The Cheat Code release audiovisual space adventure soundtrack Sélénite (Live)


Explore the alien landscapes of the new album Sélénite (live) from Dataglitch and The Cheat Code, a visual and musical interpretation of Victor Lejeune's illustrated short story Sélénite. A circuit-bending, ambient chiptune journey through the cold vastness of space. 

The music is very spacious, and sometimes disorienting, but seems to always come back to fall back into place only to escape again. It does a great job of using effects and silence to force the vastness of space on you. This, along with the vast assortment of electronic beeps and buzzes can evoke some of the more disorienting Hip Tanaka tracks of Super Metroid and Earthbound fame.

Due to the ambient nature of a significant portion of the album, the rhythmic, almost danceable beats that make their way in and out of the songs create an amazing juxtaposition. As if you found the only sentient life station within a few light years and it's bumpin'. This is most pronounced on my favorite song, the near final track, "Ville secrète" with its wiry use of bending notes and adding strange tones throughout. The finale also leaves a lot of musical questions about this journey, guess you'll have to read the book!