Nerdapalooza announces bands, venue and date.

The summer season is almost upon us, and with that comes the convention season as well. In that vein Nerdapalooza has gotten their act together for 2010 and unleashed a bevy of information on the masses.

First up is the venue. Looks like things have moved to the more travel friendly Orlando Airport Marriot which is right near Orlando Airport of course, so tranportation is now a simple matter. So now that you know the venue, you probably want to reserve a room. Well then you should know that Nerdapalooza 2010 will take place the weekend of July 17-18. If you do plan on reserving a room, be sure to use Nerdapalooza code "fnefnea" (or this link) for the special NAP rates.

Now that you have a room and dates. Now you of course need tickets. Ticket prices remain unchanged from last year at $20 per day or $30 for the whole weekend. You can order your tickets right now through Brown Paper Tickets as well. Not bad for two days of gaming, once in a lifetime concerts, and generally hobnobbing with all those cool people in the nerdcore scene.

Oh wait, how can I forget that several bands have been announced! That is sort of the reason for Nerdapalooza after all. So far we have gotten announcements that the likes of Schaffer the Darklord (with burlesque show in tow), Emergency Pizza Party, and the eminent presider over all that is nerdcore, MC Frontalot are all announced to be part of the festivities this year.

Stay checked in with us here at GM4A or for all the latest details on this epic festival of all that is nerd culture.

GM4A Records presents Torrentz - Let's Get Bloody debut EP

GM4A Records is very excited to announce the debut release of Nerdcore supergroup Torrentz. The group, comprised of a constantly shifting and rotating group of nerdcore rappers has collected together six tracks, both brand new, and from their illustrious SongFight career. The album is now available for free download and listening.

Download free now from the official download page.

The album covers a lot of ground in 6 short tracks. Taking on subjects as varying as zombies, fighting, and as the opening track Skankenstein suggests... well, I think the title gives you an idea. And with a dozen nerdcore rappers both seasoned and new, the album is both a who's who, as well as a great introduction to the next wave of nerdcore rappers.

Emergency Pizza Party - Z.E.D. leaked online for free

Apparently the new album by Emergency Pizza Party has been "leaked." But no matter what the circumstances, what this means for you is that the album, which will be released for sale soon, is currently free to download through EPP's similarly hacked myspace page or directly through this link here. Authorities say this outbreak will be subdued in a mere 48 hours, so be sure to grab the very fantastic ZED album ASAP!

Letters VS Numbers episode 008: "Alphabet Vomit Show"

If you thought MisterB was drunk in episode 7, then you are about to witness something else in Letters VS Numbers episode 008: "Alphabet Vomit Show". This episode was recorded the night of July 4th, or was it the morning of July 5th? Well it was after the first night of Nerdapalooza, I'm sure of that! We once again found ourselves at the Emergency Pizza Party house for another epic afterparty.

This time we have even more special guests, more insanity, and of course, more awesome music from Nerdapalooza Southeast artists and more! I don't even know how to describe this show to be honest. It's just a bunch of nerds talking about nonsense, but isn't that always the way with this podcast? Well it's basically that times a hundred this time, as cranking up the amount of nerds has changed the insanity of the podcast exponentially.

Basically, just listen to this one.

(PS. pssst, we also got MC Frontalot on this podcast, oh shit!)

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Letters VS Numbers episode 007: "Together Again for the First Time"

Oh man! We haven't gotten a podcast to you in nearly a month. Well I assure you this one more than makes up for it! Enjoy Letters VS Numbers episode 007: "Together Again for the First Time" Which is the first of two Nerdapalooza specials! As you may know, July 4th and 5th saw a huge gathering of nerdcore known as Nerdapalooza Southeast. 300 nerdy music lovers descended on Orlando, Florida to party, rock out, and, of course, act incredibly nerdy.

As you may also know, MisterB is from the UK (you know, the accent and everything). And I reside in California, so hanging out isn't something we oft have the chance to do, BUT, thanks to Nerdapalooza, we hung out for the first time ever, in history! This meant that, come hell or high water, we would do a podcast together. This is the first of two podcasts we actually did, in person. We recorded at the now famed Emergency Pizza Party house, within MC Wreckshin's former closet, now turned recording room. This specific recording took place at the afterparty for the Nerdapalooza Pre-Show thrown by A Comic Shop on 07/03/08.

Since it was an afterparty, people are a little drunk, pretty tired, and very excited for the first day of Nerdapalooza which was less then twelve hours from this recording. We forgo with the regular duties of emails, news, etc. Mostly because we had no real internet access out there, but also to make room for more Nerdapalooza mayhem, and this is a lengthier than normal episode, but there were many monumentous occasions to celebrate, and we hope you indulge us! Enjoy!

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Nerdapalooza Pre-Party mini post

Hey everyone, Anthony here typing to you from a borrowed laptop on the floor of Hex's house! We just woke up from the pre-party for Nerdapalooza, which was thrown by our great friends at A Comic Shop last night, and from there we recorded a new episode of the Letters vs Numbers podcast with MisterB IN PERSON at the pre-party after-party from Emergency Pizza Party's home. I'll be tossing pictures up and hassling you flks with more banalities from the show soon, but we are abou to head off to the first day of the event. If you are anywhere near Orlando and not there, then WHAT THE HELL!? It starts soon, get on that!

Also, sorry for the non-linkage on this post, but it's a hurry!

Letters VS Numbers episode 001: "Mistakes Will Be Made"

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I want to announce Mister B and I's new endeavor! A podcast dedicated to a diverse array of Video Game Inspired Music and Nerdcore!

This week is our inaugaral podcast! Episode 001. That's right, all those zero's mean we plan on doing over one hundred podcasts someday! Anyway, this week's podcast is one and a half hours, although the planned goal is 1 hour for future shows. We also plan on busting out more songs more often.

Anyway, in this episode, we discuss Voodoo invoking rappers, scandals that will make you drop your tea cup in horror, Mister B's girl advice, and even why I hate Scott McCloud. Not to mention all that wonderful Nerd music that our podcast is built around!

Tracks played this week.
Dan Plus Add - Wikiversity [EXCLUSIVE]
8 Bit Instrumental - Vacation in Miranda's Beach? (Ending Theme)
Emergency Pizza Party - Bottle Breakin
The Adventures of Duane and Brand0 - Duck Hunt
Stunt Junkies - Sperm Donor
Jay Tholen - Drift Downstream

Websites mentioned this week.

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Emergency Pizza Party - ughuuhghhhh album release

Florida nerdcore posse Emergency Pizza Party, consisting of Sir-Up, MC Wreckshin, and Betty Rebel, has released their first full album ever! All created in one month for the RPM Challenge. The quality and breadth of styles on this album make it feel like it's been in the works much longer than that though!

This amazing 13 track album has them rapping over Chrono Trigger, and Mario Paint made beats, and rapping about Kid Icarus. Also, plenty of guest appearances from other amazing nerdcore MC's. You can download the whole album free at EPP's myspace page.

And we are also glad to be having MC Wreckshin on one upcoming Game Music 4 All compilation, as well as EPP as a whole on our upcoming Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch! compilation!