Vibrant chiptune melodies in Metal Case Mental Case by Vidboy

Eclectic chiptune compositions. 

Quality chiptune album from 2013 that I failed to post about.

This album is a love letter to old video game and computer sounds. Beep boop.
— Vidboy

Debut album of chiptune pop punk 'Cool Weird Future' by Weird At Last

The four track debut of Weird At Last, a chiptune pop punk group out of Long Island, New York. 

Recorded at Jon’s Apartment in West Babylon, NY
And Garrett’s apartment in Brooklyn, NY
Engineered by Jon Greco, Garrett Weinholtz, and Mike Costa
Produced by Mike Costa
Mixed and Mastered by Nick Zinnanti
Album Artwork by Joe Hogan
Logo designed by Nick Palermo
— Weird At Last

Lo-fi chiptune pop album Mighty Social Lion by The J. Arthur Keenes Band

As mysterious as ever

Been a long time since I had a chance to mention J. Arthur Keenes Band. Seems I failed to mention the lo-fi pop of Mighty Social Lion from 2013. That is now rectified. Jam to this vibrant album of live and electronic sounds and soothing vocals.

A bunch of songs by The J. Arthur Keenes Band in 'Fuzzy Posters & Pain (demo)'

There is something blindingly brilliant about The J. Arthur Keenes band. Ever since I heard Pamplemousse I fell in love with the whole band. Some of my favorite songs in my life  are because JAK took forum requests for song ideas. Luckily there is yet more to be heard from the mighty JAK Band. 8 unreleased tracks from a never before released collection of songs written in 2013, probably. 

I still remember a rare chance of hanging out with Danimal Cannon, and my ringtone was a classic from Pamplemousse, naturally. When Dan heard it, we discussed the album, which had recently come out on the now retired Pause netlabel. He said he didn't care for it! GASP To each their own of course, but my amount of shock at someone not liking The J. Arthur Keenes Band debut showed me that I really think this guy-roup is amazing.

I don't need to write about the album. Hit play. This album sells itself.

The great lost J. Arthur Keenes Band album — a bunch of songs written and recorded in about a week in the winter of 2013, I think? Now available for the first time to the hungry public.
— The J. Arthur Keenes Band

Video game pop mashup mixtape 'Critical Hits' by Swordmaster Bluff


Half hour of genre spanning VGM mashups

Now this is exactly what I want to find when I'm on soundcloud searching for video game inspired music. I definitely feel inspired when I listen to this mix. I hope the Swordmaster is sharpening his blade because it's been a while since this release and I hope he ain't finished yet.

A half-hour mash-up of video game music and pop music!
— Swordmaster Bluff

Nerdcore chip-pop from Professor Shyguy in 'Rated Heart'


The problem with plunging into the deeper recesses of video game inspired music is that I can easily miss out on the bigger releases in the process. I am only now discovering Professor Shyguy, and I'm glad I did.

That Chip-pop style I enjoy so much from the likes of The Grammar Club and Shael Riley is alive and well in Professor Shyguy's latest. Then the cameos by the incredible musicians Amanda Lepre, and Duane and Brando on their respective tracks make great contrasts of musical styles that I don't hear often enough in VGM.

Check out the latest, and, as far as I know, greatest, from Professor Shyguy, Rated Heart on bandcamp for $10 download.

Melt Channel releases total chiptune rock album Magic Is Real


I've always believed in magic, but it's nice to get some confirmation from an amazing group such as Melt Channel. Their latest album, Magic is Real, is a wonderful blend of live rock and chiptune programming.

The magical vibe starts softly but turns into a riot of instruments pounding away in pronouncement of the arrival of "Wizards in America." 

The album continues its sonic assault of room rocking chiptune dance rock. It's damn near impossible to sit still while I listen to the album and write this review. It all hits a fever pitch by the time "Homerun Heaven" comes blaring out of my speakers. dozens of pixelated action scenarios fill my head as the song drives fearlessly forward.

As with many rock groups, Melt Channel fills the final moments of Magic is Real with the somber but uplifting "i love u." Also, considering that Melt Channel has some of the most impeccable grammar of any bandcamp page I've seen, I can't help but believe the lack of proper spelling or titling is an implicit clue to the meaning of the album's finale. Perhaps, of course, I am just being a conspiracy loving writing nerd.

Album available now for free or choose your own price over on the Melt Channel bandcamp page.

Listen to Destroy Metroid (feat. Amanda Lepre) by Professor Shyguy

Amazing collaboration between Professor Shyguy and the always amazing Amanda Lepre in tribute to the greatest game series ever, Metroid.

It's like chiptune pop metal and I love it. 

The Flight Away uses Sega Genesis to create vibrant pop melodies in Sega Swing

Perhaps it is because of the shadow of Michael Jackson that lives on in the Sega Genesis' FM chip. Maybe it's the pop sensibilities of Jun Senoue and Crush 40 from the Sonic The Hedgehog series. All I know is that the Genesis is custom built for the catchy synth sounds captured in The Flight Away's latest album, Sega Swing.

Pop music isn't always the most well-liked, especially in a genre as niche as VG inspired Genesis sampled chiptune music, but those pop sensibilities are necessary and very much appreciated as I continue to adventure through the vibrant depths of video game inspired music.