GameBreax drops GameBreakers Vol 2, an album of video game inspired hip hop

Only took me nearly a year to really sit down and enjoy this one. It was definitely worth the wait! Check out some of my favorite tracks like perhaps the best Knuckles rap yet??? in SVK, or the high production quality and infectiously upbeat sounds of Game Boys.

If you're a fan of this whole video game hip hop thing, then this is an essential album in your collection.

The next level of nerdcore music is here! From Mario, Mega Man and Link trying to win the heart of a princess to Sonic and Knuckles dueling in a rap battle for Sega supremacy, GameBreakers Vol 2 is stacked full of character and lore based lyricism with cutting edge instrumentation. You’ve never heard your favorite video game heroes represented like this. Download this modern day masterpiece of gaming history today.
— GameBreax

A collection of animation inspired hip hop and more in Nerdcore Absolution Volume 3

Geek E. Inc brings us 10 tracks from a dozen hip hop artists, all in tribute to classic animated shows like Dragon Ball Z, Hey, Arnold, Reboot, and more. This compilation features some talented emcees such as Tekforce, Shubzilla, Ultraklystron and many more. Grab the full, ten track collection for $9, and grab the bonus deluxe songs while you are there too. 

Nerdcore Absolution Volume 3 is the 3rd album in a series of Nerdcore Hip Hop albums. First track debuts May 3rd. Get ready for the best songs you’ve heard. Artists on the album include TekForce, Ish1da, Kadesh Flow, SkyBlew, Shubzilla, Aramis, Wreck The System, Ultraklystron, and Eye Q. Get your copy today.
— Geek E. Inc Productions

K-Murdock returns with Hero Muzik Vol. II, an album of video game hip hop

The Hero returns! K-Murdock is back with a crew of the best emcees in nerdcore and underground hip hop. Readers of this blog will be familiar with names like Sammus, Mega Ran, and SkyBlew, and should come to know names like EyeQ, Kadesh Flow, and the rest of the artists on Hero Muzik Vol II.

I hit play and Murdock is already killing it with those stereo CT sounds, changed up just enough to get your head nodding. That beat flows through the entire album. Layered underneath some great verses from incredible emcees like Sammus, Mega Ran, Doug Funnie, and so many more. This is not an album to be slept on. Don't shut down like robo and let hundreds of years pass before you get down to this album.

Hero Muzik 2 is the second installment of K-Murdock’s “Hero Muzik” series which features K remixing music from his favorite role-playing games growing up; Volume 2 focuses on the ever-present SNES classic RPG Chrono Trigger. This album was a labor of love that took K over 2 years to complete and it was initially intended, like its predecessor, to be an instrumental album, BUT at the advice of his business partner/frequent collaborator Mega Ran, Hero Muzik 2 turned into a full-scale production project that prominently features various artists from the Nerdy People Of Color Collective (NPCC), which Ran & K are members of as well. Though this album boasts an assortment of features, much like the diverse cast of characters in the actual game, the underlying goal in Hero Muzik 2 is showcasing the breadth of amazing music from Chrono Trigger, which composers Yasunori Mitsuda & Nobuo Uematsu originally created, via K putting his signature “neo-sonic” touch on!

Feel free to check out/revisit Hero Muzik Vol. 1 at:
— K-Murdock

Nerdcore Emulation Station by 1-UP, all new album of hip hop collaborations

1-UP returns with part three of the hip hop collaboration series Nerdcore Emulation Station 3. Over a dozen tracks featuring our hero 1-UP along with well known companions such as Sammus, SkyBlew, TekForce, and many other great voices in the nerdcore scene. 

Join 1-UP for the third and final arc of the Nerdcore Emulation Station series.
1-UP and party venture to the world of the Dreamcast... a strange world inhabited by the imagidrains and the ideas and thoughts they have stolen from different galaxies.

As they battle to move forward, 1-UP picks up several hints that uncover mysteries surrounding his past...
— 1-UP

Debut album 'The Robots Will Kill Us All' by Boy Meets Robot

Check out the debut album of Boy Meets Robot. Seven tracks paying tribute to video games, social justice, and invisible pink unicorns. You know, the real topics other artists are afraid to touch.

The Robots Will Kill Us All is the debut album of Chicago-based chiptune rocker, Boy Meets Robot. Created with just a guitar and a Nintendo Game Boy, it offers seven geeky tracks, ranging from ska to funk, hip-hop, and country. The album was recorded and mixed by Noam Wallenberg (co-producer, I Fight Dragons) and features guest appearances by nerdcore rapper Mega Ran and science fiction podcaster Serah Eley.
— Boy Meets Robot

TekForce drops 'Server Crash pt. 1' new album of game inspired hip hop

TekForce drops another full length collection of dope rhymes. I just got over the Tek Support album, and this drops in my lap. Not o mention I have Server Crash pt 2 to look forward to. 

After a few listens myself, I keep returning to stand out track 'Confessions of a Black Nerd Ft. Eye-Q,' an introspective track that shows a bit of where TekForce is coming from. Always interesting to dig deeper into the heart of these great artists I post about on this blog. The other 9 tracks on the album are high quality too, and show the range of influence and styles TekForce can suppply. 

Also look out for the November episode of the SUBCON podcast for more TekForce discussion after I bump some of his tracks on the show.

Sophomore album from TekForce, Server Crash pt.1delves more into his personal life and what makes him tick. The artwork done by Danji’s Designs, Daniel Hill, shows him being sucked into a Tron-Like environment. This is of course an allegory to things we experience in life. We feel as if we are getting sucked into a situation beyond our control. Through music, he’s able to persevere through these situations, and even talk about more games and anime he’s loved as well. Luckily he’s joined by his friends: O. Super, Halo Sama, and Eye-Q to help him on his musical journey.
— TekForce

PhunkoLand, dope hip hop tibute to video games by Philonius Phunk

Philonius Phunk and friends drop a fourteen track tribute to the gone, but clearly not forgotten game store FuncoLand. I've never been myself, but remember seeing FuncoLandads in my old gaming magazines!

This album is fire though, with tons of awesome guests from 'the new generation of nerdcore.' 

PhunkoLand is an ode to FuncoLand, which is now Gamestop. This is a collection of classic video game based beats laced with raw lyrics from the next generation of nerdcore hip-hip artists such as Tekforce, The Last WordBenders, Twill Distilled and more. PhunkoLand, your one stop shop for gaming rhymes and rhythms! HAVE PHUN!!!
— Philonius Phunk

2d6 drops eclectic nerdcore hip hop album Goatse For My Dad

Been a while since I wrote 'nerdcore' but this is a great album to dust the old moniker off for. This album runs the gamut of nerdy pop culture. I featured two of my favoite tracks from the album on SUBCON 33, so you can hear my thoughts, and their awesome catchy rhymes there!

Tons of tracks with several great guest appearances.

What a joy to have a fifth album. I’ve never been more joyful.
— 2d6

Mayor Wertz drops the Midnight Movie EP, a hip hop tribute to bad movies

Not video games, but I do what i want. Mayor Wertz returns with the Midnight Movie EP, the album for every movie connoisseur, or for those who just watch whatever's on TV. Personally I hate movies, and haven't been in a theater in about ten years. 

I can't say enough great things about the final track Oh My God! inspired by the movie Troll 2. Simply the greatest hook I've ever heard. 

I love bad movies. I picked my three favorite bad movies and wrote raps about them. This was the result.
— Mayor Wertz

Big Al's Big ALbum of nostalgia based hip hop jams

Big video game jams

Big Al is a nerdcore hip-hop artist with much love for old-school rap, TV, movies, and video games. His MENSA-level I.Q. qualifies him to speak on a panoply of topics, drawing from an endless cache of primarily useless trivia knowledge.

Big Al’s Jams are fresh spins on a variety of hip-hop, dance, and electro-funk styles. Audiences can expect an over-the-top performance at live shows with breakdancers, go-go girls, and bizarre background visuals.

Currently residing in Richmond, VA, Big Al has performed regularly at San Francisco’s 8BitSF, as well as Rockage, Day of Games, Reno Game Expo, California Extreme, and MAGFest’s Jamspace.
— Big Al's Jams

T.Y.T. drops new hip hop album 'The Napkin Gospel'

Nearly two dozen new tracks with tons of guests

When I imagine I am all through the latest nerd rap, TYT drops nearly two dozen new tracks in my lap. 

It started off as a simple donation to help Klopfenpop... I donated some money to his indigogo site, and he offered to mix ten tracks for me.

I had no plan on doing an album... But he brought it out of me... In the pursuit of finishing this cd... I have met some of the greatest people in the world... (Some assholes too) ...

This journey has led me through tests of skill, faith, addictions, hurt feelings and shit talking... But I bring it to you in the simplest way possible.... Behold, The Napkin Gospel.

Click each track, I have included the stories of EACH track’s creation... if you are into that sort of thing...
released 05 May 2015

Most mixes by Klop, other mixes by Roborob, Rukyss Duhki, and myself.

Production by Sean Divine, Roborob, konceptbeats, Jason Hansen, Rukyss Duhki, Sinima, j-rome, Antichrist Instrumentals, Anno Domini and Banditt.

Album art credit goes to Tiffiny Mahrer.

Check out Juice Lee and his latest album The Reverie

a2236751074_10 (1).jpg

Juice Lee lays it down old school with those beats and it's kicking my ass. Review coming at some point for sure.

Current Favorite tracks: Lightning Strikes Twice, Con-Soul

He included lyrics! Oh damn that makes this the best nerdy hip hop album of 2015 for me so far!

Juice Lee (born Fred McKinstry) is a nerdcore Hip Hop artist hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio.  His in-depth storytelling and near-limitless comic book and gaming references, wrapped inside intricate wordplay, evoke images of a lyrical Superhero. When not steeped in the realm of RPG’s and comic book characters, his lyrics are drawn from real experiences of the average working-class person rather than fabricated images of success. A gamer who performs and rhymes with his game face on, Juice Lee's nice-guy nerd sensibilities and intelligence flow seamlessly into his stellar lyrical prowess and inviting stage presence.
Juice has been active in his local hip hop scene since 2002. He independently released three solo efforts, the most recent being the “The Reverie” EP (2014). Juice has also played in a number of venues across the US, such as Riverbend (Cincinnati), the Shadow Lounge(Pittsburgh), and the Airliner Bar (L.A.). He has also performed in various music festivals across the country, such as the Vans Warped Tour and All Points West. Juice is currently working on his next project, a follow-up to the Kung-Fu Rap opera “The Epic of John Fong,” which he is targeting for a Spring 2015 release. He also has collaborated with Ilyas (formerly of Tanya Morgan) in creating a nerdcore album entitled “Double Dragon.” In addition to playing on the same stages as nerdcore acts such as Mega Ran, SkyBlew, and D&D Sluggers, he has also opened for numerous mainstream Hip Hop acts, including The Roots, Aceyalone and Talib Kweli. Juice is also a VFX artist who ishot and edited a special effects-heavy vlog. When he’s not rapping, he runs a weekly geekly podcast, “Darkfyre Entertainment,” with co-hosts Nyte and Leago.
Juice Lee heralds his hip-hop-high-score raps as beacons of hope for all rhymeplayers. Game Over.
Check out the latest release "The Reverie" here:
Also the Epic Retro gaming LP with rapper I-EL entitled “Double Dragon”
more music can be found here:

Mayor Wertz pays tribute to Hotline Miami in his latest hip hop EP

Mayor Wertz is on the ballot in Miami

Catchy EP! I don't know a single thing about Hotline Miami though.

This is by longtime friend of the site, Mayor Wertz, which is why I feel okay in saying, ADD SOME LINER NOTES, "Mayor." Get your secretary on that or something. I don't even have anything to copy/paste here. I'm just grabbing his facebook post...

My Hotline Miami EP just came out today, and it’s free! You should give it a listen and then play Hotline Miami. Or do both at the same time. Whatever floats your boat.
— Mayor Wertz

Nerdcore Emulation Station chapter 1 & chapter 2: Gamecube from 1-UP mini album review

Nerdcore Emulation Station is correct, featuring a who's who of nerdcore over two albums. A few name drops are the likes of Mega Ran, Ill Gill, Sammus, SkyBlew, and perhaps a dozen or more artists from every corner of the nerdcore kingdom. 

Te initial N.E.S. album drops beats from a variety of classic games throughout gaming history. Parappa the Rapper, Metal Gear Solid, Sonic, and Mario are all represented on the album. These are accompanied by flows from 1-UP and the aforementioned litany of amazing emcees.

One of the greatest things about this series, is the overarching storyline nature of the album layout. I think 1-UP explains it best, 

"In the distant future, Emcees live happily across different galaxies providing entertainment and joy through their story telling to their people. 

An evil force plans to put an end to all of that. The imagidrains and their evil leader devise a plan to feed on everyone's imaginations simultaneously through an all out assault on every galaxy at once with stolen abilities. 

The Emcees fight but cannot withstand this onslaught of newly found foes and their powers. A voice appears in their head and transports them all to a new world where they must venture through uncharted territories, learn new skills, and fight new enemies in order to level up. 

Follow 1-UP and many other Emcees as they fight through the worlds of Playstation, Sega Saturn and N64 defeating bosses and freeing them from the Imagidrains mind control, finding new items and leveling up so they can return to their worlds and defeat the imagidrains."

This album is a ridiculous 25 tracks in length, with two or more emcees on every track, you'd be hard pressed to find a bigger collection of new and old nerdcore and hip hop talent.

Despite the eclectic list of artists, the beats help hold the mixtape feel together over the immense amount of tracks. Remixes bring out the catchiest and most memorable parts of the video games they lift from, and keep the adventurous theme in mind as you hear the noble music of Zelda or the get moving beats from Super Mario.

Think that I post the album stream and we are over here? We got a whole second album to discuss.

A few months after the initial launch of the Nerdcore Emulation Station, 1-UP has gathered the emcees of nerdcore for another adventure. He even includes an update about where this adventure stands, 

"Join 1-UP In the second chapter of NES as he and his comrades venture to the Gamecube world in order to free the inhabitants from the Imagidrain army. 

They are currently pumping the planet's resources dry causing the planet to lose it's form and if nothing is done it will implode."

That's right, it looks like the N.E.S. is chilling on the GCN planet for a full album, with remixes of music from Smash Bros. Melee, Metroid Prime and Pikmin, among many others. Sammus even reprises her role alongside Shammers (another one of my personal nerdcore favorites) as her namesake Samus in "Metroid Prime - Stage 7 (Ft Sammus, Shammers and W!SE)." The fusion of styles definitely makes this the stand out track for me.

You can grab both albums for free via the N.E.S. and N.E.S. 2 bandcamp pages.

Nerdcore chip-pop from Professor Shyguy in 'Rated Heart'


The problem with plunging into the deeper recesses of video game inspired music is that I can easily miss out on the bigger releases in the process. I am only now discovering Professor Shyguy, and I'm glad I did.

That Chip-pop style I enjoy so much from the likes of The Grammar Club and Shael Riley is alive and well in Professor Shyguy's latest. Then the cameos by the incredible musicians Amanda Lepre, and Duane and Brando on their respective tracks make great contrasts of musical styles that I don't hear often enough in VGM.

Check out the latest, and, as far as I know, greatest, from Professor Shyguy, Rated Heart on bandcamp for $10 download.

Listen to 'Lifeliss,' a classic Chrono Cross hip hop remix by My Parents Favorite Music

It's truly hard to believe that MPFM has been at it for over ten years now. This track is one of my favorites from her debut album,©®@~ Mystery, though I didn't have the pleasure to hear it until the CD got a re-release sometime after the follow up album Wheelo Exgirlfriends was released.

One of the first times I heard someone rap over the nearly sacred track Time's Scar from Chrono Cross as well, and MPFM nailed it oh so long ago.