Indiegogo: Support The Day After 3 Fundraiser!

996881_10151529139001487_895625050_n Channel Zero is holding a fundraiser to extend this year's Nerdapalooza by one more day. It is called The Day After 3, and Channel Zero say that support is necessary to achieve this goal. If you plan on attending Nerdapalooza 2013, and aim to get the most nerd for your money, this may be the fundraiser for you.

"Ever sit up at night and wish that the nerdiest of nerd music events, Nerdapalooza, would last just one more glorious night? Well here is your chance to make dreams come true."

This Indiegogo campaign has flexible funding, which means this campaign will receive all funds raised even if it does not reach its goal. The Day After 3 Fundraiser ends September 30, 2013.

The Day After 3 Fundraiser! The Day After Show is an amazing VIP party/concert that was created to add an extra day to the already awesome nerd music festival Nerdaplooza in Orlando, FL!

Here's the list of confirmed performers at this point, to which I will add as they are signed on board:

Benjamin Briggs DJ RoboRob Magitek Death*Star

...and many more to come!

Date of the show is Monday, Oct. 21st 2013.  "The Day After" Nerdapalooza!

Indiegogo: Support nerdcore-chiptune band B-Type reach Nerdapalooza

btype001Good friend of the site B-Type are attempting to charter a way to the Americas with a chart set for the nerd mecca known as Nerdapalooza in Orlando, Florida this October. Head over to B-Types indiegogo page to support his trip, along with his newly released album.

B-Type hopes to raise £1,000 by August 30th, 2013.

Get _ To Nerdapalooza Fund 2010: Dr. Awkward Fundraiser

So if you are heavy into the nerdcore community, as well as the nerdcore mecca that is Nerdapalooza, you may or may not already know that I, as well as Lo Tech of GeekPeekPost have been plugging away at our community fundraiser. We call it, the simple, but explanatory Get _ To Nerdapalooza Fund and seek to get one artist to Nerdapalooza each year. This year we are working together to get Scrub Club Records artist and rising hip hop musician Dr. Awkward.

We are not just simply taking donations though, we are lucky enough to have a very giving community of artists who are donating tons of merchandise to give away to some lucky donators.

So here are the rules: You can donate any amount you like to the cause Through the 'DONATE' section of the main site. Donating $10 get's you one raffle ticket, and every subsequent $5 will buy you another ticket for the raffle. You will receive your tickets AT Nerdapalooza, and either must be present to win, or contact us to make arrangements for a friend to pick them up in case your name is drawn as a winner. Once you receive your tickets at Nerdapalooza you can enter them into Raffle A or B as you see fit.

Check out the image below for some of the great Prizes from Raffle A

Don't forget that there is also a Raffle B which can be seen over at the main raffle site. Hope to award one of you fine folks with some great prizes when we announce the prize winners this July in Florida!

Week in Video Game Inspired Music 5/10 - 5/16

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In news this week, I think the biggest thing is Events, events, events! Looks like the guys at Nerdapalooza have announced a ton more artists. Same goes for the east coast rockers at Bit Gen Gamer Fest. Finally I am glad to announce our own show next month in Los Angeles. WEST COAST WIGOUT 2! You can find more details, including grab some presale tickets through this link. Now onto the news!

Nerdapalooza announces bands, venue and date.

The summer season is almost upon us, and with that comes the convention season as well. In that vein Nerdapalooza has gotten their act together for 2010 and unleashed a bevy of information on the masses.

First up is the venue. Looks like things have moved to the more travel friendly Orlando Airport Marriot which is right near Orlando Airport of course, so tranportation is now a simple matter. So now that you know the venue, you probably want to reserve a room. Well then you should know that Nerdapalooza 2010 will take place the weekend of July 17-18. If you do plan on reserving a room, be sure to use Nerdapalooza code "fnefnea" (or this link) for the special NAP rates.

Now that you have a room and dates. Now you of course need tickets. Ticket prices remain unchanged from last year at $20 per day or $30 for the whole weekend. You can order your tickets right now through Brown Paper Tickets as well. Not bad for two days of gaming, once in a lifetime concerts, and generally hobnobbing with all those cool people in the nerdcore scene.

Oh wait, how can I forget that several bands have been announced! That is sort of the reason for Nerdapalooza after all. So far we have gotten announcements that the likes of Schaffer the Darklord (with burlesque show in tow), Emergency Pizza Party, and the eminent presider over all that is nerdcore, MC Frontalot are all announced to be part of the festivities this year.

Stay checked in with us here at GM4A or for all the latest details on this epic festival of all that is nerd culture.

The Nerdapalooza Live CD 2009 compilation release

It feels like Nerdapalooza has only just passed, as the memories are still fresh in my mind. Although, if you feel like if it has been far too long since hearing a huge list of tons of live nerd music, then you are in luck! Hex has announced that the Nerdapalooza Live CD 2009 is now available. The all live CD plays host to 19 tracks recorded over Nerdapalooza weekend in Florida on July 11-12th. The album is available in compact disc form for $10. That is practically 50 cents a song! Not only is that a reasonably low price, but all the money raised from the album, much like Nerdapalooza proper, is donated to the Child's Play Charity.

So you get 19 amazing tracks, and help hospitalized children for the holidays. What could be better than that? Oh yeah, if you head over to the proper post you can download 9 more tracks for free.

Read on to see the full track list of both the pressed CD as well as the free bonus download list. 1. Just a Game :: My Parents Favorite Music 2. Platform Wars (ft. the great Luke Ski & int eighty of Dual Core) :: Devo Spice 3. Yo Ho Ho :: Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew 4. Nerdy Girls :: Marc with a C 5. Geekquilibrium (ft. Scrub Club) :: Dr. Awkward 6. Sneaking :: Krondor Krew 7. Sungem :: 3P!C-1 8. Annihilation of Monsteropolis (Airman) :: The Megas 9. Meganerd :: YTCracker 10. Tongue-Clucking Grammarian :: MC Frontalot 11. Penis Monologues :: mCRT 12. Zombie Jesus (ft. Funky49) :: Emergency Pizza Party 13. Hostage Down :: Dual Core 14. The Bleep Out Song :: Fred Lives & the House of Black 15. Headshot (ft. Benjamin Bear) :: ZeaLouS1 16. Lobster Building :: Uncle Monsterface 17. Red Cyclone :: The Grammar Club 18. The Bender :: Schaffer the Darklord 19. Nerdcore Rising (ft. Beefy & MC Lars) :: MC Frontalot

Songs available for free download. 1. Nerd Party :: Scrub Club 2. FatFoot (ft. MC Wreckshin) :: HDNinja 3. Scoundrel :: The Spork 4. Hellen Keller in Space :: MC COOL WHIP 5. Magnificent 7 (ft. Remmington Forbes, Beefy, YTCracker, Schaffer the Darklord, MC Lars, & MC Frontalot) :: Dual Core 6. UUDDLRL :: MAJA 7. You Can Call Me Beef (ft. Shael Riley & the Double Ice Backfire) :: Beefy 8. Bruce Campbell (ft. YTCracker, Schaffer the Darklord, & ZeaLouS1) :: MC Lars (track available as an MP3 with purchase of album) 9. Publishing Rights (ft. Schaffer the Darklord) :: Shael Riley & the Double Ice Backfire 10. Triforce Mike Theme (Live from Nerdapalooza Southeast 2008) :: Uncle Monsterface

Nerdapalooza 2009 Official Trailer

I know I just posted about Nerdapalooza, but that was before this gem surfaced online. Check out the video below for the official trailer for Nerdapalooza 2009 in Orlando Florida, and for more details check out the official site or the Nerdapalooza blog!

This is also a good time to mention the big Nerdapalooza raffle. If you plan on attending Nerdapalooza 09 check out the raffle at Entering the raffle is $10 for the first ticket and $5 for each additional ticket and you can win albums from performing artists, art, computer parts and more!

Nerdapalooza 2009 Performance Schedule announced - Orlando Florida July 10-12, 2009

This is one huge Nerdapalooza update. First we will get the main facts out of the way. Nerdapalooza is a two day event (and a preshow the night before) in Orlando Florida dedicated to every type of nerdy and VG insired music under the sun. Check out for information about location, tickets, and everything else you need!

Here is the current schedule of performers and set times straight from the Nerdapalooza website.

Friday Pre-Party :: July 10, 2009

A Comic Shop :: 114 S Semoran Blvd, Winter Park, FL, 32792

Free Beer :: Free Pizza :: Free Performance


8:00 PM :: Jay Tholen
8:45 PM :: Confuscious
9:30 PM :: MC Gigahertz
10:15 PM :: Surprise Artist
11:00 PM :: Schaffer the Darklord - Headliner

Saturday, Day One:: July 11, 2009

Holiday Inn Express Convention Center :: 6515 International Dr
Orlando, FL 32819


12:00 PM :: Opening Ceremonies
12:15 PM :: Odd Austin
1:00 PM :: My Parents Favorite Music
2:00 PM :: Marc with a C
2:45 PM :: Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew
3:30 PM :: Devo Spice
4:15 PM :: Scrub Club Records
5:00 PM :: Krondor Krew
5:45 PM :: Rocket Propelled Geeks
7:15 PM :: The Megas
8:15 PM :: I Fight Dragons
9:15 PM :: MC Frontalot - Headliner
10:45 PM :: Surprise Headliner

Sunday, Day Two:: July 12, 2009

Holiday Inn Express Convention Center :: 6515 International Dr
Orlando, FL 32819


12:00 PM :: mCRT
1:00 PM :: Random Encounter
1:45 PM :: The great Luke Ski
2:30 PM :: Emergency Pizza Party
3:15 PM :: Dual Core
4:00 PM :: The House of Black & Fred Lives (local Wizard Rock showcase)
5:00 PM :: Uncle Monsterface
6:00 PM :: Beefy / The Grammar Club / Shael Riley
7:30 PM :: ZeaLouS1
8:15 PM :: Schaffer the Darklord
9:15 PM :: The Protomen - Headliner
10:45 PM :: mc chris - Headliner

As you can see there are some empty spots yet to be filled, so the folks at Nerdapalooza still have a thing or two up their sleeve. You can purchase your tickets for Nerdapalooza at the NaP eventbrite page. You can also check out the full list of artists there! Not only are the amazing folks above performing, but you can see the rest of the amazing performers over at the eventbrite page as well!

Besides all the wonderful performers I am more than happy to announce that hosting the event, introducing bands and killing time and such will be none other than MisterB and myself from Letters VS Numbers Podcast! Now now I know what you are saying, and sadly Chibi Ma can't make it out this year for Nerdapalooza, but I am happy to say that she will be holding down the fort at GM4A while I am off embarrassing myself!

Well that and more is what you have to look forward to in less then a month down in Orlando, Florida! Hope to be meeting some of you fine folks there!

Nerdapalooza 2009 Venue announced and tickets on sale now

So Hex of Nerdapalooza has just today announced that tickets are now on sale for Nerdapalooza 2009. Tickets are currently on sale with All Weekend passes priced at $30 and one day passes at $20. You can purchase your tickets at

The event takes place at:
Holiday Inn - Orlando International Drive Resort
6515 International Dr
Orlando, FL 32819

So since the concert this year is going to be held at a hotel, this means discounts for those who stay at the hotel during the show should be announced soon as well.

For more info about Nerdapalooza 2009 check out the Official Nerdapalooza Blog. More info should be hitting that page soon as things develop!

Artists confirmed for the concert so far include:
Schaffer the Darklord
Marc with a C
My Parents Favorite Music
Krondor Krew
Rocket Propelled Geeks

Letters VS Numbers episode 009: "Gathers Momentum Like an Angry Snowball"

Our entire podcasting career is a road fraught with technical difficulties. I apologize for the lateness of our newest podcast, Letters VS Numbers episode 009: "Gathers Momentum Like an Angry Snowball". This episode is extra lengthy to make up for it, so just pretend it is two episodes? This episode covers a ton of ground, trying to make up for lost time since Nerdapalooza. We are a little rusty but still unabashedly entertaining of course!

After two episodes of Nerdapalooza craziness, with guests, partying and what have you, it's back to the regular grind of sitting at home in front of a computer half a world apart and discussing the nerdy nonsense that binds us all together. We also start mad beef, and set a new record for listener emails! So hit play and enjoy this episode. Did you miss us? Because we certainly missed you.

Listener Emails
This week we have a ton of letters from the likes of Sangriaa of Vagina Deep in Podcast, Evamis, Mallory, Whoremoans, Thugmasta J of Magitek, and Bootyrage Samurai of the Stunt Junkies. That is a lot, huh? Be sure to send in any emails you have to lettersvsnumberspodcast AT gmail DOT com so we can read them on air!

To listen in (and for full track listings and info) be sure to head over to Or subscribe to our RSS feed, or subscribe through through iTunes.

Letters VS Numbers episode 008: "Alphabet Vomit Show"

If you thought MisterB was drunk in episode 7, then you are about to witness something else in Letters VS Numbers episode 008: "Alphabet Vomit Show". This episode was recorded the night of July 4th, or was it the morning of July 5th? Well it was after the first night of Nerdapalooza, I'm sure of that! We once again found ourselves at the Emergency Pizza Party house for another epic afterparty.

This time we have even more special guests, more insanity, and of course, more awesome music from Nerdapalooza Southeast artists and more! I don't even know how to describe this show to be honest. It's just a bunch of nerds talking about nonsense, but isn't that always the way with this podcast? Well it's basically that times a hundred this time, as cranking up the amount of nerds has changed the insanity of the podcast exponentially.

Basically, just listen to this one.

(PS. pssst, we also got MC Frontalot on this podcast, oh shit!)

To listen in (and for full track listings and info) be sure to head over to Or subscribe to our RSS feed, or subscribe through through iTunes.

Letters VS Numbers episode 007: "Together Again for the First Time"

Oh man! We haven't gotten a podcast to you in nearly a month. Well I assure you this one more than makes up for it! Enjoy Letters VS Numbers episode 007: "Together Again for the First Time" Which is the first of two Nerdapalooza specials! As you may know, July 4th and 5th saw a huge gathering of nerdcore known as Nerdapalooza Southeast. 300 nerdy music lovers descended on Orlando, Florida to party, rock out, and, of course, act incredibly nerdy.

As you may also know, MisterB is from the UK (you know, the accent and everything). And I reside in California, so hanging out isn't something we oft have the chance to do, BUT, thanks to Nerdapalooza, we hung out for the first time ever, in history! This meant that, come hell or high water, we would do a podcast together. This is the first of two podcasts we actually did, in person. We recorded at the now famed Emergency Pizza Party house, within MC Wreckshin's former closet, now turned recording room. This specific recording took place at the afterparty for the Nerdapalooza Pre-Show thrown by A Comic Shop on 07/03/08.

Since it was an afterparty, people are a little drunk, pretty tired, and very excited for the first day of Nerdapalooza which was less then twelve hours from this recording. We forgo with the regular duties of emails, news, etc. Mostly because we had no real internet access out there, but also to make room for more Nerdapalooza mayhem, and this is a lengthier than normal episode, but there were many monumentous occasions to celebrate, and we hope you indulge us! Enjoy!

To listen in (and for full track listings and info) be sure to head over to Or subscribe to our RSS feed, or through iTunes.

Nerdapalooza Pre-Party mini post

Hey everyone, Anthony here typing to you from a borrowed laptop on the floor of Hex's house! We just woke up from the pre-party for Nerdapalooza, which was thrown by our great friends at A Comic Shop last night, and from there we recorded a new episode of the Letters vs Numbers podcast with MisterB IN PERSON at the pre-party after-party from Emergency Pizza Party's home. I'll be tossing pictures up and hassling you flks with more banalities from the show soon, but we are abou to head off to the first day of the event. If you are anywhere near Orlando and not there, then WHAT THE HELL!? It starts soon, get on that!

Also, sorry for the non-linkage on this post, but it's a hurry!

Getting ready for Nerdapalooza South East

So looks like I am heading out tomorrow to partake in the festivities known as Nerdapalooza. An event taking place in Florida this July 4th and 5th. If you are in the area, you really have no choice but to attend!

Anyway, I'm just about all packed up. But before I head out I figured why not let you take a look at what I have been up to!

This is the case of our brand new compilation, Welcome to World 2 which celebrates our second anniversary as a website! Nerdapalooza is going to be the place of this compilations launch (although we are throwing our official launch party soon)! Artwork is by the amazing Jay Tholen, to which I give many props to. I'm busy burning more copies of the album as I write this in fact. I should have about 30-40 copies of the album to sell at Nerdapalooza. They are going to go for five bucks each for interested parties. And don't fret folks who won't be at NaP SE, the album should be going up for online sale shortly after I return home!

Also, WtW2 won't be the only compilation I'll be selling out there.
That's right! I will also have copies of our first anniversary compilation Music EXP for sale, as well as a handful of pressed Here Comes a New Challenger CD's. Both of which will also be going for five bucks each.

And finally, for those looking to represent GM4A in style (or just stick things on your friends stuff to bug them) we'll have plenty of stickers to get out to you fine folks!
This will probably be my last post from home, but expect sporadic Nerdapalooza updates throught the rest of the week!

Help Anthony get to Nerdapalooza South East this July!


Hey everyone, I have been all ready and packed to head out to Nerdapalooza South East to chill with all the amazing people out there who I've become great friends with over the last year or so. Sadly I have switched jobs recently, and all the money I have saved up for Nerdapalooza is all gone, due to rent. I'm basically at square one with my monetary funds. I need $300 to get to Nerdapalooza South East now. This money is going to pay for the plane ticket to and from Florida.

What I am asking is that anyone who wants me to make it out there, please donate a couple bucks to help me get a ticket. If you are looking forward to chilling with me sometime the week around Nerdapalooza in Orlando, Florida, please kick in a few dollars my way to help it happen. If enough people chip in, I should be able to make it out there with no trouble at all. If you aren't heading to Nerdapalooza, you can still chip in of course. Anyone that chips in of course will be worshiped by me forever on.

If you are at Nerdapalooza and donate we can hook you up with an interview for GM4A or LvN, maybe co-hosting duties for LvN, or any other multitude of things! If you aren't making it out to Nerdapalooza I can write an interview with you or some other form of press to get your name out there after the concert!

Finally, as EVEN MORE incentive to donate, MisterB has something to add!

Hello, beautiful people reading GameMusic4All.

My name is MisterB, I like to rap, podcast, and snog. Snogging is English for kissing a lot. Have you ever kissed an Englishman a lot? Would you like to? Will you be in Orlando, Florida for Nerdapalooza? If your answer to that was No, Yes, Yes, or; Yes, Yes (again) yes, you are in luck!

In return for donating towards Anthony's (my cohort, partner in crime, and podcasting brother) trip to Nerdapalooza, I will snog the hell out of you. I kid you not, I am a very good snogger. Close your eyes and think of anyone, I can be that person. I will even take requests. A preffered style? Done.


You can also make a donation, then delegate the snog to someone else! Only if they want it of course. If you delegate the snog, and they don't want it, you forfeit your donation. Unless you can find someone who wants it before I leave Florida.

Further, gender is not an issue. I am a heterosexual man, but, I see kissing as an artform, lips as beautiful, and the cause as noble.

Naturally, if Anth doesn't make it out, I will still indulge the snogs.

Of course, you can donate without having to be involved with this whole deal.

It is entirely up to you. I am a laid back dude.


Nerdapalooza South East commercial

Hex from Nerdapalooza hit me up with a brand new documentary style commercial for Nerdapalooza South East, which is going down in Florida over July 4th weekend (get your tickets here).

This ad also holds a special place in my heart, as they decided to use music from our recently released compilation Here Comes a New Challenger. Watch the video below, and I hope it gets you more interested in this epic concert!

Nerdapalooza Update GALORE!

Anthony [gm4a]: whatever you write out for your blog, try to make a concurrent post about nerdapalooza tickets on gm4a as well if you can
hex: you got it!!
hex: it's a generic NERDAPALOOZA UPDATE blog
hex: i'll post it on there, with a little prologue of HI THAR!! I POST HERE... SOMETIMES ABOUT STUFF NOT ABOUT ME... BUT I AM A WHORE, SO HERE GOES
Anthony [gm4a]: haha, feel free to

Howdy everyone!

As you may or may not have noticed yet, Nerdapalooza Southeast 2008 is well underway! This is also being called Nerdapalooza II, since the two Nerdapaloozas of last year (BETA and SE07) took place relatively close together. But enough history lessons... TO THE NEWS!!

As well as our already expansive roster, we have added LogicOne and MC Frontalot. YEAH! With peeps like Pixelh8, Front, a laundry list of the best nerdcore out there today, and amazing bands like Killer Robots, Select Start, and Zombies! Organize! this is pretty much going to be THE nerd show of the year!!

Also, effective... um... NOW! tickets are now on sale!! Head over to our Brown Paper Tickets account and purchase a ticket. For the entire weekend, it will only cost $25. There are a limited number of tickets available, and as it gets closer to the date, the prices will increase. I mean, $25 is less than a dollar per artist! BUY TODAY!!

It's also about time we introduce our sponsors that we have so far:

First and foremost, for those that were aware of INFO2k8 (Internet Nerd Family Outting), it has (once again) merged with Nerdapalooza! This time, according to the main man, Chozo, for permanents. In thanks for financially and organizationally helping us, we are adding him and his homey, MC Inadequate, to the roster of performers. ^_^

Next up, our amazing homies at A Comic Shop! These guys have been helping us since early on, especially with lining up other possible sponsors. They'll be setting up a comic kiosk at the show itself, so y'all will be able to get your fix from THE best comic shop in Orlando. Seriously. These guys party with Lloyd Kaufman during Megacon. 'Nuff said, bub.

Thirdly, we have an alliance to announce that has been in the works for a while. At least for now, is helping host all the info for Nerdapalooza (as is a little glitchy at the moment). In return, I'm doing some admin work for them. I'm excited just to be helping. ^_^

Last but DEFINITELY not least, our nerdcore comrades over at EMPulse Records. From the late nights helping me code to assistance that will take place day of for sound at the venue, these guys are some of the best nerds to have by your side. We're really honored to be working with them!! There's already talks of a confirmed partnership for Nerdapalooza 2009... but that's for a later blog. ;)

Well, that should be enough to have people smiling. ^_^ I'll be getting back to work. Got questions? Holla @ nerdapalooza AT gmail DOT com. Piece!


Hex announces top ten of 100 Biggest Nerd Artists in 2007, nerds collectively leave edge of seat.

Hex Warrior has finally put an end to his list of greatest nerd artists of 2007, lucky for him I have been too entrenched in Advance Wars Days of Ruin to argue with this final list of his. If you still have the strength to argue though, head over to his myspace blog and read the final top ten nerd acts of 2007!

Prime cuts in the top ten in my opinion, The OneUps, who are always awesome, and did have one insanely stellar year in 2007, finally getting recognized for the musical geniuses they are. Not to mention Armcannon, who have been tearing everything up in the hard rocking way that only they could, as well as their insanely most awesome new album Legvacuum. If you feel the need to be mad about more than ten bands though, always remember to check out the other three installments of Hex's 100 artist countdown.

Hex announces 40-11 in his 100 Biggest Nerd Artists in 2007 countdown

So Hex has finally gotten around to proceeding with his top 100 after a brief delay. This week it's number 40-11. He has already covered 100-71, as well as 70-41. Read the latest countdown at his Nerdapalooza Blog.

There are some big names on the list this, like Shael Riley, ZeaLouS1, Dual Core, and more. Almost all the bands I imagined would make hex's top ten (or my own personal top ten if I made such a list) have practically all been exhausted, so seems like there should be some big surprises in his final top ten.

Hex continues list for 2007's Biggest Nerd Artists

Looks like Hex has gotten through 70-41 of his year ending top 100 list. I found a lot of my favorite bands in the list this time, along with many a fellow I had never heard of before, but shall be checking out now.

Needless to say there are some folks who's placement don't sit well with me. Hex knows EXACTLY who I'm talking about, and actually mentions this in the person's placement blurb. I am actually ecstatic to see Elfonso and the Spamtron getting the recognition they deserve. Anyway, enough of my complaints. Go see who has made the list over at HexWarrior's blog and make your own complaints!

We also still have the next pieces of the top 100 to look forward to in the near future!

December 23, 2007: Nerds 11 - 40.

December 30, 2007: Top 10 Nerds