Letters VS Numbers episode 007: "Together Again for the First Time"

Oh man! We haven't gotten a podcast to you in nearly a month. Well I assure you this one more than makes up for it! Enjoy Letters VS Numbers episode 007: "Together Again for the First Time" Which is the first of two Nerdapalooza specials! As you may know, July 4th and 5th saw a huge gathering of nerdcore known as Nerdapalooza Southeast. 300 nerdy music lovers descended on Orlando, Florida to party, rock out, and, of course, act incredibly nerdy.

As you may also know, MisterB is from the UK (you know, the accent and everything). And I reside in California, so hanging out isn't something we oft have the chance to do, BUT, thanks to Nerdapalooza, we hung out for the first time ever, in history! This meant that, come hell or high water, we would do a podcast together. This is the first of two podcasts we actually did, in person. We recorded at the now famed Emergency Pizza Party house, within MC Wreckshin's former closet, now turned recording room. This specific recording took place at the afterparty for the Nerdapalooza Pre-Show thrown by A Comic Shop on 07/03/08.

Since it was an afterparty, people are a little drunk, pretty tired, and very excited for the first day of Nerdapalooza which was less then twelve hours from this recording. We forgo with the regular duties of emails, news, etc. Mostly because we had no real internet access out there, but also to make room for more Nerdapalooza mayhem, and this is a lengthier than normal episode, but there were many monumentous occasions to celebrate, and we hope you indulge us! Enjoy!

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