Gamewave Podcast Episode 45, guest hosted by Letters vs Numbers team

Check out Episode 45 of the Gamewave Podcast, guest hosted by Anthony and MisterB of Letter vs Numbers!

From "OK, so it's been a little quiet on the Gamewave Podcast front lately, and here's why: Joe has just relocated to Kobe, Japan until next summer as part of a study-year abroad, and it doesn't look like he'll be recording any new episodes any time soon. Fortunately though, the guys over at the Letters vs Numbers podcast recorded an awesome guest host episode a while back, and we've finally got around to uploading it to the feed. Anthony and MisterB play music from Bud Melvin, alex mauer, Chromelodeon and Square Wail amongst others, so download now and get your Gamewave Podcast fix!

And as Anthony mentions, to fill the imminent void in the Gamewave Podcast schedule, if you'd like to record your own guest host episode or submit some relevant content, get in touch at the usual address!"