Celebrate 25 years of Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past with these epic remixes

It's been a quarter of a century since Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past was released in Japan on November 21st, 1991. To celebrate, I'll be sharing tons of content! Be sure to check out my album and remix reviews, articles (coming soon), and a very special SUBCON Podcast 45, all dedicated to the Super Nintendo classic, Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past.


Tomorrow I drop another SUBCON Podcast. It's a podcast dedicated to the best hip hop and rap inspired by video games. Unfortunately, time and format constraints led to a few great tracks getting left out.

Just like my SUBCON Link to the Past special, each song listed here is a rearrangement from the classic Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past soundtrack composed by Koji Kondo. We've got a few more hip hop vibes. Monstrously metal covers by ThePlasmas and Pokerus, and a clasy orchestral medley from Shiyru.

These tracks were shared by the amazing artists and musicians from the Game Music 4 All facebook group. Be sure to head over and join our discussions about music, gaming, and more! Check out these artists, and share some of your favorite Legend of Zelda Link to the Past memories with me on Twitter @genoboost!

#1 The Past from Hyrule Melodia Et Concordia by Shiryu

#3 Save The Princess ft Pierce Reed from GameDork: Eat Sleep Kill Robots by Nonsenze

#4 Dungeons to Explore from Infection #03 by Pokérus

Listen to incredible arrangement 'Hyper Fun Zone' by Yakuza Heart Attack

A very fantastic, and classic track. It's been a favorite of mine from YHA's sophomore album. I'm very glad I had the chance to hear this group, and very sad for their demise. Relive their glory with the aadventurous sounds of Hyper Fun Zone from Yakuza Heart Attack II.

Listen to fusion of chiptune rock 'tony danza' by temp sound solutions & alex mauer

This blog is incapable of existing without some Temp Sound Solutions as the fuel that gives me the energy to keep writing about VGM. Vibe on this classic track between Temp Sound Solution and chiptune maestro alex mauer on 'tony danza' from Blast Portable.

The AUDMONSTERS present eclectic chiptune compilation Nega Zone

Check out the eclectic chiptune sounds of Nega Zone from the many shapes, sizes, and sounds of AUDMONSTERS. From intense orchestral escapes to lo-fi glitchery, this album features a huge variety of intriguing sounds. twelve songs by twelve artists!

AUDMONSTERS artists band together for this, their third compilation album! Inspired by video game music, these tracks will take you on a pixellated journey through the world of the CRT...

Listen to Voodoo Lion's haunting hip hop remix of Pokemon's Lavender Town theme

Short but haunting hip hop remix of the melancholy music of Lavender Town from the original Pokemon games for the Nintendo Game Boy. Voodoo Lion lays it down ice cold in the most disturbing way possible. 

Chiptune rock video game remixes by Zebes System in Music System 2

There is rock, there are strings, there is chiptunery. This album has everything. Allow Zebes System to install Music System 2 and hear sweeping arrangements of generations of video game music, including one of the best Moon Patrol covers I have ever rocked out to.

MisfitChris' PSX inspired vaporwave EP 'Strawberry Disc One'

Check out this incredible fusion of PSX sounds, smooth grooves, and ambient sounds. MisfitChris lays down some ice cold grooves on this five track tribute to the Sony Playstation 1.

Future Cute is Playstation!

Produced by MisfitChris.
Artwork by Janice De la Cruz
— MisfitChris

Listen to a chiptune remix of battle music from Mother 3

Keep the beat 

I said more MRsonic699 was coming, and here it is. A remix of the wonderful Mother 3 soundtrack originally composed by Shogo Sakai. So how about that Mother 3 release? I need the full set on my Wii U, Nintendo!

Quickie cover of the Back Beat Battle song from the fantastic game Mother 3. It’s not legitimate, goes over technical limitations, more of an experiment. :v

Quickie cover of the Back Beat Battle song from the fantastic game Mother 3. It’s not legitimate, goes over technical limitations, more of an experiment. :v
— MRsonic699

Fall in love with the space metal EP Narrowband by Stemage

Start listening, never stop.

t's difficult to put into words what makes Stemage so special, especially to my ears. All I really know is that when I start listening to his arrangements, I don't stop. 

Stemage lays down half an hour of his patented space rock anthems. There are no metroids in this galaxy, but Stemage still takes listeners on a journey through vast spaces and alien worlds. 

Narrowband is a 30-minute instrumental, color-themed journey slathered in heavy, riffy, space rock.

— Stemage

Shannon Mason pays homage to Earthbound with 'Ninefield'

I Miss You is a tribute to the world and sounds of Earthbound from a variety of artists. This track is by Shannon Mason AKA Pongball and features the same vibrant city sounds of the original Earthbound themes. 

Funky hip hop remix of Smash Bros music by Voodoo Lion, from the remix album 'Beyond the Stars'

Get serious. 

Had to highlight this intense fighting game groove from Voodoo Lion, since I enjoy pointing out Voodoo Lion whenever I have a spare moment to do so. Get down to this funky remix of classic music from the Smash Bros series!