Capcom chiptune rock megamix '6-5-16 pt2' by c&sstockreports

This year, I have decided that the final Tuesday of the month on here will now be known as "Temp Sound Solutions Tuesday!"

This means I'll be talking about at least one temp sound solutions article every month. Near the end of every month I will highlight a classic tss album from his extensive back catalogue, or discuss the sure to be incredible new tunes shawn phase unleashes in 2017. 

This month we are playing catch up by talking about a 2016 release from c&sstockreports. Each c&sstockreports album features about twenty solid minutes of hard hitting drum work and incredible renditions of just some of whatever ridiculous amount of tracks Shawn Phase has nailed since the last album. 

6-5B features tons of Capcom classics, all getting the shawn phase treatment with over 20 minutes of intense drum work that will power you through even the toughest trials and most trying moments. Make sure you grab the high quality version from the c&sstockreports Bandcamp page for only $4!

Capcom cluster—-k. Gonna be a lot of Capcom songs in here dig what I’m sayin’? All that stuff from your youth.
— Shawn Phase

c&sstockreports releases live chiptune rock mixtape 10-31-16

Halloween only lasts one day, but I'm pretty sure all the Halloween albums that drop can last the entire month, which is why I am still writing about Halloween albums in November.

Shawn Phase of C&S keeps dropping them and I'm going o keep funneling them to you. This is the latest c&s stock report is out now, and you need t get your affairs in order and grab the latest for only four dollars. This Halloween edition of these raw cuts is definitely the best way to kick off any haunting related activities.

released October 31, 2016
— c&s stock report

Temp Sound Solutions releases 'live at magfest 8​.​5'

New video game arrangements performed live on September, 13, 2014.

Game Music 4 All just isn't the same when I'm not covering my personal favorite video game cover band/squad/entity, Temp Sound Solutions. Check out this classic live set from a few MAGFests ago.

Download the album for $6 on the Temp Sound Solutions Bandcamp page.

Listen to half hour drum & chiptune medley 10-2A by c&sstockreports

Shawn Phase lays it down with a half hour of intense drum work, remixing tracks from Coda, Blitz Lunar, and more! An epic, swirling soundscape of various original chiptune sounds. There is nothing like the pure sound of chiptunes with the irreplaceable sound of live drums.
all original tunes in this A side…
— Shawn Phase

Support: Temp Sound Solutions equipment upgrade and new music


I talk about the unique blend of video games and music that is Temp Sound Solutions relatively often on this blog, and in other venues which allow me to do so. Well I hope that there are now a few more TSS fans among you. 

It appears that Temp Sound Solutions are in need of new equipment for performing and recording, and you can help, as well as get tons of great music in the process.

Head over to the Temp Sound Solutions gofundme page to donate and read more. Donations can be made in any amount with rewards starting as low as $10, but reaching the $30 status of Powar Bronze grants you access to seven of Temp Sound Solutions' myriad releases, and in any format of your choosing, including CDs for many releases.

Larger donations net even greater rewards, including one I need to save up for, the $100 Powar Platinum level which yields either a song of your choosing written or covered by Temp Sound Solutions, or what I'm aiming for, the multi-DVD disc set of all the music created by Temp Sound Solutions. Either of these products also come with "a vial of tears of joy" from Shawn Phase himself.

Here is one of my favorite classic TSS tracks to get you in that donating mood.

DJ Jazzy Jeff, ?uestlove, and Jeremy Ellis in Super Mario DJ Battle


My life is nothing if not a surprising series of failures, because of that, I can not embed this amazing video. Head over to ABC Philadelphia Channel 6 Action News for the breaking story of DJ Jazzy Jeff and Jeremy Ellis busting some Super Mario based beats along with ?uestlove of The Roots drumming along, and it bumps as hard as you imagine. 

Put your headphones on and enjoy the dueling of old school turntablism personified by DJ Jazzy Jeff against the sample pad stylings of Jeremy Ellis. Of course, the best thing about it is the live drums. More live drums in everything, I believe. This is likely the reason I'm such a huge Shawn Phase fan.

Samurai Warrior - Usagi Yojimbo by Temp Sound Solutions

I could essentially write a book about Shawn Phase (the man behind temp sound solutions) and his influence on my view of video game music. He’s a divisive figure in the VGM/chiptune community to say the least, but if not for him being a welcoming member of the community when I was just starting out I wouldn’t have met many people and heard many sounds.

Samurai Warrior - Usagi Yojimbo was written by Shawn Phase of TSS back in 2006/07. A cover of a track from the Commodore 64 game of the same name. I believe it was originally an outtake that didn’t make it onto whichever NYPWP had recently been released at the time. He decided to clean up the product, using a meld of samples and heavy guitars that only Temp Sound Solutions can.

As for the song itself, it’s damn catchy if you ask me, but I have a fascination with tracks which just have talking, and not singing. It’s the horribly nerdy writer in me, I’m sorry. The song has a hell of a party feel to it, and the Usagi Yojimbo theme is definitely rocking. Also, I’ve always assumed these samples were from a MAGFest or something, but I could be way off base with that assumption.

Test Subject released by Bit_Rat

Josiah Tobin, more commonly known as Bit-Rat by the chiptune community (and recently featured on this site for his contribution to this compilation), has just released his first full length album, Test Subject. Featuring a combination of old-school NES-style hooks and rocking guitar, the release also has guest appearances from Shawn Phase, Norrin Radd, and MC Fen. You can download individual tracks, or the whole thing for free over at the Bit_Rat website.

Temp Sound Solutions - new live tracks and show footage

This picture was taken from an amazing weekend of recent Temp Sound Solutions shows. For those who were unable to witness the amazing sets though, Shawn Phase has you covered. He has recently released live recordings from the show, you can download the entire May 29th show at the Talking Head through this link to Beatbots. The awesomeness doesn't stop there though. TSS has also added more free songs to his own server on Hotdog Storm. Oh no, but wait! If that isn't enough Temp Sound Solution related madness, also head over to the TSS myspace page for some brand new exclusive songs such as a cover from Alex Mauer's Vegavox 2 album! Now we finish all this off with what else but some amazing footage of Shawn Phase and TSS's recent performance!

Also should mention that you should keep your eye out for the upcoming TSS release now your playing with powar 9: for all the ladies in their cars. You have been warned.

II release alex mauer's Lo-Gear

Head on over to and download a new release from alex mauer for free!

From the grave of a former chip label is resurrected Alex Mauer’s Lo Gear — the soundtrack to his arcade game concept from 1991. Similar to his Blast series, Lo Gear creates a vivid atmosphere for a child’s make-believe videogamescape through minimalistic music, textures, and sound effects. All due accuracy and nostalgia of the time period are captured in Alex’s composition tools — a PC-DOS AdLib tracker and a Sound Blaster 2.0 sound card with Yamaha’s OPL2 chip. This album features the voice talent of Shawn Phase, historically encrusted in the Texas Instruments LPC10 speech codec.

LOSER: A Sega Genesis Tribute compilation release!

Hey, do you remember that compilation thing I started putting together a few months ago?

Well it is done! Head over to to download the 39 track compilation dedicated 100% to the Sega Genesis! You won't regret it, unlike actually owning a Genesis instead of a Super NES!

Also huge thanks to all the artists who contributed tracks to this endeavor! It is, of course, the musicians who make the album, and are so supportive of these compilations I think up. Also thanks to Doctor Octoroc who will eventually be making album art for this compilation to replace the lameness I slapped together to open this post with. Another huge thanks to Shawn Phase of Temp Sound Solutions for undertaking the thankless (except for these thanks here) and difficult task of mastering and leveling a ton of disparate tracks.

I am tough on the Genesis folks (have been since grade school) but this album seriously rules, and I sincerely hope everyone enjoys it!

Temp Sound Solutions - Xylox album re-release

one of the most amazing musicians in the VGIM scene, Shawn Phase, has remastered and re-released his classic Temp Sound Solutions album Xylox. The album is available in both free MP3 and the purchasable Lossless FLAC versions from II (pause). The album is amazing and deserves a listen from everyone. The original album was released originally nearly a decade ago in 1999. This album is definitely a step back in time, but still amazes none the less. So enough praise, head over to II (pause) and grab this album right away!

Album art by Shawn Phase and Rich Vreeland.

Shnabubula - Controller 1 album release

Take a journey across the face of an old NES controller. Each button has a story to tell if you’re willing to listen. Some of them have been forsaken by their fellow buttons while others are living the good life. Come listen and find out what goes on inside your controller when you’re not around.

Damn, what could I possibly add to that description? Coming our way from the folks at II (pause). This album is intense and has some of the most amazing riffs, hooks, and beats I have heard in chiptunes, brought to us by the incredible Shnabubula. I have been anticipating this album for a while since I've been hearing so much praise for it from the man, Shawn Phase, who produced this fine record. This album is 7 tracks long and free to download so go download it right now!

Artwork by Francis Coulombe

[UPDATE] The more I listen to this album, the more I love it. In fact, I have not stopped listening to this album since I started listening to it. Every person who reads this should download it immediately!

Temp Sound Solutions - Now Youre Playing With Powar VII: Launch Every Zig...For Great Justice! album release

What can I say about Shawn Phase AKA Temp Sound Solutions that I don't tell every single person every time they mention him? He's awesome, his songs are awesome, he works tirelessly. Every time I talk to the guy he's working on something, or helping out someone else with their albums. The guy is just the definition of epic. Well, the point is, go buy his latest album, Now Youre Playing With Powar VII: Launch Every Zig...For Great Justice! This is a brilliant album, dedicated to a bunch of old school shooters, especially my under appreciated favorite UN Squadron! just hit up his website to order a copy, unless you are afraid of the volume of pure epic this album contains!

You can check out some samples from the album, as well as the full track listing on my older NYPWP7 post. and also, check out my interview with Shawn Phase himself! Also, yes, I know this is super late, but better late than never right?

MAGFest VI wrap up

So MAGFest is over, and everyone who attended (which did not include me, sadly) can die happy, or more likely could go into hibernation until the build up to MAGFest VII starts heating up. Anyway, There is a ton of footage from the festival, I'm only posting a mere sampler of the smorgasbord of amazing things that went down this year. There are of course tons of stories, and anecdotes from this year that will come out in due time as people slowly recover.

One of my favorite anecdotes currently is from Paragon from theshizz forums.

Lots of great memories from this year.

Watching Hale and Pongball step out of the elevator and have such an amusingly puzzled look on their faces as this complete stranger smiles and waves at them like they're old friends.

Seeing spamtron, shouting "SPAMTRON!" and he shouts back "I LOVE YOU!" and hugs me and then asks me who I am. And then later, talking to him (or maybe more like being talked to by him).

Check out this handy thread for a ton of footage from MAGFest VI. I will probably be making another post like this one, when some more cool footage comes rolling in, so if you have some awesome MAGFest VI footage, hit up theshizz thread or send it my way!

Thanks to Kareshi from theshizz for gathering all the MAGFest media all in one place. Thanks to Sunny, Hale-Bopp and Pongball's photographs which I stole for this post. Shawn Phase for linking me to some cool footage, and all the folks who took some awesome footage and tossed it up on youtube! Here is that sampler of footage I spoke of earlier!

Armcannon rockin'
Liontamer and Hale-Bopp of OCRemix fame handling the beautiful OCRemix guitar.Hale-Bopp showing off the guitar.

Temp Sound Solutions Concert Clip

Select Start performing FF7 track

Sam, Mustin, Shawn Phase @ Jamspace

OCR doing "Carmen Sandiego" @ Jamspace

Arm Cannon - "Tecmo Super Bowl" from stage

now youre playing with powar vii: launch every zig...for great justice! Track listing announced!

Straight from Shawn Phase himself I have received the final track listing for his highly anticipated now youre playing with powar vii which has the awesome subtitle launch every zig...for great justice! The album is being released at next years MAGFest VI where Shawn Phase i.e. Temp Sound Solutions shall be unveiling a full band for the first time. Definitely a way to kick off 2008 with a bang VGM wise.

The new Temp Sound Solutions album will be selling at $10 via paypal, $13 for international orders, or the low price of $8 if you'll be attending MAGfest (which I will not be AGAIN sadly).

So without further dawdling, here are the tracks, straight from the mouth of Shawn Phase! You can also hear and download a handful of amazing tracks from the album through the song links!

now youre playing with powar vii: launch every zig...for great justice! 27 songs of maxed-out video game covers!
01 - top gun
02 - un squadron front line base
03 - festers quest
04 - hotdog storm stage 1
05 - bonks adventure
06 - sonic and knuckles flying battery zone
07 - godzilla earth
08 - godzilla mars
09 - aismikkun land
10 - battletoads ragged gnar rox
11 - paladins quest overworld
12 - gunsmoke
13 - shinobi
14 - asterix
15 - ffvi new continent
16 - final fantasy vi illusion world
17 - crystalis
18 - ironsword
19 - goonies vii
20 - sonic springyard
21 - swords and serpents
22 - nightmare on elm st
23 - un squadron boss
24 - lava stage
25 - air nagi
26 - evergreen

If you are as excited about this album as I am (AND YOU SHOULD BE!) You can join in with other folks anticipating this album in the appropriate theshizz forum thread!

Hex continues list for 2007's Biggest Nerd Artists

Looks like Hex has gotten through 70-41 of his year ending top 100 list. I found a lot of my favorite bands in the list this time, along with many a fellow I had never heard of before, but shall be checking out now.

Needless to say there are some folks who's placement don't sit well with me. Hex knows EXACTLY who I'm talking about, and actually mentions this in the person's placement blurb. I am actually ecstatic to see Elfonso and the Spamtron getting the recognition they deserve. Anyway, enough of my complaints. Go see who has made the list over at HexWarrior's blog and make your own complaints!

We also still have the next pieces of the top 100 to look forward to in the near future!

December 23, 2007: Nerds 11 - 40.

December 30, 2007: Top 10 Nerds

Return of the VGM Megacast

After a two month break the VGM Megacast returns to bring you once again only the most awesome video game cover music. This show's featured artist is Entertainment System but Tim and Tony also spin tracks from Metroid Metal, The Kode Secret, Vomitron, Shawn Phase and Alex Mauer, This Place Is Haunted, MegaDriver and Powerglove!

Check out the website over at or subscribe to the feed -