Support: Temp Sound Solutions equipment upgrade and new music


I talk about the unique blend of video games and music that is Temp Sound Solutions relatively often on this blog, and in other venues which allow me to do so. Well I hope that there are now a few more TSS fans among you. 

It appears that Temp Sound Solutions are in need of new equipment for performing and recording, and you can help, as well as get tons of great music in the process.

Head over to the Temp Sound Solutions gofundme page to donate and read more. Donations can be made in any amount with rewards starting as low as $10, but reaching the $30 status of Powar Bronze grants you access to seven of Temp Sound Solutions' myriad releases, and in any format of your choosing, including CDs for many releases.

Larger donations net even greater rewards, including one I need to save up for, the $100 Powar Platinum level which yields either a song of your choosing written or covered by Temp Sound Solutions, or what I'm aiming for, the multi-DVD disc set of all the music created by Temp Sound Solutions. Either of these products also come with "a vial of tears of joy" from Shawn Phase himself.

Here is one of my favorite classic TSS tracks to get you in that donating mood.