You Guys Rock

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to thank you all for your continued support. In July we beat our record for the highest number of hits we've had to the site. We couldn't do it without your promoting and your awesome music!

We've all been pretty busy lately. Both at the website and all of the bands. There's tons of stuff going on. Don't forget about Nerdapalooza coming up in September! Also, Jake and myself will be heading off to Seattle in a few weeks to attend PAX. We'll be covering the PAXtravaganza for you all. We'll especially be looking forward to the concerts featuring Freezepop, The OneUps, The Minibosses, NESkimos, Optimus Rhyme, MC Frontalot, and Jonathan Coultan. Be looking out for footage, photos, and interviews galore! Go here for info about PAX.

Again, thank you all. We appreciate all of the support that we get from everyone.

Keep rockin'!