A bunch of songs by The J. Arthur Keenes Band in 'Fuzzy Posters & Pain (demo)'

There is something blindingly brilliant about The J. Arthur Keenes band. Ever since I heard Pamplemousse I fell in love with the whole band. Some of my favorite songs in my life  are because JAK took forum requests for song ideas. Luckily there is yet more to be heard from the mighty JAK Band. 8 unreleased tracks from a never before released collection of songs written in 2013, probably. 

I still remember a rare chance of hanging out with Danimal Cannon, and my ringtone was a classic from Pamplemousse, naturally. When Dan heard it, we discussed the album, which had recently come out on the now retired Pause netlabel. He said he didn't care for it! GASP To each their own of course, but my amount of shock at someone not liking The J. Arthur Keenes Band debut showed me that I really think this guy-roup is amazing.

I don't need to write about the album. Hit play. This album sells itself.

The great lost J. Arthur Keenes Band album — a bunch of songs written and recorded in about a week in the winter of 2013, I think? Now available for the first time to the hungry public.
— The J. Arthur Keenes Band

Listen to FFmusic Dj & Geoffrey Taucer's bluesy ToeJam & Earl remix 'Killer Toe Funk'

Down home outer space guitar funk

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ReMixers: FFmusic Dj, Geoffrey Taucer
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• Game: ToeJam & Earl (Sega, 1992, GEN)
• ReMixer(s): FFmusic Dj, Geoffrey Taucer
• Composer(s): John Baker
• Song(s): ‘Toejam Jammin’’
• Posted: 2015-05-11, evaluated by the judges
— OverClocked Remix

Full length funk rock album from Mutherpluckin' B - The Mushroom Variety Show


Unbelievable free flowing funk rock jazz blues from the one and only, my favorite, and should be yours too, Mutherpluckin' B!

This album was years in the making and doesn't disappoint. Thirteen tracks of some of the funkiest VG remixes in the world. The album is masterfully formed into one master track as each individual song blends seamlessly with the next. Before you even know it, you've gone from the sewers of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the music of Mega Man and Super Mario.

I really can't get enough of this album, and I certainly hope to have the chance to write more on both this album and MPin' B in the future!

Unfortunately, this impeccable album can not be embeded. You can listen to the full album streaming on MPin' B's site. So you aren't empty handed though, I have uploaded the opening track, "Flyin' High (part 1)" from this phenomenal album.

Listen to some haunting jazz blues from the Costume Quest 2 soundtrack

Listen to '"French Quarter" from the Costume Quest 2 soundtrack. The game is available now on all major platforms. It's not often I hear some incredible New Orleans jazz in a video game, so this is a major event for me. When I came upon this section of the game, I definitely had flashbacks to Grim Fandango, which makes sense, as Peter McConnell is the composer for both games. 

Serket, live chip jazz album by Positive Infinity

Serket by Positive Infinity

Serket was released on August 20th on Perelandra Records, a label that specializes in artists who wish to create instrumental music with chipsounds and real instruments, old and new, as they state.

Positive Infinity is a collaborative group from Miami, Florida that was created by the brothers David and Jonathan Roberts in late 2005. They have been working on Serket for a little over seven years. One of their dream was to create a jazz album where live instruments would combine with chip sounds!

Upon listening to the first track, you'll realize that this is exactly what they have achieved. Each track is carefully designed to give the listener the impression that the live instruments share the same stage as the chip instruments.

Positive Infinity's album is very well recorded and mastered. It gives the listener the impression of a private concert in their home. This feeling is reinforced by the fact that they really took the time to humanize each chip instrument. Each one of them is filled with a lot of emotion and feels as if it were real.

This album will stay in my daily playlist for a long time and if I'd have to choose, I think my personal favorite would be the title track, Serket. I like the ambient - jazz mash-up and it really sounds lively.

I'd recommend everyone go grab Positive Infinity's album or at least stream it on bandcamp, it is awesome!

Joshua Morse drops chiptune sequel 'Waveform 4'


Musician and remixer Joshua Morse has recently released Waveform 4. The album is a catchy, surreal journey through jazz and rock inspired chiptune arrangements.

"Waveform 4 incorporates sounds from the Super Nintendo as well as FM Synthesis to form a blend of 5 original Jazz-Fusion arrangements." Joshua Morse says on the album's official bandcamp page.

It has been over a year since the release of Waveform III. This sequel to the 2012 precursor covers a lot of ground in five tracks. My personal favorite track opens the album. 'Turtle Dance 3' is an upbeat jazz that makes you want to have an elevator dance party. Another favorite is the closing track, 'It's Like Flying'. The closer starts out slow, but morphs into a soaring, over-the-top track that takes you high above the clouds. The fusion of FM synthesis mixed with samples from the SNES on this track create something akin to playing Pilotwings' skydiving stagein which you drop into 1940's Las Vegas at night.

Published August 2, the album is now available to download starting at $5.

MissingNo release self-titled debut EP


Only four tracks and MissingNo, an up-and-coming band straight out of Vancouver, are already working their way into my jaded cold heart. Soulful renditions of video game standards such as Ducktale's The Moon and Donkey Kong Country 2's Stickerbrush Symphony are simply moving. What really hits this four track EP out of the park is the beautiful and evocative jazz blues somberly flowing on possibly one of my favorite video game tracks of all time, the criminally underrated Meta Knight's Revenge from Kirby Superstar.

MissingNo are also seeking to finish up their full-length debut album, and can use your help to reach that goal. Be sure to check out their indiegogo fundraising page for more details.

Killed by Koopa - Stage One album

Man I was out of the scene for a while if Mutherpluckin' B could gather a band, and turn out a whole new album of funked out, funked up, and funked out of town video game covers. MB's got  posse, Killed by Koopa, and they are ready to start Stage One. This might be the most soulful, bluesy, funky, rocking album of classic VG jams to hit my ears since Mutherpluckin' B's last album. These instrumentals will stir the soul, and gets that blood flowing.

Project Dolphin - Silvergun EP release

Project Dolphin - Silvergun EP
Project Dolphin - Silvergun EP

I recently ran across an impressive UK based band by the name of Project Dolphin. They have recently released an album of original, but clearly VG influenced jazz rock. Their debut EP, Silvergun, is four tracks of spacey jazz fusion that brings back memories of classic music from Konami and Capcom, but with some impressive live instruments and skill.

The album is available on their bandcamp as both streaming, or to download for the small price of ₤3. This band was definitely a surprise to run across, and I am glad I did, since they are making some catchy tunes!