PAX 2009 DVD with Metroid Metal, MC Frontalot, Anamanaguchi and more, available now

For those who, like me, have not had the chance to attend PAX in person, or those who are attending the brand new East coast iteration (like me also) and want to do the proper research before diving in. Good news. Penny Arcade brings us an insanely sized six disc behemoth of PAX 2009. The package is available for $39.99 over at the proper PA merch page, and recorded fully and lovingly by the folks behind REFORMAT THE PLANET and other VG inspired music endeavors, 2 Player Productions.

The album not only covers the several days and tons of events at PAX, but also includes plenty of behind the scenes footage. Not to mention more 2 Player Productions produced material like the pilot episodes of Penny Arcade: The Series, and two fully made documentaries Omegathon 2009 and The PAX Experience. Most importantly to folks who read this site I imagine though, is the amazing recordings of the nightly concerts by incredible performers such as Metroid Metal, MC Frontalot, Anamanaguchi, and more!

Check out a preview of the footage from the DVD below.

Metroid Metal upcoming album release Varia Suite

When you think of lonely and hostile alien planets teaming with evil monstrous creatures and long forgotten ruined civilizations, what else do you think of? If you guessed metal you are damned right! Lucky for you too, as Metroid Metal, number one in hostile alien parasite metal, has announced an all new studio album known as Varia Suite and featuring the crew of Metroid Metal Live! Also that album is available for pre-order right now! The album is available for pre-order in two packages, $8 for just the CD, or you can go all out and get the album, plus an amazing MM shirt and sticker for a cool $20.

The album is set to feature all new recordings and rearrangements of classic Metroid tracks spanning a good chunk of the series and will be released September 8th (so suck it all you 09/09/09 release dates!). For aural proof of the amazingness that is this album, just watch the preview video below. Also, if you are in the Seattle, Washington area, be sure to see the band at the Penny Arcade Expo for a sure to be incredible performance Friday, September 4th!

Nobuooo 9.08 Update

Jeriaska of Nobuooo has recently returned from PAX, and with him he brought home Nobuooo 9.08 Update, all with news and interviews from PAX 08! This update includes interviews with Sega about both Yakuza 2 and Valkyria Chronicles, Penny Arcade Adventures by PA and Hothead games. Also interviews with Anamanaguchi and the creators of REFORMAT THE PLANET and MC Frontalot and creator of Nerdcore Rising. Definitely a very interesting episode covering both vg music and the fans surrounding it.

Penny Arcade Expo

Just a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the Penny Arcade Expo. It was my first time attending and I was pleasantly surprised. This was one of the best conventions I have ever attended.

Going into the exhibit hall on the first day, I was most excited to give Rock Band a try. Not only did I get to rock out on a game that I'm really looking forward to, but I got to do it up on stage with some other great gamers. I had a chance to play bass. Being accustomed to the Guitar Hero guitar, this new style took me a minute to get used to. Rather than the buttons being on top of the frets, the buttons are the frets. Not having a raised button to feel my finger placement was a little tough, but I ended up liking it. It feels a little more natural when pressing down the fret, rather than pressing down a raised button. The game play, similar to Guitar Hero's style, was very easy to pick up on. There was one aspect, in particular, that I really liked about this game. If one of your band mates fails the song, then they sit out. Luckily for them, as a band, you can bring them back in. This gives you a chance to redeem yourself if you started off poorly.

For the two nights of PAX they had amazing concerts. The first night featured The OneUps, Optimus Rhyme, Freezepop, and Neskimos. The OneUps' set was awesome. They were unfamiliar to most of the crowd there and they made a ton of new fans. Everyone I talked to really enjoyed their sound. Optimus Rhyme was also great. His songs had catchy beats and made you want to dance. He also brought out special guests including MC Beefy, MC Broken English, and MC Frontalot. Freezepop rocked everyone's socks with their set. They said that this was one of the biggest shows they've played. They really enjoyed the atmosphere and you could tell they had a good time playing the show. Ending their set with "The Final Countdown" was a crowd favorite. The Neskimos finished up this concert strong. They had the crowd rocking out until the end. Their VG covers were well done and hard not to enjoy.

The second night of PAX concerts was just as amazing as the first. Opening up the set was Jonathan Coultan. There have never been so many DS's swaying in the air as during his set! The crowd loved him and it was a good way to start the second concert. MC Frontalot followed. I had such a good time watching him perform. His songs were hilarious. His style and dancing kept me laughing the whole time. Wrapping up the concert were The Minibosses. They had lots of fans in the crowd who were excited to see them play. Their metal covers of VG songs were fantastic. They were a perfect way to finish up two nights of amazing bands.

It was hard not to enjoy the Penny Arcade Expo. There was always something to do; whether it was listening to a panel, exploring the exhibit hall, or participating in a tournament. There was never a dull moment. This year's PAX was a ton of fun and I can't wait until next year's expo.

To see more videos and photos head over the the GM4A photobucket and check out the PAX 07 album!

You Guys Rock

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to thank you all for your continued support. In July we beat our record for the highest number of hits we've had to the site. We couldn't do it without your promoting and your awesome music!

We've all been pretty busy lately. Both at the website and all of the bands. There's tons of stuff going on. Don't forget about Nerdapalooza coming up in September! Also, Jake and myself will be heading off to Seattle in a few weeks to attend PAX. We'll be covering the PAXtravaganza for you all. We'll especially be looking forward to the concerts featuring Freezepop, The OneUps, The Minibosses, NESkimos, Optimus Rhyme, MC Frontalot, and Jonathan Coultan. Be looking out for footage, photos, and interviews galore! Go here for info about PAX.

Again, thank you all. We appreciate all of the support that we get from everyone.

Keep rockin'!

Grassnose, Temp Sound Solutions, The Advantage, Air Fortress, Parasprinter, PAX, Video Armageddon 2, Spheres of Chaos

Betamod has recently released the newest album on their label. This one coming out thanks to Grassnose. The EP, titled Tamalian, includes four tracks. The tracks are...

1. Slender Approach
2. Waiting for Mom
3. Pedro
4. Purr Blazed

As the above flyer illustrates. Shawn Phase AKA Temp Sound Solutions will be playing at The Talking Head in Baltimore, MD this Thursday, August 24th. Other upcoming shows include The Advantage tonight in Boston, MA and tomorrow in Providence, RI. Also three shows going down on Friday. Air Fortress is at the K Street Cafe and Theatre in Portland, OR. The Advantage and Parasprinter have a show together at the American Legion Hall in Wallingford, CT. And finally, the big kick off of the much anticipated Penny Arcade Expo which lasts until Sunday.

News coming from our friends Year 200X that the date and the location for Video Armageddon 2 has been set. The concert, which includes the likes of This Place is Haunted, Year 200X, Powerglove, and Shawn Phase is set to go down on October 28th. All the latest information can be found at the Video Armageddon 2 myspace site. Also to be found on the site is an exclusive track by Year 200X named Life Force.
Great friends Spheres of Chaos have a new website. You can check it out at They are also recording a brand new album which has a tentative street date of October. Joe Allen, Spheres of Chaos drummer, and co-host of Gamewave Podcast, guarantees ten tracks of great video game metal.