LOSER: A Sega Genesis Tribute compilation release!

Hey, do you remember that compilation thing I started putting together a few months ago?

Well it is done! Head over to gamemusic4all.com/genesis to download the 39 track compilation dedicated 100% to the Sega Genesis! You won't regret it, unlike actually owning a Genesis instead of a Super NES!

Also huge thanks to all the artists who contributed tracks to this endeavor! It is, of course, the musicians who make the album, and are so supportive of these compilations I think up. Also thanks to Doctor Octoroc who will eventually be making album art for this compilation to replace the lameness I slapped together to open this post with. Another huge thanks to Shawn Phase of Temp Sound Solutions for undertaking the thankless (except for these thanks here) and difficult task of mastering and leveling a ton of disparate tracks.

I am tough on the Genesis folks (have been since grade school) but this album seriously rules, and I sincerely hope everyone enjoys it!