SNACK, the incredible chiptune rock debut by Linnani Vaanija


I heard of this album because I was tagged on Twitter. Not even @'ed. Just tagged. Don't matter though. Get me your album somehow. Doesn't have to be a classy PR letter. Just make sure I know about it. So without much more info than that though, this didn't exactly shoot to the top of my must listen list. During a shuffle through the latest albums I've got here, the Track “Abyss” popped up. It starts off slow, but then BAM, once it really kicked off,  I had to stop what I was doing, writing an earlier episode of this, and say, 'what the H is this?” The H it's Linanni Vaanija. Grab the album for ten euro, and you should. 

SNACK, the debut album of Linnani Vaanija.

For contact, send a message to @KissaKolme on Twitter.
— Linnani Vaanija