"Stay Awhile and Listen" the latest album from VGM RPG band The World is Square


There is nothing quite like the release of a VG Rock album. Getting a whole group together in the name of classic game music, well that sir is a thing of beauty. 

The latest album from The World is Square is an album's worth of the finest music Square-Enix could muster in the sixteen bit era.

As an aside, discussing Square and Square-Enix is annoying as hell. Should I call them Square when discussing their rich archive of classic games, or should I call them Square-Enix because that is their name right now? Hell, should I just call them Squaresoft? How about Square EA even?

The world is certainly square in the oldest sense of the word, as these classic songs come from the golden age of Square games (and one Enix game). A time when every game they made seemed to be an instant classic. Final Fantasy VI along with Chronos both Trigger and Cross make strong showings in this album. The band also digs deep for a nice little tune from cult classic Final Fantasy Tactics.

Any time there is a full band arrangement of music from Super Mario RPG, I am all about that. I'll have to remember to play this track on repeat next time I play the game. Then there is the absolutely out of left field Enix produced arrangement from Grandia II, and don't even get me started on what to call Enix. 

After repeated lessons, I have found that my favorite track is the spicy "Damn! That's a Funky Frog! (Frog's Theme) - Chrono Trigger." The catchy cover is so wonderfully upbeat, the perfect song to hear live. Perhaps the world will be more square on the west coast some time soon.

You can grab the full album for $10 in digital or CD form via The World is Square's bandcamp page.