Electronic soundscapes by Kuraine in debut EP Singularity

Debut solo EP as Kuraine. Experimental, rhythmic, a bit melodic, very conceptual. Singularity chronicles a moment in my life one year ago and the changes that have rippled infinitely into the ever-developing present.
— Kuraine

Bagre drops ambient VGM hip hop album 'La Fantástica Distopia Del Hombre Pez'

I'm searching and digging, and this is what I discover. Brought to us via Lunar Tape Records, and based out of Santiago, Chile, Bagre drops an amazing and intense collection of rumbling glitched up beats which pull from hip hop and classic video game sounds. 

There are a variety of instruments and sounds in this collection. Many songs open with what sound like old radio recordings, not to mention the variety of sound effects from classic games like Earthbound, and who knows what else that I  just couldn't recognize during this laid back yet complex array of sounds. 

The artwork, and music all scream the aesthetic I take such pleasure in hearing. Give this album a listen if you love glitched out 16 bit RPGs and extra fuzz and the faint electronic tones of youth.

Desde Talca, ciudad del Sur de Chile Bagre nos presenta “La Fantástica Distopia Del Hombre Pez”. Ciencia ficcion, videojuegos y HipHop son parte del imaginario sonoro de Bagre.

From Talca, Town Southern Chile Bagre presents “La Fantástica Distopia Del Hombre Pez”. Sci -Fi, video games and HipHop make part of the soundscape of Bagre.
— Bagre

Game inspired chillwave debut EP 'Soft Dreams' from Marquice Turner

Like driving down a PSX Anti-aliased highway. I don't care if chillwave is a real thing or not, it is now, and this is it. Hope to hear more from Marquice Turner in the future.This is also another artist falling under the Nostalgia Infinite label, which I didn't even know was a thing until now. Good on them because I definitely loved the vibes Aviscerall and Groovy Godzilla are putting out there. To add another to their group with the same aesthetics is great to see. Keep up the good work NosInfinte!

The Debut.
— Marquice Turner

SublimeCloud drops futuristic hip hop beats in the new 'Delusions of Grandeur EP'

An engrossing collection of chill hip hop beats inspired by the sights and sounds of anime, video games, and various other things that one may describe as 'kawaii' 

I definitely have to keep this album in my pocket as part of my heatwave emergency kit. The nourishing chillwave beats from SublimeCloud are the perfect respite to the constant yet unusual heatwaves that infect my home city at any given moment. 

Despite the consistent soothing nature of the album, Delusions of Grandeur holds quite a bit of variety. Opening track, "Numinous Travels," sounds somewhere between a slow dance ballad and a race track. "Sunsets With You" veers more traditionally with winding vocal samples and a mix of traditional sounds and future beats.

The final track, "See You Tomorrow," Everyone, is as grandiose as the EPs title implies. Soaring vocals, a deep bassline, and the constant smattering of samples and riffs keep the four minute song interesting right on through to the end of the album. I'd be glad to hear this track at the conclusion of any harrowing journey.

The Cheat Code release audiovisual space adventure soundtrack Sélénite (Live)


Explore the alien landscapes of the new album Sélénite (live) from Dataglitch and The Cheat Code, a visual and musical interpretation of Victor Lejeune's illustrated short story Sélénite. A circuit-bending, ambient chiptune journey through the cold vastness of space. 

The music is very spacious, and sometimes disorienting, but seems to always come back to fall back into place only to escape again. It does a great job of using effects and silence to force the vastness of space on you. This, along with the vast assortment of electronic beeps and buzzes can evoke some of the more disorienting Hip Tanaka tracks of Super Metroid and Earthbound fame.

Due to the ambient nature of a significant portion of the album, the rhythmic, almost danceable beats that make their way in and out of the songs create an amazing juxtaposition. As if you found the only sentient life station within a few light years and it's bumpin'. This is most pronounced on my favorite song, the near final track, "Ville secrète" with its wiry use of bending notes and adding strange tones throughout. The finale also leaves a lot of musical questions about this journey, guess you'll have to read the book!

Listen to the latest VG inspired chillwave from Crystal Tokyo - Aeroplane


I should have more on Crystal Tokyo soon. I am really digging the spacious, relaxed tone of the full album, but have to take it all in a bit more before then.

Give a listen to "Aeroplane" by Moreno Valley, California based  from his latest, self-titled album. Haunting hip hop beats that fall somewhere between the "The Song of Unhealing" from Ben Drowned and the creepier levels of classic DKC. Currently my favorite track on the album. Hope this guy makes a Halloween album, hope this guy plays shows.

Continuum Kingdom - Adventure Forever album


Ambient chiptune fusion like floating over a sea of that type of water that kills you automatically if you fall in. Relaxing yet deep and somber. Rock along gently against these sixteen bit soundwaves in Continuum Kingdom's latest release Adventure Forever.

Make sure to stick around and here the incredible, drum-rich ending in my personal favorite track on the album, Skull Prince.

<a href="http://continuumkingdom.bandcamp.com/album/adventure-forever">Adventure Forever by Continuum Kingdom</a>

Serket, live chip jazz album by Positive Infinity

Serket by Positive Infinity

Serket was released on August 20th on Perelandra Records, a label that specializes in artists who wish to create instrumental music with chipsounds and real instruments, old and new, as they state.

Positive Infinity is a collaborative group from Miami, Florida that was created by the brothers David and Jonathan Roberts in late 2005. They have been working on Serket for a little over seven years. One of their dream was to create a jazz album where live instruments would combine with chip sounds!

Upon listening to the first track, you'll realize that this is exactly what they have achieved. Each track is carefully designed to give the listener the impression that the live instruments share the same stage as the chip instruments.

Positive Infinity's album is very well recorded and mastered. It gives the listener the impression of a private concert in their home. This feeling is reinforced by the fact that they really took the time to humanize each chip instrument. Each one of them is filled with a lot of emotion and feels as if it were real.

This album will stay in my daily playlist for a long time and if I'd have to choose, I think my personal favorite would be the title track, Serket. I like the ambient - jazz mash-up and it really sounds lively.

I'd recommend everyone go grab Positive Infinity's album or at least stream it on bandcamp, it is awesome!


Some ambient and ambitious things happening here. I can't admit that I know much at all about the Sega 32X. Are these covers, tributes, crazy chopped up remixes? I have no idea, but perhaps a more knowledgeable soul does know the truth behind Sega 32X and their impossible to pronounce MLTDS3GACDONAMRBLETBL.3x3 album. I can't quite understand what it is, but I know I like it. ambient, haunting, disorienting, soothing. All moods you may feel while listening to this album.

the mimos - an unhealthy obsession with vast and empty places album

From the depths of the ocean, to the depths of possibly some other planets ocean comes the mimos. It would appear that the mimos seems to have an unhealthy obsession with vast and empty spaces. Reflect, meditate, and dance. Listen to this when getting involved in any adventure you may or may not have asked to be involved with.

<a href="http://themimos.bandcamp.com/album/an-unhealthy-obsession-with-vast-and-empty-places">an unhealthy obsession with vast and empty places by the mimos</a>

Sweet Valley - Eternal Champ album release

Admittedly I have little data about Sweet Valley or their new album, but from what I can ascertain, the eternal champ has proven himself, and his true resolve has been revealed. A fusion of hip hop beats and electronic ambiance, with clever sampling that will make you wonder if some sort of shadow person is playing video games in the darkness just outside your vision.

The Electric Witch - NEScapism album release

Escape with The Electric Witch into a world where NES games are always playing, and their music breezes across your ears like a soft wind. There is a word for that feeling, and The Electric Witch calls it NEScapism. Listen to this album when you are driving alone at night, or as your life is flashing across your eyes.

VODUZ X AMURO - Muroduz - Vertigo EP release

Like 128 bit waves breaking on a digital shore. A dreamlike tribute to a system that aimed high, and quickly wedged its way into the classic console consortium. The Dreamcast turned thirteen just this past week. Celebrate by listening to this album, drinking a beer, and breaking out Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves or Project Justice, or any other amazing Dreamcast game that has yet to be ported correctly, in America, or at all to any other system.