - Arcane Addiction VS MC_Loki and Killa GHOZT
7. 8 Bit Flashback - Doctor Octoroc VS ZOMBIES! ORGANIZE!!
8. Barnstormin' Round - Matheus Manente VS MC Not A Rocket Scientist
9. Rhyme Pirates - Atarimatt VS Legendary Wizard
10. Blip - The Spork VS Epic-1
11. Final Solta O Frango Fantasy - killsaly
12. Sales Love - Spamtron VS TRS-1
13. It Is What It Is - Peppermint Pony VS Attack Slug and Thugmasta J

1. Jupiter Cafe - Nestroyer VS TYT
2. Give Zelda To Me - Norwegian Recycling
3. Bizarro Paradise City - Shael Riley VS Bizarro Stylus
4. Contra - ThePlasmas VS 8-Bit Duane
5. I Like Anime - majin wreck VS IllGIll, Magitek, Kabuto the Python, Emperor Pilaf, and Random
6. The Flow - DJ Snyder VS Dual Core
7. Revolution - Temp Sound Solutions VS Shinobi, Kabuto the Python, and Conyeezy
8. Love's Blade - Beethovenboy VS nameless
9. King of the Dirt - Bit Mummy VS King Nasty
10. Megaman X Medley - Videogame Orchestra VS Girlz Melon
11. I Don't Pay For Shit - IllGill VS mCRT
12. Blue Skies - Megatone VS King Pheenix
13. Sentimental Graffiti - Swampyboy VS Category

Special thanks to EMPulse for mastering, Doctor Octoroc for artwork, and Madhatter for website design! Also NoWhistlers for telling me about who is pressing the album. More Special thanks to all the artists of course who made this project happen, as well as everyone who has supported this endeavor since HCNC1 last year. Even more special thanks to MisterB, Hex, Shinobi Onibocho, Chibi Ma, and Lo Tech for moral support.

Once again download it at

Hey! Listen! volume 3 mixtape from Game Music 4 All

I am very happy to announce volume 3 in a monthly series of 5 song "mixtapes" from GM4A. The series is called Hey! Listen! and asks you to do just that! Check out the first mixtape page for info about how this mixtape series works. We are bringing you an extra heavy dose of VG rock on this album from the likes of Chile based ThePlasmas as well as East Coast rockers Rare Candy! Not only that, but we have a great laid back VG remix from all around nerd musician sli, and some great nerdcore hip hop from hiphopmcdougal. We top it all off with a beautiful closing song from NES Rock newcomers I Fight Dragons. All this is wonderfully labeled with artwork by good friend Leo Camacho. Well don't just sit there, dig in!

Download the album (including art, and liner notes)
In RAR file | In ZIP file

Liner Notes

Album Cover |Original Artwork

Track listing and artwork:
1. ThePlasmas - SuperMario

2. hiphopmcdougal - Venomous Vapors

3. sli - Wobbly Rings

4. Rare Candy - Chrono Trigger - Undersea Palace / Schala's Theme / The Day the World Revived

5. I Fight Dragons - With You

Album Artwork by Leo Camacho

About the artwork:
The artwork is a remixed version of an art piece titled "The Unusual Suspects." The artwork was created last minute by Leo Camacho (who will be next months artist as well), so huge thanks to him on putting something great together on only a few days notice! Sadly we had our original artist have to drop off the project due to family affairs, but best of luck to her, and hope to have her on a future album!

Thanks again to everyone who checks out this album! Thank you for taking an interest in brand new and amazing music! Thank you to all the bands and artists kind enough to contribute their hard work for the mixtape! Thanks again to Hotdog Storm for hosting duties! Also thanks to any other sites, artists, blogs, or just regular folks who spread the word about these mixtapes!

Girlz Melon VS Nanaki's View music video for Here Comes a New Challenger II Turbo

Last week we announced our next compilation, Here Comes a New Challenger II Turbo. To keep the buzz going, I would like to introduce an awesome music video made by Girlz Melon, a contributor to both last years HCNC as well as this years. He worked together with Nanaki's View and they both created an incredible guitar driven track called Battletoads and Double Dragon Medley. Watch the video below and head to the youtube link to check it out in fancy widescreen HD quality. This song will of course be on Here Comes a New Challenger II Turbo when it is released next month!

Hey! Listen! volume 2 mixtape from Game Music 4 All

I am very happy to announce volume 2 in a series of 5 song "mixtapes" from GM4A. The series is called Hey! Listen! and asks you to do just that! Check out the first mixtape page for info about how this mixtape series works. Anyway, I am glad to say we have another month with 5 more amazing musicians and another great artist! We have some great chiptunes from Amiga Agia, blistering nerdcore hip hop from Antisoc, not to mention some truly epic VG arrangements from Skull Kid, Monkey Kong, and XMark. This is all wrapped up into a neat little package with amazing undersea artwork by Mareyn!

Download the album (including art, wallpaper, and liner notes)
In RAR file | In ZIP file

Liner Notes

High Quality Artwork | Wallpaper

Track listing and artwork:
1. Skull Kid - Gauntlet Intro

2. Amiga Agia - Where Your Hiding

3. Antisoc - Trippin' Breakers

4. XMark - Still Alive

5. Monkey Kong - Aquatic Ambience

Album Artwork by Mareyn

About the artwork:
I think cephalopods are hilarious, with that in mind I asked about to see if anyone would want to draw some, luckily Mareyn answered the call and delivered three of the best classically trained creatures below 1,000 meters. I like to imagine these three squids playing sold out clubs in a different evolutionary setting. I have also named them! That is Inky on the left, Blobby on the right, and front and center is Admiral Inksax. I am bad with names. Anyway, the album art is also partly inspired by the final song on this compilation. Major thanks again to Mareyn and her ability to draw amazing art on pretty short notice!

Thank you to all the people who download and spread the word about this mixtape, as well as the last mixtape! I hope you are convinced of the awesomeness of these groups and decide to investigate their music further. Also a huge thanks to the bands who have been more than happy to contribute songs, and to everyone who has been willing to write about the mixtapes wherever they can. Thanks again to Alex Atchley for hosting the album on Hotdog Storm. And of course thanks to everyone who contributed to the mixtape, and look out for volume 3 already underway!

LOSER: A Sega Genesis Tribute compilation release!

Hey, do you remember that compilation thing I started putting together a few months ago?

Well it is done! Head over to to download the 39 track compilation dedicated 100% to the Sega Genesis! You won't regret it, unlike actually owning a Genesis instead of a Super NES!

Also huge thanks to all the artists who contributed tracks to this endeavor! It is, of course, the musicians who make the album, and are so supportive of these compilations I think up. Also thanks to Doctor Octoroc who will eventually be making album art for this compilation to replace the lameness I slapped together to open this post with. Another huge thanks to Shawn Phase of Temp Sound Solutions for undertaking the thankless (except for these thanks here) and difficult task of mastering and leveling a ton of disparate tracks.

I am tough on the Genesis folks (have been since grade school) but this album seriously rules, and I sincerely hope everyone enjoys it!

Welcome to World 2 available for online purchasing!

After a bit of a delay, we finally have online ordering available to those of you within the US (and maybe outside the country, still figuring out logistics and all)!

Just head straight over to the official Welcome to World 2 website at to order the album, see what bands and songs are on it, read the liner notes provided by many of the bands, and even download 8 exclusive free songs! To get the album, a minimum donation of US $7 is required, but a donation of $12 or above will get you both the Welcome to World 2 album, as well as the Music EXP album, which is also for online sale!

Check out the Music EXP website at

You can peruse the Music EXP site for a couple free b-sides from this album as well! Music EXP is our first anniversary compilation and still includes many songs only available on that CD. This one also retails for a donation of $7, but as I said before, $12 gets you both albums together!

A ton of wonderful musicians and artists have worked extremely hard on these albums and it truly shows! Thank you in advance to anyone who donates to receive an album!

SEGA GENESIS/MEGADRIVE TRIBUTE! looking for submissions!

OK Everyone, time for our next compilation! What we are looking for are any and all songs about the Sega Genesis (or Megadrive, if you will)

192KBPS or better quality track

I need your email address, and myspace URL if you have one

song can be made specifically for this album, or donated from previous work

Remix/Cover of songs from Sega Genesis games - Please let me know the game and original song name so we don't have ten covers of the first level of sonic or something

Songs with Lyrics - The instrumentation can be a game song remix or original tune, as long as you are singing/rapping about the genesis or a game found on the sega genesis!

Songs are needed by October 1st! And the songs should be well and cleanly recorded, and be awesome!

PS. If you are doing a sonic cover, pick something obscure, all the most recognizable ones are taken! Also, I want an SNES diss song somewhere on this compilation!

Game Music 4 All Listening Party July 20th @ Barcade in Los Angeles

Hey everyone, hope you had a blast at the concert last night! It was a huge success and I will have a detailed report of it very soon, but what I wanted to talk about now is in one week from the concert, we are having a listening party for the compilations we have released thus far! We are having a fun get together at Miss T's Barcade in Los Angeles to show off our compilations for you fine folks, chat about video games and music, play some classic arcade titles for 25 cents each (I rock a few of the classics, be warned). Also, it's FREE!

The event will be at Miss T's Barcade from 6pm-10pm Sunday July 20th.

The address is
Miss T's Barcade
371 N. Western Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90004

Last but not least, here's the flier! Two fliers in fact!

Level Up! Level 2! Tomorrow! Are we all set to rock!?

I just wanted to post a reminder about our concert, which is TOMORROW! CLICK HERE FOR FULL INFO. I hope we will be seeing a lot of you awesome readers in attendance, It will be awesome, I assure you! With acts like Hot Waffles, ZeaLouS1, The Megas, and Super Barrio Brothers to rock or rap your face off as necessary. Not to mention perhaps some appearances from Push Start and IllGill to boot. It should be an epic night of rocking out, and just hanging out with fellow gamers and music lovers. I for one can't wait!

Also, Don't forget! Our brand new compilation Welcome to World 2 will be available at the concert as well, for those interested in purchasing it!

Oh, also want to show off this awesome flier the CIA did for us!

Getting ready for Nerdapalooza South East

So looks like I am heading out tomorrow to partake in the festivities known as Nerdapalooza. An event taking place in Florida this July 4th and 5th. If you are in the area, you really have no choice but to attend!

Anyway, I'm just about all packed up. But before I head out I figured why not let you take a look at what I have been up to!

This is the case of our brand new compilation, Welcome to World 2 which celebrates our second anniversary as a website! Nerdapalooza is going to be the place of this compilations launch (although we are throwing our official launch party soon)! Artwork is by the amazing Jay Tholen, to which I give many props to. I'm busy burning more copies of the album as I write this in fact. I should have about 30-40 copies of the album to sell at Nerdapalooza. They are going to go for five bucks each for interested parties. And don't fret folks who won't be at NaP SE, the album should be going up for online sale shortly after I return home!

Also, WtW2 won't be the only compilation I'll be selling out there.
That's right! I will also have copies of our first anniversary compilation Music EXP for sale, as well as a handful of pressed Here Comes a New Challenger CD's. Both of which will also be going for five bucks each.

And finally, for those looking to represent GM4A in style (or just stick things on your friends stuff to bug them) we'll have plenty of stickers to get out to you fine folks!
This will probably be my last post from home, but expect sporadic Nerdapalooza updates throught the rest of the week!

Level Up! Level 2! Sunday July 13th in Los Angeles! [UPDATE]

That's right. GM4A has been in business another year, and in doing so are throwing another birthday bash!

Once again the show will be at the CIA in North Hollywood, California. Artists performing are some of LA's finest talent, such as The Megas, ZeaLouS1, and Super Barrio Brothers. It's going to be a fantastic concert to say the least!

The show is 10$ and the doors open at 8:30pm and the show starts at 9. Show up and hang out with us, watch some amazing music, and enjoy being amongst your VGIM brethren!

Also, this will be the official release of our second anniversary album Welcome to World 2! So if you are around Los Angeles, this will be the place to pick up the album!

[UPDATE] We have also just confirmed the band Hot Waffles to perform at the show as well!

2nd Anniversary today! Welcome to World 2 Anniversary Compilation announcement!

Man, two years, and I don't really know what to say. I can go through a giant everyone rocks list like I did on New Years, but I think that one still pretty much suffices as the standard. I could gloat about how our recent free compilations have gotten tons of downloads and that our page views have continued to outdo themselves every month this year. I could also probably beg you to donate money to the site (in that donate button at the top there) so that we can get bigger. I could even just yell at you for not spreading the word about this site more.

Nah. No heavy handed stuff this time. Maybe later though, you can never rule it out. What I do want to do today is simply tell you about our awesome new second anniversary compilation that is coming out very soon!

The album is called Welcome to World 2 and is a celebration of our second year running this site! We have some amazing musicians contributing exclusive songs to us this year for you to enjoy. Here's a rundown of all the bands confirmed so far.

8 Bit Instrumental
8-bit Philharmonic
The Adventures of Duane and BrandO
Danimal Cannon
Dual Core
Elijah B Torn
Entertainment System
Girlz Melon
Lucas Park
Matheus Manente
The Megas
Nicole Adams feat. starla
Player Two
Random Encounter
Select Start
Spheres of Chaos
Temp Sound Solutions
This Arm is Gun
Videogame Orchestra

All of the songs from these folks will be exclusive to this compilation! There will be even more musicians confirmed as well as we get closer to releasing this album! Hope everyone is excited to hear some amazing new tunes!

And here comes the heavy handed stuff now. I would like to sincerely thank every person I've had the chance to work with and talk to in the course of running this site. All your support, input, kindness, and most of all friendship is endlessly appreciated! You people know who you are!

Oh yeah, and if you are interested, check out our very first post

Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch! Super Mario RPG Tribute Album out today! FREE! 3 Discs worth of music!

Finally, after several months, tons of work, and lots of nostalgia, I am very very excited to announce that the Super Mario RPG Tribute Album known as Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch! is now 100% finished and ready to download, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Head to this link to download

This album started out with the idea of a humble EP, but support quickly swelled until we ended up with the 3-disc beast seated before you. I have been incredibly lucky to get so much support from musicians, fans, bloggers, artists and more! You can check my more in depth thanks on the compilation web page. I am also glad to know that there are so many Super Mario RPG fans like me who are very excited about this compilation! This is the first video game tribute we have ever organized and I think we did a great job. This is merely the first of many to come! Anyway, enough of my rambling. CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE AND DOWNLOAD THE COMPILATION!

I also want to quickly mention that Kenley of the wonderful Into the Score Podcast and wonderful friend of the site has created an episode 20 that coincides with our compilation and discusses all the original music from Super Mario RPG. Click here and check out episode 20: The Music of the Mushroom Kingdom!

Also view the track listing and album art below!


01 - Super Pipe House [Nostalgia] - Videogame Orchestra

02 - Koopa's Castle - Bit Mummy

03 - Oh Yeah - Shin Phatman

04 - Explanation! - Girlz Melon

05 - Fight Against Monsters - LET'S GET INVISIBLE!

06 - Still, the Road is Full of Dangers - Girlz Melon

07 - Invincible Star - A Linear Particle

08 - Hello, Happy Kingdom - DJ RoboRob

09 - Cloaco of Croakers (Kero Sewers) - Shaun Carley

10 - Radpole Pond - Platformer

11 - SHOCK! - 8-Bit Bonanza

12 - Sad Song - Girlz Melon

13 - The Road is Full of Dangers - Hat

14 - Let's Play in the Orchestra Pit 'Geno' - Chris Porter

15 - Geno Awakens - Two Playa Game

16 - Beware The Forest's Mushrooms - Nanaki's View

17 - Rose Town - Videogame Orchestra

18 - From Inside the Earthen Pipe - Girlz Melon

19 - Let's Race (nU tacK's Pole Position mix) - nU tacK

20 - Welcome! Yo'ster Island!! - The Hmmm

21 - Hard-working Moles are Good Moles - 8-bit Philharmonic

22 - Got a Star Piece - Playing With Power

23 - Flubber Mountain - Mazedude

24 - A New Partner - Girlz Melon

25 - Booster Tower - The OneUps

26 - Find the Top - My Parent's Favorite Music

27 - Waffle Iron Violator (Fight Against a Stronger Monster) - Spamtron


01 - Wii Tried - Dom1

02 - Long Long Ago (nU tacK was a raver mix) - nU tacK

03 - Heart Beating Faster (nU tacK's Beats r Harder mix) - nU tacK

04 - Exquisite Celebration - Matheus Manente

05 - Slop[e] - God Owes Me Munnie

06 - The Starlight's Flower - Matheus Manente

07 - Here's Some Weapons - Girlz Melon

08 - SUNKEN CHIP - Techfool

09 - Piracy - Chozo Ninpo & MC Inadequate

10 - Castle In the Sky - Nameless

11 - Barrel Volcano - CygnosiC

12 - Axem Rangers Drop In - 8-Bit Suicide

13 - Raving With the Big Bosses - Lucas Park

14 - Hail Victory! - Lies Media Fetus

15 - Let's Do the Fooka Fooka (2nite) - Emergency Pizza Party

16 - Conversation With Culex - Girlz Melon

17 - Battle With Culex - Temp Sound Solutions

18 - Break the Fourth Wall - Arcane Addiction

19 - Where Am I Going? Remix - Stephen White

20 - Rekoopa Kickback - Tone 3 & Psychosiz

21 - Bring the Hammer Down (I Am the King) - Lucas Park

22 - The End - 8-Bit Philharmonic


01 - Slop[e] w/ Vocals - God Owes Me Munnie

02 - Explanation! - 8-Bit Bonanza

03 - Grandpa and the Delightful Tadpoles - The Tsunami Effect

04 - Sad Song - The Decent Ortega

05 - Mama Luigi (feat. Epic-1) - Snyder

06 - Koopa's Castle (first time extended adventure mix) - Bit Mummy

07 - Invincible Star - The Robot Diaries

08 - Fighting Bowser Beginning CTKY - Video Mummy

09 - Fight Against Monsters - The Tsunami Effect

10 - Mario's Invincible Madness - nU tacK

11 - Mystery of the Starry Hills - Lucas Park

12 - Battle with Bowser - Crystal Fortress Lvl 16

13 - Mario & Yoshi - medley - Videogame Orchestra

14 - Shin P's a Grate Guy - Shin Phatman

15 - 100 Fight Monsters - AnthemAudio

16 - Mallow's Theme - (Cerebro Desipierto Remix) - Crystal Fortress Lvl 16

17 - My Name is Bukki (Mad Railway Mix) - MechaB.E.A.R.

18 - A Conversation With Culex - Facundo Castro

19 - Conversation With Culex (no synth) - Girlz Melon

20 - Valentina (Lo-fi remix) - MechaB.E.A.R.

21 - Weapons Factory - The Tsunami Effect

22 - Hammered - Tiger vs Crane

23 - Scrub the Ground - T-Byte

24 - Let's Try - Audi0scribbler

Once again, head to to download the entire album!

Here Comes a New Challenger, out now! download it FREE!

That's Right! the Here Comes a New Challenger compilation is finally out! Consisting of over 20 tracks by over 35 artists! I sincerely hope you enjoy our first free internet compilation. This is only the first of many to come!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this album a reality, and thanks to everyone who will give it a listen!

Download it now and find out more at the official site:

Also be sure to Digg this news!

Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch! Music Video

I worked on this for a good while. This is the song "Find the Top" by the group My Parent's Favorite Music, for the Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch! compilation. Enjoy, and hope this gets you even more excited about this release!

For more Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch info, check this link!

Here Comes a New Challenger album release date set

Looks like we will have over 30 artists collaborating on over 20 songs! Some of those artists are featured below in our epic flash trailer brought to us by Doctor Octoroc. Click "Play" below to watch the preview and learn the release date!

If you would like to post this flash on your website, myspace, etc, and I can't imagine why you wouldn't, then grab the Flash code below!