Nerdapalooza 2007 lineup announced!

So, Hex and our pals over at Nerdapalooza have finally unveiled the hotly anticipated list of artists set to perform at the first Nerdapalooza ever. All these acts will be performing for two straight days this September. Now take a deep breath, because this lineup is insane.

8 Bit Bandit - Chiptunes from Southern California
8-Bit w0nder - Chiptunes from Georgia
8bit bEtty - Chiptunes from New York
The Alphabetics - Nerdcore Hiphop from Portland, Oregon
Beefy - Nerdcore Hiphop from Washington
Big Beat Battalion - Nerdcore Hiphop from Las Vegas, Nevada
Category - Nerdcore Hiphop from the United Kingdom
Decepticon-19 - Nerdcore Hiphop from Bay Area, California
Drown Radio Therapy - Nerdcore Hiphop from Bay Area, California
Dual Core - Nerdcore Hiphop from Ohio and the UK
Dungeon Master - Dungeon-core from Northern California
Electro Static Discharge - Glitchy EDX from Portland, Oregon
Freezepop - Synth Pop from Boston, Massachusetts
The Great Luke Ski - Parody Hiphop from Wisconsin
Hot Waffles - Comedy Rock from Southern California
Josiah the Messiah - Nerdcore Hiphop from Northern California
Love You Long Time - Powerpop from Utah
MC Gigahertz - Nerdcore Hiphop from Washington
MC Lars - Nerdcore Hiphop from Bay Area, California
The Megas - Video Game Rock from Southern California
My Parents Favorite Music - Nerdcore Hiphop from Tennessee
The OneUps - Video Game Music from Arkansas
Optimus Rhyme - Nerdcore Hiphop from Washington
Pixelh8 - Chiptunes from the United Kingdom
Powerglove - Video Game Metal from Massachusetts
Random - Nerdcore Hiphop from Arizona
Rappy Mcrapperson - Nerdcore Hiphop from Washington
Robotronica - Dance-core from Washington
Rocket Propelled Geeks - Nerdcore Hiphop from Florida
Shael Riley - Nerd Rock from New York
The Stunt Junkies - Nerdcore Hiphop from Washington
Super Barrio Bros - Glitchy VG Hiphop from Southern California
Temp Sound Solutions - 8 Bit IDM from Baltimore, Maryland
Uncle Monsterface - Sockpuppet Rockband from New York
Wordburglar - Nerdcore Hiphop from Canada
Worm Quartet - Comedy Electropunk from New York
YTcracker - Nerdcore Hiphop from Colorado
ZeaLouS1 - Nerdcore Hiphop from Southern California

With a list of bands like this, one would be hard pressed to find a reason not to go. Hex also mentions that tickets will be on sale very soon. Trust that once they are, we will be reporting it here seconds later!