Melt Channel releases total chiptune rock album Magic Is Real


I've always believed in magic, but it's nice to get some confirmation from an amazing group such as Melt Channel. Their latest album, Magic is Real, is a wonderful blend of live rock and chiptune programming.

The magical vibe starts softly but turns into a riot of instruments pounding away in pronouncement of the arrival of "Wizards in America." 

The album continues its sonic assault of room rocking chiptune dance rock. It's damn near impossible to sit still while I listen to the album and write this review. It all hits a fever pitch by the time "Homerun Heaven" comes blaring out of my speakers. dozens of pixelated action scenarios fill my head as the song drives fearlessly forward.

As with many rock groups, Melt Channel fills the final moments of Magic is Real with the somber but uplifting "i love u." Also, considering that Melt Channel has some of the most impeccable grammar of any bandcamp page I've seen, I can't help but believe the lack of proper spelling or titling is an implicit clue to the meaning of the album's finale. Perhaps, of course, I am just being a conspiracy loving writing nerd.

Album available now for free or choose your own price over on the Melt Channel bandcamp page.