Check out the outer space themed chiptune compilation 'Retrograde: New Adventures in Chiptune' from I Thought You Were A Marxist Records

There are some intense outer space jams on this album! Just the way I like my chiptunes, not from this planet. If humans finally make it to mars, they got to take this eclectic collection chiptune tracks with them.

18 months ago we commenced Operation Fuck the Moon. After impregnating Luna with our 8-bit chunks, we left for a pack of heart containers and never came back. Now we have settled on Mercury and are enjoying the metaphysical inconsistencies that are a result of our new planet’s state of retrograde, and impart it in our art. Here is a collection of musical amalgams; our new adventures in chiptune.
released May 29, 2016

Compiled, partially mastered, and art made by Andrew Robbins

Conquer Monster:
Neon Death Cat:
Doctor Robotic:
Seppuku Theatre:
Unexpected Bowtie:
Ozark Soundscape:
— I Thought You Were A Marxist Records