SNACK, the incredible chiptune rock debut by Linnani Vaanija

SNACK, the incredible chiptune rock debut by Linnani Vaanija

I heard of this album because I was tagged on Twitter. Not even @'ed. Just tagged. Don't matter though. Get me your album somehow. Doesn't have to be a classy PR letter. Just make sure I know about it. So without much more info than that though, this didn't exactly shoot to the top of my must listen list. During a shuffle through the latest albums I've got here, the Track “Abyss” popped up. It starts off slow, but then BAM, once it really kicked off,  I had to stop what I was doing, writing an earlier episode of this, and say, 'what the H is this?” The H it's Linanni Vaanija. Grab the album for ten euro, and you should. 

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Press Start with the 8-bit Jazz Heroes

Press Start with the 8-bit Jazz Heroes

I had the chance to catch these folks performing at MAGWest last year, and have been looking forward to this album for a minute. Glad to finally share this smooth collection of classic game sounds. Fans of Nintendo soundtracks better listen up. Super Mario and Legend of Zelda get some special attention, along with a tribute to Metroid along with the original Tetris.

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Viking Guitar Live keeps the world metal with Warpath

Viking Guitar Live keeps the world metal with Warpath

I've seen half of this band perform at multiple times, in multiple places. One day I will see the full band in one place at one time though. Got to have life goals. VGL really runs the gauntlet here with seven tracks from seven different series. None of them Gauntlet though. We do got some Mega Man X2, Ninja Gaiden 2, The 7th Saga, aaand Zelda, Secret of Mana and Ghosts 'n' Goblins. One series being an anime and not a game, though I think there was a Trigun game once.

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The Mimmos' self titled album

The Mimmos' self titled album

When I first hit play on this EP, it suddenly washed over me how much I enjoy this band. The album seems to pick up right where 2015's Rowboat EP left off. Building from the lo-fi crunch of Rowboat to the clear, assured sounds of this album, it feels like a nice, natural progression of The Mimmos' sound. As with the previous album, there are many references to water, the sea, and water related things, which I really love. Water might be my second favorite reference point for music, the first being outer space.

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The original Now Youre Playing With Powar by temp sound solutions, available now

It's the one that started it all! Remastered and available on bandcamp! The track mappyland is just a wonderful assault of beautiful sound that feels good to my ears. 

released in december of 2002, this album laid the groundwork for the NYPWP series, with thousands of video game covers to come. 4 bonus tracks are included in download. this is AFX 63.
— temp sound solutions

Metal tribute to Legend of Zelda, 'Hey, Listen!' from A Sense of Purpose

Can't get enough of new interpretations of Legend of Zelda! Ohio based metal group A Sense of Purpose lays down this four track tribute to the classic Nintendo franchise.

Produced by Steve Perrino at Compass Audio
Additional production, mixing, and mastering by Danny Cullman at Central 8 Studios
— A Sense of Purpose

Chilean produced VGM compilation WORLD 1-1 from Pixel Quemado


Pixel Quemado is a collective of video game inspired musicians out of Chile, and their first compilation is impressive. featuring both known and unknown talent for readers of this blog. I'm glad to be knowing all these artists and groups now though! This compilation is dedicated to those most memorable of opening stage themes. From Mega Man to Kirby, Doom, Metroid and more, reintroduce yourself to these classic games with these epic VGM rearrangements. 

it’s our first full-Length album of arrangements of video game music like Pixel Quemado, collective of artists of vgmusic from Chile. As its name indicates, this first job (hopefully the first of many! ) is made up just for tracks of “ Stage 01 “ or “ first stage / level “ of varied degrees classical and modern from undertale, metal slug, donkey kong country, doom, Metroid, Megaman, Kirby and more! :)
In this album included the talented YZYX Kbt Psycho Crusher,,,, Pokérus VGMusic Satou and other guests as from Jazztick Milton Jara and DarkSness Tributo Al SuperNintendo in arrangements that van From the experimental rock to metal heavier.
— Pixel Quemado

A review of the genre spanning, multi-game medleys of 'Chaos Theatre' by The Runaway Four

A review of the genre spanning, multi-game medleys of 'Chaos Theatre' by The Runaway Four

It's the long awaited debut studio album from Vancouver's The Runaway Four. The six song album reminds me of classic rock albums like Pink Floyd. I'm talking, the type of album that only has half a dozen tracks, but lasts an hour and takes you through a variety of genres and emotions.

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The Mad Gear release debut album, 'The Mad Gear Must Pay'

I've been following the epic rock exploits of The Mad Gear for a minute, and I'm glad to finally be able to mention that they have an album out! The premiere album from this group features live band arrangements of classics like Chrono Trigger, Star Fox, Donkey Kong Country 2, Sonic, and about a dozen more.

I'm very partial to their rendition of Black omen from the aforementioned Chrono Trigger, originally composed by Yasunori Mitsuda.

The Mad Gear Must Pay! was recorded by the band themselves. With only a few exceptions, what you hear are real instruments. Editing and quantization were also kept to a minimum. This is what The Mad Gear sounds like, warts and all.
— The Mad Gear

Mint Potion drop the Launch EP, a collection of game inspired jam sessions

Read the quote below to get a better idea of what Mint Potion is all about. As long as Jake 'virt' Kaufman is releasing new music I am elated. The fact that he grabs a crew of other talented musicians and gets the funk out. Well I am all on board. Check out their website to find, hear, see more.

This is the first of our weekly collections of jams that are each written, produced, and mastered within a single 6-hour session, during Small Window, our flagship show. Mint Potion is a streaming creative team that makes music, games, and videos WITH our viewers. Also included are bonus themes from our other new shows!
Every quarter, the lead single will get the ROYAL TREATMENT and be produced into an insane masterpiece that we’ll release in a compilation, but these weekly singles will still be good enough to get the booty moving, and they’ll only get tighter as we get our groove down.
Join us every week to watch these songs get made:
— Mint Potion

Listen to Frog & Cid's Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time medley of Song of Healing & Lost Woods

A while back, the VGM duo Frog & Cid were kind enough to share this track from their debut album of VGM rearrangements, Boss Chamber Music. The Frog & Cid arrangement starts off appropriately slow, letting each note rise and fall up until the Skull Kid's sudden appearance. The mood shifts quickly into the upbeat sounds of Lost Woods, and seems to careen out of control up until the end. Be sure to grab this track an the full Boss Chamber Music album for approximately $10 from LoudriTunesSpotify, and/or Google Play.

The Belmonts mysterious debut tribute to Castlevania, the '(Cassette EP)'

the belmonts

It's been a long time since I talked about new music by The Megas… and it's going to be a long time yet. The Belmonts debut with a three track EP telling a tale of vampires and violence. Why did I even bring up the Megas actually?

One thing I am seriously kicking myself over is that this album dropped less than a day before I recorded my SUBCON podcast tribute to Castlevania. Of course the full on wall of rock that The Belmonts drop are far from the norm on SUBCON, I'd have made it work.

The Belmonts rearrange "Bloody Tears" from Simon's Quest, as well as two solid gold classics by Kinuyo Yamashita, "Out of Time" and "Heart of Fire" from the original Castlevania soundtrack. Great timing on the album of course, what with Castlevania celebrating it's 30 Anniversary on September 26.

A mysterious demo tape recently arrived at Dr. Light Studios.

Wrapped in parchment and sealed with wax, the only correspondence included with the cassette was a note reading:

Release me.
-The Belmonts

Could it be, this fabled band is more than just a rumor? Tales of an obscure outfit hailing from Romania have followed us like a phantom - doppelgängers from another place and time whose sound and story are eerily similar to our own...

Who are we to reject their request? We digitized the tape, and here are the results.

The Megas present: The Belmonts.
— The Megas

Almost 20 minutes of epic metal Mega Man music by ThePlasmas

Hard hitting guitar, driving double pedal drums, and everything else metal all in tribute to the very much made out of metal Blue Bomber. Take a moment out of your day to rock out to this epic medley of Mega Man themes.

8 Bit Instrumental - Extended Pixels: More Music From Lobei EP

Check out the 2009 album that started it all for 8 Bit Instrumental, a group I have written about numerously in the past, but for some reason I never blogged about their debut effort.

The first EP composed originally by the band.
— 8 Bit Instrumental

ThePlasmas release Battletoads & Double Dragon tribute album of heavy metal remixes

Looking for trouble. 

Check out this short, over the top tribute to the music from sidescrolling beatemup classic Battletoads & Double Dragon. The Plasmas turn one of their famous medleys into an album of bit size arrangements to enjoy in any order you wish.

Progressive metal videogame arrangement album 'Worlds That Never Were' by Fisherman's Horizon

Beyond the horizon. 

Stirring rearrangements of a dozen classic retro game themes from the four piece group Fisherman's Horizon. 

Fisherman’s Horizon are:

Álex Garcigregor: Keyboards, Piano, iPad, backing vocals
Diego Matas: Bass guitars, backing vocals
Iván Rivero: Guitars, ukelele, backing vocals
Pablo García de Gregorio: Drums, percussion, backing vocals

Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced at Basamento Studios by Álex Garcigregor (except Vocals in Last of the cetra and Quejío in La Rumba del Bosque Loco)

Sound design, additional guitars, additional bass guitar and additional percussion by Álex Garcigregor

Artwork and design by Pablo García de Gregorio

Album concept and all arrangements by Fisherman’s Horizon, except Merry-go-rain, arranged by Álex Garcigregor.
— Fisherman's Horizon

Debut album 'Warp Zone' by VG rock band The Koopas

Enter the zone. 

The first CD from the Central Coasts BEST (and only) Video Game Cover Band! The Koopas hail from world 8-8 and are ready to unleash their brand of music they have picked up from not only the Mushroom Kingdom, but all over videoland!!! (The real story, The Koopas are a group of friends with a love for video games and music)
— Warp Zone