Joshua Morse drops chiptune sequel 'Waveform 4'


Musician and remixer Joshua Morse has recently released Waveform 4. The album is a catchy, surreal journey through jazz and rock inspired chiptune arrangements.

"Waveform 4 incorporates sounds from the Super Nintendo as well as FM Synthesis to form a blend of 5 original Jazz-Fusion arrangements." Joshua Morse says on the album's official bandcamp page.

It has been over a year since the release of Waveform III. This sequel to the 2012 precursor covers a lot of ground in five tracks. My personal favorite track opens the album. 'Turtle Dance 3' is an upbeat jazz that makes you want to have an elevator dance party. Another favorite is the closing track, 'It's Like Flying'. The closer starts out slow, but morphs into a soaring, over-the-top track that takes you high above the clouds. The fusion of FM synthesis mixed with samples from the SNES on this track create something akin to playing Pilotwings' skydiving stagein which you drop into 1940's Las Vegas at night.

Published August 2, the album is now available to download starting at $5.