New album of electronic, game inspired rhythms by That Andy Guy - 'Oh No, Not That Andy Guy'

Whelp, looks like it's That Andy Guy, back with an album that was three years in the making. Listen to these vibrant, game inspired chiptune jams. TAG runs through quite a few electronic genres, all with an upbeat, often frenetic pace. Grab the album free on That Andy Guy's Bandcamp page, or the DESKPOP SoundCloud page.

An album that’s been on my backburner for almost 3 years. I’m excited to finally be able to share all of these tunes with you! Hope you all enjoy what you hear!
released September 27, 2016

Music: That Andy Guy, Material Defender (Track 6)

Artwork: Braz_OS, BoyGraphics, Laraye

— That Andy Guy

Electronic soundscapes by Kuraine in debut EP Singularity

Debut solo EP as Kuraine. Experimental, rhythmic, a bit melodic, very conceptual. Singularity chronicles a moment in my life one year ago and the changes that have rippled infinitely into the ever-developing present.
— Kuraine

Hip Hop instrumental album 'Killa Zelda (Deku Tree)' by JDSY

Deep inside the Deku Tree

Avant-garde, Legend of Zelda inspired hip hop beats. Not for the faint of heart, or a few hearts, as the case may be. Vibrant melodies with just a hint of the nostalgic tones of classic Nintendo 64 title Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. 

composed over the course of 2 years... Deku Tree samples ‘Zelda - Ocarina of Time’ n64 soundtrack and composed on MPC2000xl... fourth ambient piece recorded analouge, summer 2010 in Portland OR... Originally packed on CD late spring of 2011 for a japan benefit concert limited to 6 copies

The latest chiptune soundtrack from Prof. Sakamoto, 'INSERT vol.3 - NINJA OR DIE'

I'm only just discovering Prof. Sakamoto, an amazing chiptune artist out of Japan. He recently released the third in his fictional game soundtrack series. This time, Sakamoto's fictional game company, Sakabot, fights for honor with a sidescrolling ninja action game.

INSERT is one of my conceptual albums which is a soundtrack of a virtual retro video game.
Volume 3 is a 2D Ninja action game.
Imagine your own visuals and feeling of the world, and enjoy it!
— Prof. Sakamoto

Lo-fi chiptune pop album Mighty Social Lion by The J. Arthur Keenes Band

As mysterious as ever

Been a long time since I had a chance to mention J. Arthur Keenes Band. Seems I failed to mention the lo-fi pop of Mighty Social Lion from 2013. That is now rectified. Jam to this vibrant album of live and electronic sounds and soothing vocals.

The AUDMONSTERS present eclectic chiptune compilation Nega Zone

Check out the eclectic chiptune sounds of Nega Zone from the many shapes, sizes, and sounds of AUDMONSTERS. From intense orchestral escapes to lo-fi glitchery, this album features a huge variety of intriguing sounds. twelve songs by twelve artists!

AUDMONSTERS artists band together for this, their third compilation album! Inspired by video game music, these tracks will take you on a pixellated journey through the world of the CRT...

A bunch of songs by The J. Arthur Keenes Band in 'Fuzzy Posters & Pain (demo)'

There is something blindingly brilliant about The J. Arthur Keenes band. Ever since I heard Pamplemousse I fell in love with the whole band. Some of my favorite songs in my life  are because JAK took forum requests for song ideas. Luckily there is yet more to be heard from the mighty JAK Band. 8 unreleased tracks from a never before released collection of songs written in 2013, probably. 

I still remember a rare chance of hanging out with Danimal Cannon, and my ringtone was a classic from Pamplemousse, naturally. When Dan heard it, we discussed the album, which had recently come out on the now retired Pause netlabel. He said he didn't care for it! GASP To each their own of course, but my amount of shock at someone not liking The J. Arthur Keenes Band debut showed me that I really think this guy-roup is amazing.

I don't need to write about the album. Hit play. This album sells itself.

The great lost J. Arthur Keenes Band album — a bunch of songs written and recorded in about a week in the winter of 2013, I think? Now available for the first time to the hungry public.
— The J. Arthur Keenes Band

Check out the outer space themed chiptune compilation 'Retrograde: New Adventures in Chiptune' from I Thought You Were A Marxist Records

There are some intense outer space jams on this album! Just the way I like my chiptunes, not from this planet. If humans finally make it to mars, they got to take this eclectic collection chiptune tracks with them.

18 months ago we commenced Operation Fuck the Moon. After impregnating Luna with our 8-bit chunks, we left for a pack of heart containers and never came back. Now we have settled on Mercury and are enjoying the metaphysical inconsistencies that are a result of our new planet’s state of retrograde, and impart it in our art. Here is a collection of musical amalgams; our new adventures in chiptune.
released May 29, 2016

Compiled, partially mastered, and art made by Andrew Robbins

Conquer Monster:
Neon Death Cat:
Doctor Robotic:
Seppuku Theatre:
Unexpected Bowtie:
Ozark Soundscape:
— I Thought You Were A Marxist Records

Check out Nanode's latest chiptune EP, Journey

Nanode drops a six track EP of room rocking chiptune action. The chipbass gets bumping right off the bat with the appropriately named opener 'Discoteque.' Nanode steers the Journey EP  through a variety of chiptune inspired genres and glitched out dance tunes.

Nanode is back again with a new LSDj based release!

These 6 tracks were worked on tirelessly with absolute love and devotion given to every second. From every wobble bass, to every bumping melody, you’ll love every second.
— Nanode

MisfitChris' PSX inspired vaporwave EP 'Strawberry Disc One'

Check out this incredible fusion of PSX sounds, smooth grooves, and ambient sounds. MisfitChris lays down some ice cold grooves on this five track tribute to the Sony Playstation 1.

Future Cute is Playstation!

Produced by MisfitChris.
Artwork by Janice De la Cruz
— MisfitChris

Game inspired chillwave debut EP 'Soft Dreams' from Marquice Turner

Like driving down a PSX Anti-aliased highway. I don't care if chillwave is a real thing or not, it is now, and this is it. Hope to hear more from Marquice Turner in the future.This is also another artist falling under the Nostalgia Infinite label, which I didn't even know was a thing until now. Good on them because I definitely loved the vibes Aviscerall and Groovy Godzilla are putting out there. To add another to their group with the same aesthetics is great to see. Keep up the good work NosInfinte!

The Debut.
— Marquice Turner

The Mimmos debut synthpop EP 'Rowboat'

Washed away. 

I got a message recently from Matt and Amanda, the duo behind the mimmos, apparently I had reviewed their work years earlier, in the form of 'the mimos'. Back in 2013 I ran across the album, an unhealthy obsession with vast and empty places, and wrote a bit about it. I was surprised to see I had actually written only a short paragraph, considering I listened to the infectious closing track of that 2010 album quite a number of times. 

Luckily The Mimmos have returned with an extra M, and a rich new sound. This means I can make up for my past transgressions with a more in depth review of Rowboat, the pair's brand new four track EP.

This album pushes every one of my artsy electronic indie pop buttons. I'm melting as I listen to this, in a good way. The sounds just wash over me and it's hard to do much else than to drown in the static soaked lo-fi sounds of the duo's four track debut.

Rowboat is the debut EP by The Mimmos. It was recorded and mixed by Matt Caucci in Berwyn Pennsylvania. The drums for Come in Rover One, Speak Hands and A Fox in the Night were performed by Jeremy Kuhar and recorded by Barry Knob at Retro City Studios in Philadelphia. The Mimmos wish to thank Paula Hanson for tremendous advice and support with mix and mastering. The EP was mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio.
— The Mimmos

Taking in the colors: Jahn Rome - Winter in Color EP review

Rhymes from the heart. 

Alt rap flows from Jahn Rome, who readers may know better as one half of beloved hip hop duo Marcus and Rome. Rome takes on some personal demons in five laid back songs. It took me a moment to get drawn into this album, and at first I was hoping for something grittier, more visceral on the first go through. More in line with the Rated 'D' For Dope album that introduced me to Jahn Rome. As I shifted through various new music though, I caught myself mumbling some of the hooks from the album, namely Way Back (Prod FKA Yandere). So despite my innate reluctance to get into a more personal type of hip hop flows, the album grabbed hold of me like a great squid.

Technically there are no true references to video games, but the light, flowing electronic grooves clearly evoke some clear chiptune stylings. Each track is produced by a different composer, but the album keeps the airy flow of rhythms consistent throughout.

As I mentioned, Rome takes a personal, introspective look at himself over five tracks. The vulnerability and self doubt he expresses in I Know You're Scared (Prod. swell) and Lead You, You Go (Prod. Alice) are expressed clearly, but far from the cornball direction some 'serious' rap can go. There are plenty of emotional highs as well, such as the aforementioned Way Back, which features plenty of hopeful and uplifting lines.

When you juxtapose this with Rome's previous album, M&R's Rated 'D' For Dope, you can see quite a bit of versatility in Rome's flows and writing.

Expect to hear a track or two from this album on future episodes of SUBCON. Needless to say, this album gets bonus points for also being a Winter album. I'm highly partial to season based music, especially ice cold winter tunes that I can bump as I melt in the summer heat starting in about a month.

Whether Jahn Rome decides to drop more solo music, or team up with Marcus for another album, I can't wait to hear more from this guy, I'll be playing this album on repeat in the mean time.

I’m ready to go.
— Jahn Rome

chiptune, metal and more in 'Pennsylvania: Area of Sorrow' by cetera

Chiptune fun. 

More shenanigans by Cetera, and they are so damn catchy.

my 2nd cetera album.
just fun, silly, tunes, for enjoy
— Cetera

SublimeCloud drops futuristic hip hop beats in the new 'Delusions of Grandeur EP'

An engrossing collection of chill hip hop beats inspired by the sights and sounds of anime, video games, and various other things that one may describe as 'kawaii' 

I definitely have to keep this album in my pocket as part of my heatwave emergency kit. The nourishing chillwave beats from SublimeCloud are the perfect respite to the constant yet unusual heatwaves that infect my home city at any given moment. 

Despite the consistent soothing nature of the album, Delusions of Grandeur holds quite a bit of variety. Opening track, "Numinous Travels," sounds somewhere between a slow dance ballad and a race track. "Sunsets With You" veers more traditionally with winding vocal samples and a mix of traditional sounds and future beats.

The final track, "See You Tomorrow," Everyone, is as grandiose as the EPs title implies. Soaring vocals, a deep bassline, and the constant smattering of samples and riffs keep the four minute song interesting right on through to the end of the album. I'd be glad to hear this track at the conclusion of any harrowing journey.

Robobok's synthwave soundtrack Gamers

Fall into the abyss

I recently ran across a red hot musician out of Mexico, Robobok, so I'm highlighting his latest album. Aptly named, Gamer, this is the soundtrack to a show called Gamer TV, at least I assume as much. Considering that the show is also based out of Mexico, and is, therefore, in spanish, I won't be able to partake of what magic the show itself may hold. 

This album on the other hand, has everything I need to understand it. Space themed chiptune instrumentals are a personal weakness of mine, and I can hardly ever say no. Robobok makes it harder than ever though with ominous themes like the haunting Dragon Core, or cavernous Mystic Orb.

All new chiptune album 'Adventure Select' by Oxvylu

Chiptune Travelling. 

Oxvylu’s first full length album “Adventure Select” is finally here! This is a follow-up to a split EP with Bit-Face released by Sinkhole Texas Records, and will not disappoint. An instant classic with songs like Cinder Dust, Recycle Robot Face and Blankets, you won’t want to miss this 8-bit trip into a videogame adventure through music! Even babies and toddlers will adore the melodies of Oxvylu... just sayin’.

Adventure Select by Oxvylu is now available for sale at

*NEW* Oxvylu Password,Recess and Ice Palace albums feature new artwork and are now remastered! Available for download at

About Oxvylu:
The artist behind Oxvylu grew up in Canada in the 80’s, and his influences range from plugging videogame systems into his home stereo when it was considered bizarre - to meeting with rock icons backstage at concerts such as Metallica, Guns ‘n Roses, Marilyn Manson, Cypress Hill and Ice-T. The end result of Oxvylu’s music is absolutely authentic, super inspired and 8-bit!
— Oxvylu